Countries Studies Essay Examples and Topics

The Age Structure Problems

Introduction: The Age Structure A population comprises different people who are categorized into age groups. Various age groups are classified into different age structures that include young, youthful, transitional, and mature age structures. Statisticians display the character of a population based on age structures that are presented in pyramids. Pyramids that have broader bases show […]

The North American City on the Ground

The North American continent is located within the Northern, and Western Hemisphere and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the East, South America to the South-east, Arctic Ocean to the North, and Pacific Ocean to the West. North America precedes Africa and Asia in largeness and accommodates twenty three states with diverse population and cultures. […]

Comparing Istanbul and London

Anthropology of the City: Comparing between Istanbul and London In comparing the cities of Istanbul and London, the paper will be restricting its focus to few notable features touching on politics, culture, inhabitants’ experience, and identities. The comparison does not have a given time period limit for review, but it mostly gives an overview of […]

Auburn Local Government Geography

Auburn Local Government area is located 20 kilometers in the west of the Sydney Central Business District. It covers an area of 31 KM2. Its boundaries include “Parramatta Road and Duck River in the north and west, Homebush Bay and Powell’s Creek to the east and the Sydney Water Supply Line to the South” (Auburn […]

Geography of Sexuality

Introduction Geography of sexuality is a very interesting topic yet it only has very little significance. The topic is particularly of great interest to the sexual geographers who try to understand several issues concerning human sexuality, like the sexual desires, relations, sexual institutions as well as the differences. Sexual geographers work under various terrains for […]


Introduction The Eurasian Country Turkey is a vital factor in the present geopolitical situation for its strategic location with its various historical events. By this time the country has engrossed the attraction of most developed countries and the people allover the world are interested to learn more about the country for their business and tourism. […]

Analytical Information and Facts about Namibia

Introduction This essay, gives analytical information and facts about Namibia, one of the countries found in Africa. The paper is well structured, with segments covering specific elements of the country’s profile. For example, the geography section will include the country’s size, hydrological features, orographic features, climatic features, and flora and fauna. The paper will also […]

Modern Algeria

Introduction Algeria is a country located in the northwestern part of Africa. It borders Mediterranean Sea to the north. Algeria is officially referred to as the democratic republic of Algeria. It is also the second largest country in Africa. The country is covered by 90% desert. Most of its population lives in the northern region. […]

Geography and the Analysis of Public Property

Geography facilitates the evaluation of land in terms of its use and planning by providing a framework for the analysis of history, laws and practices relating to both the private and public land. Data on the history and legal aspects of land determines the impacts of various factors such as government’s regulations that influence patterns […]

Outdoor expedition risk management plan

Trip overview and description This is a class educational outdoor expedition to the Arkansas River, organized for the members of the Outdoor Leadership Class. The group constitutes 6 members, aged between 18 and 23. One of the group members has adequate training on first aid and life saving skills, and doubles up as the team […]

Heartland And Hinterland Relationship Concept in Canada

Introduction Heartland Concept At the onset of the 20th Century, while working on the geopolitical situation and geo-economic setup of Europe and Asia, Halford Mackinder conceptualized the pivot area (Ismailov and Papava 84). This later improved into the fully fledged concept of Pivot Area (or the heartland Concept). Mackinder drew opinion from the global historical […]

Thailand’s Development of Tourism

Profile The role and significance of major cities Thailand attracts a lot of tourists every year because of a lot of cultural sights, places of interest and famous resorts of the highest class. The leader of attracting millions of tourists each year is the major city and the capital of the country, Bangkok. Such cities […]

Country Report on Brazil

Introduction Brazil is located in Latin America and is the number one in terms of geographical size and population. Its people speak Portuguese, and it is the only country in the South America where people speak Portuguese. It is fifth in the world among the countries in terms of population and land size. It is […]

Greco-Roman World

Introduction The Greco-Roman world can be defined as the geographical area around the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. It is referred to as Greco-Roman because of the language, culture, religion and government influence of the Greeks and Romans. Sexual attraction between people, erotic experiences, and responses are all forms of human sexuality. Human sexuality […]

Mandate of Heaven

Introduction The foremost rationale of the report is to seek and provide an elaborate explanation concerning the meaning of the “Mandate of Heaven”. It also covers how China’s yellow river played a role in China’s civilization, how Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism philosophies, Great Wall and Silk Road, Opium Wars, and communism affect China’s civilization. “Ming” […]

Portugal Country Profile

Cultural Analysis Introduction Portugal is a country in the European continent with a huge history in the fields of seafaring and ancient discoveries. Portugal experienced a coup that was masterminded by the military in 1974. This marked the beginning of democratic and institutional reforms. Portugal is considered to be the founding member of North Atlantic […]

Singapore Case Study

Singapore, officially recognized as Republic of Singapore, is located in Southern Eastern Asia islands between Malaysia and Indonesia. Its geographical coordinates are 1 22 n, 103 48 E (Maps retrieved from Central Intelligence Agency, 2010). It covers an area of 697 sq km with water mass covering 10 sq km, while land mass, 687 sq […]

The People of Egypt

Lane’s interest in understanding the people of Egypt was demonstrated in his detailed work on this country and the ancient society that existed when this dynasty ruled the region. The book, Description of Egypt was based on his diary that he made on the facts that he collected about this country during his voyage. He […]

Country profile: Kenya

Introduction It’s notable to mention that each country in the world has a profile; the country profile acts as an easy way and instant guide of summarizing the country’s political, historical, economic, geographical, statistical and international relations among other factors (, 2011). Statistical profile Kenya is the selected country from Africa which this paper will […]

The Brisbane Future City

Brisbane City has a serene environment with beautiful natural sceneries. Thanks to the existence of these natural features, Brisbane city is now considered a major tourist destination in Australia. These beautiful features have greatly enhanced such outdoor recreation activities as picnicking, nature study, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. Brisbane city has ensured proper exploiting of these […]

Asian Cities: Taipei and Tokyo Overview

Asia is the world’s largest continent and the most populous. Asia also has one of the richest heritages, with deep and authentic cultural inclination among its people. Asian cities are very unique and to some extent different from the other modern cities of the world. Asian economies are rising rapidly with Japan, India, and China […]

Bangladesh Industry

The global business industry has made use of many employees from different countries. It is not uncommon when a country of lower economic development produces goods for a nation that is well established and the economy is high. This is the case with Bangladesh made products that are shipped all over the world, including Canada, […]

Iran’s Political Structures

1. The country of Iran is located in the South-West Asia. With its land area accounting for 1,648,195 km2, Iran is considered the world’s seventeenth largest country. In the North, Iran borders Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, in the East – Afghanistan and Pakistan, in the West – Iraq. The country’s Southern shore is washed with The […]

Upstate South Carolina

The growth rate of the economy of Upstate South Carolina has been among those ranked as the fastest in the United States of America. The region has grown expansively from a traditionally textile-manufacturing region to a diverse and vast economic region endowed with almost each and every industry in the United States. A number of […]

Marcellus Shale as a Gas ’Supergiant’

Introduction A couple of years back Marcellus, the Devonian black shale located in Appalachian Basin, was not popular to geologists exploring the Basin for oil and gas because of radioactive nature. However, a handful of these geologists speculated about the potential of Marcellus as a ‘supergiant’ in terms of gas supply. They were disheartened by […]

Mansfield Parkyn’s View of Africa

Introduction Prior to examining the actual writings of this extra ordinary British explorer, it is essential to acknowledge that travelers are not journalists; they do not simply observe and record. Instead, they write against the backdrop of their preconceived ideas. Most of them will judge a native country based on values that they already possess. […]

Country Review: Switzerland

Introduction Switzerland has maintained the policy of neutrality in the world affairs and as such it has stood out in the international political stage. For a long time now, the policy of neutrality has been an identity of the country. Switzerland has avoided making any alliances with foreign government, internal governmental bodies and international organization […]

New York versus Hong Kong

New York and Hong Kong are among the biggest cities in the world. These two cities possess very different aspects. A quick glance at the streets of New York will leave one shocked. The streets and path ways are full of garbage that lies unattended. This shows that the local authorities in New York don’t […]

Vancouver and Riyadh: An Examination

Introduction There has always been a startling contrast between the transportation systems of developed and developing countries with the former usually having well planned, modernized and efficient methods of transportation while the latter is usually considered mired in bureaucratic entanglements, inefficiency and a lack of sufficient urban planning that transport systems are seemingly added on […]

The Major Characteristics of Zambia

Introduction Zambia is a landlocked country situated in southern part of Africa. A total of eight countries are its neighbors; including Angola to the west, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana to the south, Malawi to the east, Tanzania to the north-east, and the Democratic republic of Congo (DRC) to the north. It has Lusaka situated […]

What Mississippi means to me

Mississippi, a state in the southern United States, was named after the Mississippi River which flows along one of its boundaries[1]. It is a heavily forested area and it is one of the states where farming is among the primary state resources. Characterized by one of the lowest alcoholism and criminal activities prevalence rates in […]

The City of Portland in Oregon State

Portland is the most populous city in the state of Oregon in United States and it is located in North-western part of the country. The city has been subdivided in to five sections which are inclusive of Northeast, North and Northwest as well as Southeast and Southwest. The north and the south part are divided […]

Investigation of one of the States of the United States. -Iowa

Tables of contents The report is about the state of Iowa in the United States of America, its altitude, originality and also its climate and effect to human beings. It also focuses on the political state and development together with its economic activities and their contribution to the state. The education system is furthermore discussed […]

Paris and Its Tourist Places

Paris is fondly represented as a city where romance thrives and it is for this reason that visiting and the sites and city is appealing. Paris is often a venue of many entertainment and social events such as large fashion shows and movie launches among others. The city is the capital of France and is […]

Khor Fakkan City

Introduction The geographical location of Khor fakkan is in the Emirate of Fujairah. It is situated on the east coast of the Unites Arab Emirates on the Gulf of Oman, but it is actually a remote commune, which is the part of the Emirate of Sharjah. It is particularly a shallow port with oil refineries […]