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Sub Saharan Africa as Cultural Realm

In the definition of the cultural realm within the context of Sub Saharan Africa and in particular, the parameters used to define the region as a cultural realm, it was felt the contextual scope of [...]

Living Conditions in Ethiopia

Climate- Ethiopia has three main climatic zones that include a cool zone stretching from the central parts of the Western and Eastern regions of the high plateau and the section around Harar. The best [...]

The State of Foreign Born Latinos in Haiti

The republic of Haiti occupies the western portion of the island of Hispaniola. The figure shows that the number of foreign-born Latinos in the region is higher than that of their native counterparts.

What Will Lithuania Look Like in the Future?

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the present situation in Lithuania to consider the prospects of the country. To provide a possible scenario of the country's development in the nearest future.

Geopolitics of the Kazakhstan

The main role of the intelligence officer would be to advise the government on the best policy to apply in the region, which would allow the state to achieve its national interests.

Germany’s Country Profile

5% for services from 2000 to 2005; in addition, the earning from exports increased dramatically and it was reported for 45% of economic output;

Common Characteristics of Developing Countries

Indeed, this is evident from the high number of slums and informal settlements within these nations. This is because the environment is the main source of food and other crucial resources.

The UAE and Japan Comparison

The UAE is one of the most influential and prosperous countries in the world. Unfortunately, the innovation rate of the UAE is not considered to be one the best in the world as it occupies [...]

Las Vegas City and Its Modern-Day Development

As a direct result of the growth of its tourism industry, this also resulted in more people moving to Las Vegas for work resulting in a subsequent boom in agglomerated business establishments and real estate [...]

Manila City and Its Modern-Day Development

This curtailed the development of several areas in and around Fort Bonifacio and led to the main economic centre of the Philippines being located in Makati instead of within the main region of Manila.

Melbourne City, Suburbs, and Cultures

The representatives of the general public used to the fact that they are living in a doughnut city with a weak center and continued living out of it.

Dubai as a Generic City

A unique feature of his work is the criticism of the concept of identity because he believes it chokes cities of their life and vibrancy.

Living in Hong Kong: Current Situation

The ultimate goal should be to transform the experience of every citizen in Hong Kong. It is therefore appropriate for the people of Hong Kong to be aware of this situation.

The Argentine Republic Potentials

At the beginning of the 19th century, however, the ideas of the Enlightenment spread around the territories of Argentina, and in 1816, "the United Provinces of the Rio Plata declared their independence from Spain".

The New East End of London

Despite the differences in the classification of all regions that make the East End London, a general contention is that East End London is different from East London.

Strada, an Ideal Country and Its Features

This paper also outlines the need for a sound governance structure that premises on the principles of justice and mercy and a respect for religious diversity, as the tenets for a reliable social framework to [...]

Paris and Luxembourg’ Main Features Comparison

Nonetheless, despite having a similar geographical location and the same official language, these cities have differences in such categories as urban agglomeration and changes in the percentage of the population.

Sheikh Mohammed and Making of Dubai

In the same vein, it is important to explain that Sheikh Mohammed still had a number of positive inheritance accorded to him by his father.

Singapore’s Society and Economy

The introduction of the given practice promotes the establishment of real control over the most important branches of industry and contributes to the increase of the level of competitiveness.

Conflicts in Anglophone and Francophone Africa

This is worsened by the fact that currently there is a civil war in South Sudan, and it is extremely hard for such a young nation. Some of the conflicts are complicated by differences in [...]

Secrets for Japan’s Success

The employees have a deep sense of running their systems in an orderly manner and it is not common for the Japanese to move between jobs as is the case in the US and Europe.

Belarus: Geography, History, Economics and Culture

The Republic of Belarus is a European country and a member of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The Republic of Belarus is a country situated in Eastern Europe on the eastern part of [...]

Factors Governing Population Distribution in Canada

The area covered by Canada is the largest country in the world after Russia and has the largest coastline. The Shield and the Rocky Mountains in the North have discouraged settlement in the area because [...]

The Creation of the State of Palestine

The region encompasses Israel and various territories under Palestine establishment."One of the essential attributes of a state under International Law is external sovereignty that is, the right to exercise freely the full range of power [...]

India and the UAE: Evolution Ways

Nowadays, the UAE is one of the main oil suppliers and the given branch of industry influences the whole state, forming the character of the industry of a state and its society.

Pakistan History and Current Affairs

The Aryans society established the beginning of the modern Hinduism. The rule of the dynasty was indubitable in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Age Structure Problems

According to Madsen, Daumerie, and Hardee, developing counties have a young age structure of about 60-percent of the total population. The problem of age structure is depicted in both developed and developing nations.

The North American City on the Ground

The North American continent is located within the Northern, and Western Hemisphere and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the East, South America to the South-east, Arctic Ocean to the North, and Pacific Ocean to [...]

Comparing Istanbul and London

London plays a significant role as commercial capital of the UK, while Istanbul is regarded as a cultural capital of Turkey mainly for its importance in maintaining the coexistence of different traditions, and its rich [...]

Auburn Local Government Geography

To a particular level, the culture of Auburn is considered as fragmented and this is because of the arrival and settlement history of the area and also because of the area's numerous disadvantage concentrations.

Geography of Sexuality

Another reason for the insignificance of the geography of sexuality is due to the fact that the current society seems to be mainly structured by sexuality.


The capital city of the country is Ankara, and in fact, the greater part of Turkey is in Asia; however, politically, modern Turkey believes itself to be a committed European nation, and therefore it applied [...]

Analytical Information and Facts about Namibia

It is essential to note that the sand sea occurs as a result of soil erosion, which facilitates collection of the sand mainly in River Orange and in other parts of the desert.

Modern Algeria

It borders the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Tunisia, and Libya to the east, Niger, Mali, and Mauritania to the south, and Morocco to the west.

Outdoor expedition risk management plan

Given that this is the first outdoor expedition along a major rive for most of the members, the skills level and experience within the group is limited.

Heartland And Hinterland Relationship Concept in Canada

The Net Migration Pattern The pattern of migration in relation to the hinterland and heartland was dictated by the socioeconomic opportunities at the place of destination and the flow of migrants was from the hinterlands [...]

Thailand’s Development of Tourism

The economic and social implications of tourism for the country depend on the fact that the majority of the country's urban population works in the sphere of tourism and service.

Country Report on Brazil

It is a founding member of many unions across the world, for example, the G20 and is among the countries that are classified under the BRIC.

Greco-Roman World

The Greco-Roman world can be defined as the geographical area around the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. The differences in social ranks affected the spread of knowledge in sexuality among men and women of [...]

Mandate of Heaven

The foremost rationale of the report is to seek and provide an elaborate explanation concerning the meaning of the "Mandate of Heaven".

Portugal Country Profile

The president of the country, the assembly of the Republic, the government and the courts are all the sovereign bodies of the Republic.


3 percent in the service industry and 12. Because of the varied population and presence of foreigners, Singapore has a multi cultur.

The People of Egypt

Lane's interest in understanding the people of Egypt was demonstrated in his detailed work on this country and the ancient society that existed when this dynasty ruled the region.

Country profile: Kenya

The country policies also allows immigrants who want to visit Kenya for pleasure to apply for visitors pass subject to indicated terms and conditions, where he/she is supposed to enter Kenya and stay there for [...]

The Brisbane Future City

The development of green fields and redevelopment of the current residential areas in Brisbane will be important in order to accommodate the increased population. The growth of Brisbane city will be promoted by encouraging and [...]

Bangladesh Industry

The reason for these situations is that the government and the industry focuses too much on the financial gain and the end result, without taking proper care of the people that make all the difference [...]

Iran’s Political Structures

The bulk of the country's territory is situated upon the Iranian Plateau, which in turn causes Iran to be considered a predominantly mountainous country. The Iranian army is believed to be one of the world's [...]

Upstate South Carolina

The growth rate of the economy of Upstate South Carolina has been among those ranked as the fastest in the United States of America.

Marcellus Shale as a Gas ’Supergiant’

In a nutshell, the literature that follows focuses on the negative impacts of the project to the environment and, the laws framed by the stakeholders to mitigate the effects of natural gas extraction to the [...]

Mansfield Parkyn’s View of Africa

He was not concerned with the faults found in those lands but was captivated by the mannerisms and the values of the native people.

Country Review: Switzerland

The effects of globalization and the need for the country to take a more active role has seen the country explore the possibility of relaxing it s strict laws that govern its international relations.

New York versus Hong Kong

May be that's why most people in this city are thin compared to the people of New York who tend to be overweight because the restaurants in New York such as MacDonald's serve food in [...]

Vancouver and Riyadh: An Examination

The main reason why there is such a strange disparity between the cases of Riyadh and Vancouver in terms of the number of highways that service the city is due to divergence in focus between [...]

The Major Characteristics of Zambia

A total of eight countries are its neighbors; including Angola to the west, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana to the south, Malawi to the east, Tanzania to the north-east, and the Democratic republic of Congo [...]

What Mississippi means to me

It is after the aforementioned genres of music found public acceptance in Mississippi that they began spreading to other states in the United States and the rest of the world.

Paris and Its Tourist Places

The city is the capital of France and is relatively small by the standards of most capital cities of the world.

Khor Fakkan City

It is situated on the east coast of the Unites Arab Emirates on the Gulf of Oman, but it is actually a remote commune, which is the part of the Emirate of Sharjah.
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