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Evolution of Humans Essay Examples and Topics

Extreme Climates to which Humans Have Adapted

Comparing the findings of the above mentioned article to the ones of the article "Human Biological Adaptation to Arctic and Subarctic Zones" written by Joseph So, it should be stated that the two articles are [...]
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Hominid Article

The three main concepts that guided western thoughts about humanity's place in nature, nature, and the nature of the earth itself before Darwin include the concept of the genus, the concept of catastrophism, and the [...]
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Scientist Charles Darwin & Evolution

By the year 1846, Darwin had a number of publications relating to zoological and geological discoveries of his expedition works that catapulted him in the scientists front rank.
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History Science: The Importance Nowadays

Through the historical study of past individuals, situations and events, a student of history is exposed to real complexities that individuals in the past have endured.
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Intelligent Design and Evolution

Given the unique and complex structure of orchid plants and the thumb of the panda, which have resulted from evolution, it is very clear that an intelligent designer can provide an explanation for the occurrence [...]
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“Supersize Your Child” by Hayes: Essay Respond

Genetic engineering on the other hand is the manipulation of the genetic structure of an organism where the major procedure is that of combining different genetic forms, so as to nurture desired features and shed [...]
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Anthropology. Genus Homo and Human Birth Evolution

The history of the behavioral pattern of this species, and the morphological changes the species has undergone, show that childbirth complications and difficulties have been a source of worry and challenge for human begins and [...]
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Evolution: Different Types of Selection

The genotype of the population is influenced to a great extent by natural selection and it is essentially the effect of the environment on the specific phenotype that describes the definition of the fittest.
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Science and Religion Relations Analysis

First of all it is necessary to mention, that the creation / evolution debate is the matter of expressing the religious beliefs: one represents the theistic model, the opposite atheistic.
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Alternative Theories of Evolution

This led us to the argument that God is an absolute and unique being that is comprised of infinite substances. This shows that Spinoza is a believer and he adheres to the principle that there [...]
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Anderson and Genetic Research, Evolutionism & Creationism

Creationists, for their part, have went on challenging and debating the essential standards of evolutionary biology, by rejecting the notion that progress is the only believable elucidation of the origin of life and modification in [...]
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Charles Darwin: Evolution Theory

The naturalist of the time believed that everything in the world had a key role in the economic of nature and the credit was given to an intelligent creator.
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Science Provides Evidences to Idea of Evolution

The issue of creation and evolution is the crossroad of where science and religion collides head-on. Basically, the debate on theistic evolution is that science has provided facts with regard to the biological principles and [...]
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Hominoid Evolution: Intelligence and Communication

It is through the use of senses that the hominids interacted with the environment.as feedback came from the environment internalization was done through the brains and thus facilitating the development of the cognitive aspect of [...]
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“Why Evolution Is True” by Jerry Coyne

Regardless of the existence of numerous pieces of evidence proving the theory of evolution, there are still adherers of the creationism stating that the world with all its animals, nature, and people originated from the [...]
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Musical Expression and Sexual Selection

It is through the advent of evolutionary psychology that we are able to describe 'human nature' in context with the cognitive and emotional mechanisms of the contemporary human mind.
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The Impact of Darwinian Theory

If, being inside of the nature, we do not feel ourselves well and conveniently, and we test every possible pressure: the internal pressure in the person, pressure of a society, the environmental problems, the nature [...]
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Paradigm Shifts Throughout the History

The goal-directed perception of evolution was used to explain the change in the characteristics of the species on the basis of being focused on a specific goal, such as learning specific traits or becoming stronger. [...]
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Intelligent Design vs. Evolution Theory

Over the years, the field of natural sciences has been dominated by the unending debate pitting the intelligent design theory of existence against the evolution theory. The vocal criticism of the evolution theory led to [...]
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Anthropology: Intelligent Design Movement

Proponents of I.D.incorporate the concept of biological evolution after the process of creationism, where it is thought that some intelligence must have assembled the first cell, in effect resolving the challenge of irreducible complexity.
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Darwin, Evolution, and Modern History

As a topic, the moral sense is important to the understanding of the popular interpretations of Darwin's concept of adaptation through natural selection.
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Social Darwinism and the Mixing of the Races

All of his heinous acts at the time was meant to highlight the weakness of a particular race of people, in this case, the Jews, and how allowing them to continue to lay claim to [...]
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The Book “Promise Ahead” by Duane Elgin

In his 2001 book Promise Ahead: A Vision of Hope and Action for Humanity's Future author and activist Duane Elgin employs the metaphor of development stages to describe human evolution from its inception to the [...]
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“On the Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin

However, an intense conflict over religious morality and the development of professionalism in science have led to the possibility of the evolvement of such revolutionary theories as the ones proposed by Darwin in On the [...]
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The Mind’s Big Bang: Video Analysis

On the other hand, modern humans developed a spear that was lighter and used it to throw the weapon to a distance of forty-two meters, a clear advantage over the Neanderthals.
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The Concept of Biological Species

The concept of biological species defines species as populations that can interbreed and are isolated from other species reproductively, thus making different groups that are unable to interbreed with such other species.
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The Human and the Design Relationships

The creative ability of a human being is a powerful mechanism shaping the universe. That is why the relationship between the human and the design is a state of mutual impact.
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Human Brain Evolution: External & Internal Factors

In general, the development of society helps people to increase the effectiveness of how their brains address different challenges that emerge in their lives. There are many factors that contribute to the different stages of [...]
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  • Words: 573

Human Brain Evolution and Shrinking

The validity of this suggestion is best illustrated with respect to the scientifically proven fact that, as time goes on, the human brain continues to evolve, in the sense of becoming ever more adapted to [...]
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  • Words: 954

Darwinism and Creationism in “Evolution” Documentary

While the crux of Darwin's argument is that no intelligent supervision is necessary for the creation of a seemingly endless level of complexity associated with living creatures, those who derive their knowledge from the Book [...]
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Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

The evolution of different beak sizes/types ensured that up to 15 different species of finches could coexist in the islands. In the experiment, we simulated natural selection in finches, where the 'beak' type determined the [...]
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Evolutionary Time Lag and Good Genes Selection

Some genetic changes deal with the problem of the time lag and help with adjustment to the environment. Humans can adapt due to the ability of the brain to participate in one's learning process.
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The Birth of Childhood by Ann Gibbons

Therefore, they analyzed the process of growing a fossil Neanderthal that lived in Belgium 500,000 years ago and found out that it also grew up faster than a modern human do.
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Jerry Coyne’s Book “Why Evolution Is True?”

Although the book "Why Evolution is True" uses a wide range of concepts such as fossil records, vestigial structures, embryology, biogeography, and suboptimal design to support the process of evolution, the outstanding fact is that [...]
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Francis Galton’s Ideas as to Eugenics

This has subsequently led to the creation of the eugenics a discipline that focused on the improvement of the human qualities by applying the breeding techniques the humanity had already been familiar with.
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Homo Sapiens, Their Features and Early Civilization

Another feature of the skull of Homo neanderthalensis was the possession of a protuberant mid-facial region, which was an outstanding feature that differentiated the species from the rest of the sapiens.
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  • Words: 1257

Controversies on Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Although there are many theories which explain the origin of the earth, Darwin's theory evokes strong responses due to the fact that it opposes religion and it does not meet all the requirements of a [...]
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  • Words: 967

Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection

Although the given theory is often misinterpreted as the idea that only the species that are the most physically strong can survive through the changes in the environment, it is clear that Darwin had the [...]
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  • Words: 842

Evolutionary Theory and Genetics

Wallace indirectly contributes to the theory of evolution, which was linked to the natural selection of the organisms by Charles Darwin.
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  • Words: 1434

Why Evolution Is True?

A study of some of the fossil evidence using some of the modern tools shows a clear pattern of evolutionary change that make it easy to appreciate that evolution could be true.
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  • Words: 2788

“The Facts of Evolution” by Michael Shermer

The major theme of the article is the justification of Darwin's evolution theory. The theory is based on the assumption that species are static, but the changes in species are very rapid, and, thus, the [...]
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  • Words: 858

Why Medicine Needs a Dose of Evolution?

What can also result in a mismatch disease is a rapid development of science and the use of new medicines in treating diseases that human body is not yet used to because evolution is a [...]
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  • Words: 669

Commoner, Darwin and Paley’ Theories on Humans Evolution

When it comes to discussing the discursive significance of the Darwinian theory of evolution in general, and the 'survival of the fittest' principle in particular, it is always crucially important to understand that they are [...]
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  • Words: 1695

Biological Perspective of Good and Evil

Wilson states that an individual can either acquire traits such as altruism and selflessness from a group in a way that enables other people to develop mannerisms that make them prosper at the expense of [...]
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  • Words: 1101

Critique of the Argument advanced by Richard Sharp

The authors believe that the regulation of genomic technologies should support the interests of various stakeholders who can be affected by these innovations. This is one of the main limitations that should be considered.
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  • Words: 554

Characteristics of the Order Primate

The following is a description of some of the similarities and differences that exist between humans and chimpanzees and the most significant traits that each possesses taking into consideration the above four traits used to [...]
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  • Words: 666

Science Watch: From the Same Planet After All

The original article challenges the evolutionary theory of romantic jealousy and states that there are no differences in the responses of men and women to different types of infidelity.
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  • Words: 1384

Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory of development

Psychoanalytic theorists perceive that behavior is purely superficial characteristic, and the analyses of the symbolic meaning of behavior and the in-depth functioning of the mind is prerequisite for understanding development.
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  • Words: 1357

Various Subsections of Anthropology

The central theme of anthropology is to trace the development that has occurred to the human race from the past to the present in different geographical locations.
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  • Words: 2352

The Origin of Man by Richard Leakey

When anthropologists realized that technology and the ability of the human mind exhibit different characteristics over time, they had to take a different approach in the quest to find the steps of evolution of mankind.
  • Pages: 8
  • Words: 2180

Human Evolution and Archaeology

Therefore, natural selection can lead to the extinct of a specific population or individual. In brief, natural selection, mutation, gene flow and genetic drift are evolution forces, which determine the viability or continuation of a [...]
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  • Words: 573

Understanding of Primate Socioecology

The aim of this paper is to reconstruct a socioecology of hominin concerning the latest findings from the species of Praeanthropus Dimorphicus and the species of Praeanthropus Monomorphicus.
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  • Words: 822

The Four Forces of Evolution and Variation

Differential reproduction is linked with the way in which organisms adapt to the environment such that if the adaptive traits of these organisms are transmitted to the next generation, the behavioral and physical traits of [...]
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  • Words: 566

Comparison of Kula and Moka Practice

Islanders that participate in kula exchange are supposed to remain involved in this practice for the duration of their lifetime 'once in the kula, always in the kula': "The principle 'once in the Kula, always [...]
  • Pages: 6
  • Words: 1647

Homo Floresiensis

However, this will certainly be possible if a sample is taken from the micro cephalic and Homo sapiens with some form of pathology that is known in order to compare. So it can be said [...]
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  • Words: 1404

Nonhuman Primate Conservation: Is It Possible?

Nonhuman primate conservation programs are characterized by numerous positive and negative sides: lemurs get benefits from these programs in the form of protection from other habitants of the same territory and legal empowerment of local [...]
  • Pages: 6
  • Words: 1693

Neanderthals Tools, Materials and Behavior

The key advantage of the Levallois flake was that it was easy to reuse owing to its symmetry. They had to determine the right amount of heat needed to create the adhesive because excessive amounts [...]
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  • Words: 810

Domestication of Animals in Neolithic Era

Due to the fact that humans were largely dependent on cultivated crops, domestication of plants and animals was the next step in the development of civilization.
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  • Words: 1636

The Tragedy of the Commons

In conclusion, Hardin writes that perhaps a simple answer to these population problems is the use of need for necessity and mutual agreement.
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  • Words: 600

The reality show “Intervention”

In a similar manner, Scheck argues that the family members in the reality show as well as the general audience serve to open an addict's eyes to the realities of drug abuse.
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  • Words: 569

Hominids as the Members of the Human Family

Hominids are the representatives of the biological family, who have been around our planet for about 7 million years, and orangutans, chimpanzees, gorillas, and humans are considered to be its members; these species have different [...]
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  • Words: 834

Natural Selection Theory

It is commonly known by the phrase, "survival of the fittest", which means that only the species that have well adapted to their environment, is well suited to survive in that habitat.
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  • Words: 574