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Comets: The Deep Impact Mission by NASA

I decided to choose the book "Comets And Their Origin: The Tools To Decipher A Comet" written by Uwe Meierhenrich. The information discussed in the class provided me with a basic understanding of comets.

Wine and Brandy Shipments in Australia

The following is a set of 100 raw data about brandy sales in Australia measured in thousand liters of alcohol. The frequency distribution and histogram of brandy sales for Australia are illustrated below.

Seed Germination Experiment: Results and Discussion

The results indicated that the number of germinated seeds differed according to the concentration of solutions. 0625M CaCl2 germinated quickly on the second day and attained the mean of about 10 germinated seeds on [...]

Electrostatic Coalescence and Crude Oil Dehydration

During industrial processes like the dehydration of crude oil, the dissociation of the water molecules from the water-oil mixture is an essential requirement of a coalescer.

Graphing Problems Presenting Data

From the information on the graph, it can be deduced that the distance from the town is a factor considered in pricing. This is so because the graph shows that item 46 is the furthest [...]

Agriculture: “Prep Your Pivot for Winter” by Birt

The TL irrigation company runs the "the Caveat to winter Pivot Maintenance" program. The dealers who represent the TL Irrigation company receive adequate training on how to service and maintain the equipment.

Garbology as an Anthropology Study

The recording of the things by the frequency they were thrown away during the week allowed concluding that the waste of food products took the first place in the list.

Reproductive Isolation and Its Potential Effects

Reproductive isolation pertains to the fact that in case a population of the same species is separated into two parts and they are not able to breed with one another, genetic makeup will change according [...]

Research Instrument Validation and Related Threats

Also, it is imperative to say that another important aspect that should not be disregarded is that the reaction to the study may be affected if students become aware of the purpose, and may make [...]

Instrument Validation and Inspection Methods

Furthermore, it refers to the concept of the probability of the result and the estimations of the liability for these outcomes to be implemented in real-life settings.

Male vs. Female Education Leadership Studies

For a study of the determination of differences between male and female leadership within the educational environment one should consider such things as: Confidence men are thought to be more confident while women apologetic; Bluffing [...]

Food, Customers, and Culture in the Grocery Store

There also were many alcoholic drinks, and the section with beer was among the largest; lemonades, juices, and smoothies were also present. Both the store labels and the food labels quite often stressed the low [...]

Dr. Michio Kaku’s Predictions of the DNA Screening

In the documentary, the city planners warn the public that the insufficient growth and the development of the suburban areas threaten both the economy of the country as well as its community.

Probability, Sampling, and Regression in Business

When the salary is measured with the help of the mean, the highest salaries of top managers and CEO are also calculated in order to present the average, and the final number can be higher [...]

Internal Lighting by Solar Collectors and Optical Fibres

Savage notes that the design of optical fibre-coupled collectors to harness the sunlight energy creates a modular mechanical and electronic system that consists of optical fibres and solar collectors for sun tracking.

Genetics: the Eugenics Movement

The eugenics movement resulted in the deaths and sterilizations of thousands of people. Positive eugenics was meant to increase the population of healthy people.

Sub Saharan Africa as Cultural Realm

In the definition of the cultural realm within the context of Sub Saharan Africa and in particular, the parameters used to define the region as a cultural realm, it was felt the contextual scope of [...]

Exponentials and Logarithms: the Cell and DNA

The result will be; log to the base of 2 of 'x' equals 'y'.'y' usually refers to the power to which one raises '2' to get 'x' This can be simplified as follows; F =2x [...]

Mathematics for Everyday Usage

For example, in one business meeting, I saw a bar graph showing the performance of the company over the last few years. They enable the user to have a picture of the information being presented [...]

Electromagnetic Induction

Discoveries linking electromagnetism with electricity led to the phenomenal changes that were witnessed in the field of physics and electrical engineering. Electromagnetism is the study of the forces between electric charges and magnetic fields.

Marine Algae Associated Bacteria as Antioxidants

The antinociceptive activity analysis involved comparing the reaction time of mice treated with the extracts and the controls. The authors conclude that the isolation and characterization of the bioactive principles from the potent strains could [...]

Agricultural Policy in the European Union and the USA

The position of this thesis on the EU and the US, particularly in the light of the political implications on policy-making in the Agricultural Sectors is that both the EU's Common Agricultural Policy and the [...]

Data Collection and Analysis

Although I can hardly keep abreast of the work that needs to be completed for both district and state, however, I am encouraged by the fact that most of the data collected will constitute part [...]

Ethical Issues of Biofuels

The ethical concerns surround the usage of food materials in the production of fossil fuels in the face of the starving populations in various parts of the world and the destruction of the environment through [...]

Living Conditions in Ethiopia

Climate- Ethiopia has three main climatic zones that include a cool zone stretching from the central parts of the Western and Eastern regions of the high plateau and the section around Harar. The best [...]

The Concept of Khmer Society

However, there is also a great number of adherers to the idea that the Khmer kinship system can be described as a matrilineal one because of the model of a royal succession of priestly families [...]

Young People’s Tattoo and Piercing Experiences

Commentaries of the linguistic aspects provided the information about the individuals' emotions associated with perceiving their own and tattoos and piercing, the body art of their partners, and the artists represented on bodies of the [...]

Events in Archaeology: Buried Cities and Lost Tribes

The article "2,000 year old nails may be tied to the crucifixion" by the Associated Foreign Press details how two Roman nails found in the burial cave of a Jewish high priest, supposedly the very [...]

The State of Foreign Born Latinos in Haiti

The republic of Haiti occupies the western portion of the island of Hispaniola. The figure shows that the number of foreign-born Latinos in the region is higher than that of their native counterparts.

Physical Anthropology

Thereafter, the soldier termites bite the twig allowing the chimp to draw the twigs between its teeth to reap the termites.

Glowing in Animals’ Eyes

It reflects a portion of the light entering the eye after it is cast on the retina, which is the area where the image of what is before an animal is constructed to be further [...]

The Color of the Sky

The color of a material object, surface, or substance is a particular wavelength of the visible light reflected from it. The reason is that light can be scattered differently depending on the direction, angle, cloudiness, [...]

Tectonic Plates

Their differences are explained in their mechanical, chemical subdivision and physical properties as illustrated in the table below; The resultant landscapes commonly associated with geological events includes activities such as oceanic trenches, earthquakes, mountain building [...]

Human Origins: Biblical Version and Burials Study

The Bible may have preserved the perspectives of the witnesses of some of the events of human history. In it, the Institute discusses the possible causes and consequences of the practice of burying the dead.

Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation

The camera is often not in harmony with the perception of the depth of a human vision. The level of such an acoustic signal distortion within a tissue is dependent on the emitted pulse's amplitude [...]

What Will Lithuania Look Like in the Future?

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the present situation in Lithuania to consider the prospects of the country. To provide a possible scenario of the country's development in the nearest future.

Medical Microbiology Interests

This is in regard to the nature of cancer cells in the sense that some develop as a result of genetic mutations.

Geopolitics of the Kazakhstan

The main role of the intelligence officer would be to advise the government on the best policy to apply in the region, which would allow the state to achieve its national interests.

George Orwell: The Kolb Model

It is evident that the survival of the elephant depends on the decision that Orwell will make. The first stage of the Kolb Model is reflected where Orwell tries to describe his feelings after being [...]

Germany’s Country Profile

5% for services from 2000 to 2005; in addition, the earning from exports increased dramatically and it was reported for 45% of economic output;

Using Statistics in Education Research

The following paper provides the results of the analysis of the scores and outlines the methods of ascertaining validity and reliability.

Equity in Academic Labor Market

The purpose of this study is to examine the impacts of gender on a teacher's perceptions of the compensations he/she receives, the level of organizational support, and opportunities for career advancement.

Geography of the Canadian North (Arctic)

The high value of the produced diamond, sustainability of the project, environmental friendliness, and creation of employment opportunities is a measure for the success.

Geography of the Canada’s Northern Region

It will be necessary to describe the demographic trends in this area and explain the continuous inflow of people. In this way, it will be possible for me to determine the economic impacts of diamond [...]

Arab Spring: Research Design and Timeline

In this view, since the study examines the perceptions of the citizens of the Arabian states, a cross-sectional design is the appropriate design for the research.

Theories of Human Nature

One of the reasons for this is that the challenges of contemporary living in just about any part of the world are being directly or indirectly related to the fact that, as of today, Western [...]

“Theories of Human Nature” by Peter Lopson

In his analysis, the writer seeks the objective and empirical category of knowledge in the science of human nature, a shift from the more speculative and theoretical methodologies.

Geography of Nigeria, Mongolia and Austria

The country has the three most popular tribes are the Igbos, the Hausa, and the Yoruba. The colonial master of Nigeria is the British, and that explains why English is the official language in Nigeria.

Social Darwinism and the Mixing of the Races

All of his heinous acts at the time was meant to highlight the weakness of a particular race of people, in this case, the Jews, and how allowing them to continue to lay claim to [...]

Planet Earth and Deserts

Attenborough starts by stating that deserts cover one-third of the Earth, and they are not always hot because of the external factors such as the Siberian winds, for instance, and because of the extreme changes [...]

The Volcano and Aurora in Iceland

In other words, the volcano Hekla was erupting from the surface of the earth while the natural light was shining from the sky.

The Green Revolution: Waging a War Against Hunger

The video is all about a captivating story of how the Green Revolution was started so that people in the developing world could be rescued from hunger. Thus, the author argues that the objective of [...]

Applied Anthropology and Competent Ethnography

According to her, the revelations are, usually, in the form of models that help understand why things are the way they are. She also insists that ethnographers study the use of language in different fields [...]

Birth Rates in England and Wales from 1991 to 2015

The descriptive statistics output for the number of live births in England and Wales from 1991 until 2015 is as follows: The pivot table for the data: The frequency table for the data is provided [...]

Validity, Reliability, and Research Designs

Conclusion validity is the degree to which results of a particular study that are obtained in the course of an investigation are reasonable and could be used to continue the research.

Archaeological Study of Roman Life and Behavior

Although this discovery may lack the size and drama of the Muse Cycle that has been discovered at the Hospitium de Sulpicii or the visual beauty of the fresco that once covered the back wall [...]

Ultraviolet Light Effects

From the above reflection, it is in order to state that longer exposure to UV light is dangerous to the skin and the cones of a victim.

Presentation Strategies in Management Studies

The authors, therefore, cite the possibility of stakeholders' behavior having mixed reactions on managerial discretion as to the reason why the study is essential.

Agricultural Policies in the EU vs. the US

It is the position of this paper concerning the European Union, and the United States, particularly in the light of the political implications on policymaking in the Agricultural Sectors, that both the EU's Common Agricultural [...]

Theory Development and Stretch in Marketing Studies

Having researched the issues of the Journal of Marketing, it is possible to conclude about the contributions made by articles presented in the volumes to knowledge according to such criteria as the development of theory, [...]

Longevity in “Live Long, Pass It On” by Tina Saey

It was actually based on the information that I had initially garnered that I believed that aging and longevity were connected primarily to genetic and environmental factors rather than epigenetic factors as indicated in the [...]

Real and Complex Numbers

It is, therefore, correct to assert that complex real numbers help in the derivation of complex numbers. One of the distinctive properties of real numbers is the real number binomials.

Physical Geography: Landscape Appreciation

The figure below shows subtropical highs as show in the southern and Northern hemispheres respectively. The pattern is commonly found in the tropical region and shows rising motion close to the equator.

Human Cloning

According to Baird, human cloning should be prohibited for the simple reason that the onus of justification will be placed on the shoulders of those performing the cloning rather than those who want the cloning [...]

Unprofitable Cross-Buying: Research Methods

The strength of the research is in the fact that the researchers used statistical techniques to measure and analyze the number of customers performing definite cross-buying behaviors basing on their profitability or unprofitability.

Indoor Smoking Restriction Effects at the Workplace

Regrettably, they have neglected research on the effect of the legislation on the employees and employers. In this research, the target population will be the employees and employers of various companies.

School Tardiness: Action Research and Data Analysis

The study will be determined through action research design due to its nature to contribute to the body of knowledge and to offer solution to the problem of tardiness in schools.

Anthropology and Cultural Relativity

This attempts to explain the concept of the Fish Soup and how it has been symbolically used in the book. It is similar to the process of preparing fish soup.

The Book “Promise Ahead” by Duane Elgin

In his 2001 book Promise Ahead: A Vision of Hope and Action for Humanity's Future author and activist Duane Elgin employs the metaphor of development stages to describe human evolution from its inception to the [...]

Investigational Techniques in Sociology and Anthropology

The federal government of the U.S.uses census survey to determine the appointment of associates to the House of Representative. Therefore, such answers allow surveyors to develop a view of social and economic characteristics of citizens [...]

The Paths of Water: Hydrological Cycle

The energy from the sun causes the water on the earth surface to "evaporate back to the atmosphere". Water changes from the gas state to liquid through condensation.

Science vs. Pseudoscience: Finding the Difference

Anytime when one tries to differentiate between 'science' from 'pseudoscience', there is a reference to the Merriam Webster Dictionary."Pseudo" translates to mean fake and the easiest way to identify something fake is to investigate more [...]

Analyzing and Improving a Test Using Statistics

Only 10% of the respondents preferred variable 0 while 90% of the respondents preferred variable 2. The total number of respondents was 10, and therefore, most of the respondents preferred variable 2 to variable 0.

Common Characteristics of Developing Countries

Indeed, this is evident from the high number of slums and informal settlements within these nations. This is because the environment is the main source of food and other crucial resources.

Human Geography Systems and Cultures

It is a composite picture of the change in population for these nations as a generalization of phenomena and not individual parties.

Video Games and Student Performance Study

Of the 671 students the study interviewed regarding their history of playing video games, the majority that had such history reported lower GPAs.

Anthropology: Homo Erectus in Evolution

Endocasts of the Homo erectus reveal the presence of the Broca's area-a part of the brain that is linked to communication by speech.

Astronomy: Telescope Observation

Cassegrain is a type of telescope that uses several mirrors or lenses which form an image by folding the optics. For example, it is the area of the sky that is visible when observing through [...]

Business Statistics and the Regression Model

The coefficient of multiple correlation of one means that the independent variables powerfully predict a dependent variable, while the coefficient of multiple correlation of zero means that independent variables do not predict the dependent variable.

Tracking Website User’s Attention Using Eye-Tracking Device

In the course of the study, two websites will be selected for the research. Questionnaires for the participants to respond and, thus, provide their background information for the research will be designed distributed among the [...]

Ocean-Plate Tectonics and Geology

Bathymetry of the ocean seafloor refers to the measurement of how deep the sea is in relation to the sea level.

Online Class and Its Outcome Measurement

The focus of the paper will be on the aspect of public evaluation while considering what was involved while evaluating the impact on the class. Therefore, these are some of the outcome measures that can [...]

Nanobiotechnology, Its Advantages and Disadvantages

While the world believes that nanobiotechnology is likely to shape future technology, it is important to consider both sides of the technology and have an analysis of its pros and cons.

Action Research for Professional Development

The idea is to enable the practitioners to follow certain actions and reflection procedures to enable them to improve upon the unsatisfactory situation. The prevalent methods or approaches to action research include the use of [...]

Talent Management Study: Theories and Methods

The main benefit of utilizing both theories in the examination of the research topic is that they enable a better examination of the responses of the interviewees as well as the data from the literature [...]

Responsible Research Conduct and Controversies

Therefore, the case when the reviewed is a close friend of one of the reviewers or the editors and the latter are interested in how well the reviewed does in his academic career, certain ambiguity [...]

Social Study: Mamelodi Residents Living in Poverty

The objective of the proposed research is to determine the proportion of the residents of Mamelodi living in poverty. It is important to specify the universe of analysis in order to determine the required theoretical [...]

Yahoo! Consumer Direct Metrics and Analysis

To form the real picture of the ads' effectiveness, it is necessary to fix the correlation between examining the ad and the following purchase of the product.

Obesity, Its Social and Cross-Cultural Meanings

The recognition of the contribution of various cultural beliefs and practices in matters relating to obesity is significantly essential in tackling the obesity menace.

Agricultural Issues in the “Food Inc.” Documentary

One of the reasons is that large corporations can launch a mass-scale production of food, and therefore, they can dictate pricing policies to the small farmers, who, in their turn, have to work with these [...]

Job Satisfaction Statistical Research

We believe that these data sets will form the basis of a comprehensive data analysis, and the results will reflect the true situation on the ground.

Anthropology in Solving Global Social Issues

Artists were moving in the same direction, which excluded the possibility to understand and assess other examples of the art of other nations.

Temperature Changes in Celestial Themes

The planet is similar to planet earth and will have an ozone layer. This is also determined by the planet's proximity to the sun.
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