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Diamonds, Their History, Structure, and Use

Besides, diamonds are formed during the process of impact metamorphism in the course of the fall of large meteorites, for example in the Popigai astrobleme in the north of Siberia in Russia. Nowadays, diamonds are [...]

The San People’s Culture and Kinship

Thus, according to the kinship of the San people, women's right also counts in major decision making of the society. The kinship of the San people is very different from that of my own society.

Interstellar Travel Possibility

Taking into account that time of a cosmic journey is proportional to its distance, it could be argued that for this type of mission to become possible, it should address the problem of speed.

Human Brain Evolution: External & Internal Factors

In general, the development of society helps people to increase the effectiveness of how their brains address different challenges that emerge in their lives. There are many factors that contribute to the different stages of [...]

Light Effects on Pea Seeds Germination

Based on the impact of seed size on the light requirement for germination, it was hypothesized that pea seeds would germinate well in the absence of sunlight than in the presence of sunlight.

Cellular Fluid and Regulatory Mechanisms

This paper describes the components of a cellular fluid and regulatory mechanisms for achieving electrolyte balance in the ICF and ECF. The ICF comprises the fluid within the cells, and it is the primary constituent [...]

Gravitational Waves Definition

The gravitational force "acts perpendicular to the waves' direction of propagation; these forces change the distance between points, and the size of the changes is proportional to the distance between the points".

Human Brain Evolution and Shrinking

The validity of this suggestion is best illustrated with respect to the scientifically proven fact that, as time goes on, the human brain continues to evolve, in the sense of becoming ever more adapted to [...]

Hypothesis Testing in Practical Statistics

However, it is necessary to explain to the management of the restaurant the significance of the test. In conclusion, hypothesis testing is an important method that helps to determine the effectiveness of different solutions.

Life Cycle of Photon: the Impact of Its Discovery

Since its discovery in the early twentieth century, the photon has contributed greatly to the understanding of the fundamental physics, was used in the multitude of experiments to prove the dualistic nature of light, served [...]

Fertility Issues and Sexual Positions

Even if a woman is menstruating, which is indicative of their potential to get pregnant, abnormal hormone levels within a woman's body can cause issues when it comes to the density of the uterine wall [...]

Evolution of Close Binary Stars

Mass transfer is the key process that contributes to the development of binary stars. In the binary system, the two Roche lobes meet, and this point is referred to as a Lagrange point.

Stellar Classification: Populations I and II

According to this classification, star populations with mass fraction of metals or elements that are heavier than hydrogen and helium that is similar to that of the Sun fall into the category of Population I, [...]

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

The evolution of different beak sizes/types ensured that up to 15 different species of finches could coexist in the islands. In the experiment, we simulated natural selection in finches, where the 'beak' type determined the [...]

A Promising Prognosis in Stem Cell Therapy

The investigation of adult stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells is of increasing interest as these cells have the most potential for the restoration of myocardial infarction-induced tissue damages.

Cultural Anthropology: Debate and Argumentation

In addition, it is erroneous to claim that it deals with racial differences and biological evolution; it examines and reflects the realities regarding the cultural differences and the development of human society as a whole.

Archaeological Sites in Oregon

At the same time, many shallow bodies of freshwater which could support weed growth eventually turned into marches, which altered the vegetation of the region and the dietary habits of the tribes in the area.

Protostars and Their Lifecycle

It lasts from the gravitational collapse of a giant molecular cloud and ends with the start of the hydrogen fusion. The gas starts to collapse toward the center of the core, creating the first stage [...]

Aging and Its Cultural and Ethnic Factors

The main idea that I am going to promote throughout the paper's entirety is that the aging-related issues cannot be referred to as such that represent the value of a 'thing in itself' in the [...]

Criticism and Discussion in Science Evolution

The great significance of the given phenomenon is also proved by the fact that people have always been trying to determine the frames that limit the further evolution of scientific thought and to obtain pure [...]

Adult People’s Mean Height Statistics

The choice of a research method depends on the aim of the research and research questions put. Thus, one of the principles of an ethical research is concerned with the provision of the necessary information [...]

Space Programs: Progress or Waste of Money?

According to Ehrenfreund, the ingenuity to develop technologies and work in space is part of the progress that comes from space programs. Space programs have led to the development of technologies that improve air transport.

The Birth of Childhood by Ann Gibbons

Therefore, they analyzed the process of growing a fossil Neanderthal that lived in Belgium 500,000 years ago and found out that it also grew up faster than a modern human do.

Genetic Testing Limitation

The traits such as height, on the other hand, are not related to health in any meaningful way and should, therefore, be excluded from the list of acceptable justifications for testing.

The Chlamydia Trachomatis

The protocol for extraction, amplification as well as sequencing was tested on reference of strains of the culture stocks in the laboratory and on the medium fluid sample collected in the study conducted to investigate [...]

Microbiology Lab: Helminths

The purpose of this experiment is to observe the characteristics of eukaryotic pathogens, including protozoa, fungi and helminthes; to be able to distinguish between different organisms, and apply the results in the field of microbiology. [...]

The Issue of Stem Cells

One of the common misconceptions is that stem cells research violates ethical principles since it uses embryonic stem cells or the so-called fetus.

Anthropology: Anorexia and Idiopathic Seizures

Considering the relation between this disease and cultural issues, it is possible to refer to life of people in society. It is essential to consider anorexia and idiopathic epilepsy from the point of view of [...]

Surveys for Creating TV Campaign Ads

Other strengths of the questionnaire are its scalability in scientific analysis, the anonymity of the respondents, and flexibility in timing, irrespective of the aspect of a research topic or its complexity.

Political Theatres of the Classic Maya

The paper will look at the social, political, and cultural factors associated with performances in the theatres and how much attention is given to the physical setting of the theatres, and the audiences as compared [...]

Middle Eastern Geography and Culture

The Arabs and most of the population living in the Middle Eastern region of the world are perceived to be people who are hardened due to their environment. In addition to that, the environment determines [...]

The New East End of London

Despite the differences in the classification of all regions that make the East End London, a general contention is that East End London is different from East London.

Jerry Coyne’s Book “Why Evolution Is True?”

Although the book "Why Evolution is True" uses a wide range of concepts such as fossil records, vestigial structures, embryology, biogeography, and suboptimal design to support the process of evolution, the outstanding fact is that [...]

Urban Agriculture in Chicago: Pros and Cons

The climatic changes that have adversely affected the ability of farmers in the rural areas to generate high yields in their farms have led to a reduction in the number of fresh products reaching the [...]

Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest

The large variety of marine and terrestrial resources made agriculture the secondary food source and allowed for the development of storage-based subsistence economy in the Pacific Northwest, especially in Oregon.

Francis Galton’s Ideas as to Eugenics

This has subsequently led to the creation of the eugenics a discipline that focused on the improvement of the human qualities by applying the breeding techniques the humanity had already been familiar with.

Human Genetic Creation and the Bible

James believes in the existence of one Supreme Being who is the only owner of human life He is the only person who can give and take life and there is some knowledge that He [...]

Alnilam of the Orion Galaxy

Although the calculations have to be approximated due to the imperfections in the technologies used, the outcomes of the project align with the existing theory, therefore, making it obvious that tracking the movement is highly [...]