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Microbiologist as a Career in Bioscience

Moreover, I believe that in this way I can help people by making discoveries that can be used in medicine, agriculture, food production. This experience can help me in the future especially when I will [...]

Single and Combined Pulley Mechanisms

However, it is easier in uplifting a load with a single fixed pulley because the pulley enables one to pull the load towards the gravitational acceleration, rather than against it like in the case when [...]

Sources and Types of Data

So long as classroom and other forms of assessment are able to fulfill these particular methods of measurement then the data can be considered a valid means of measuring student achievement.

GPS Technology and Survey Process

This exercise is concerned with: acquiring information regarding procedures of GPS baseline survey Learning a skill "drive" a GPS receiver and the software exercise skills of communication such as writing reports Education of the self [...]

The Processes of Erosion and Deposition

A deposition is mainly influenced by the characteristics of sediments and the velocity of transporting agents. Erosion and deposition are some of the main processes involved in land forming processes.

Industrial Hygiene

The photons are characterized by a lack of charge, and they move in a straight line. The rate of production and the energy of gamma rays depend on the radioactive process.

Intrinsic Defects Definition

Intrinsic defect is a property that determines the conductivity of electrons in a given structure. The subjection leads to intrinsic defects, a phenomenon that affects the mechanical properties of materials in structures.

Scanning Probe Lithography

2 A required sample is identified by scanning a nanoscopic to mark scales on the surface. The two are: Here, a pattern is formed by moving chemicals on a given surface.

Van Hove Singularity

However, in a DOS system, the process is continuous. It is at this point that a system referred to as Van Hove singularity is realised.

Research Methods for Islamic Cultural Studies

It follows that both ontological and epistemological positions of the inquirer have to be critically examined to ensure that adherence to the absolute orthodoxy of the positivist paradigm does not skew the results of the [...]

The Mind’s Big Bang: Video Analysis

On the other hand, modern humans developed a spear that was lighter and used it to throw the weapon to a distance of forty-two meters, a clear advantage over the Neanderthals.

Case Study and Its Types in Research

To explore the concept of the case study research method, seven aspects will be addressed: history, rationale, types, areas of research, situations in which the case study method can be used, challenges associated with the [...]

Reverse Mutation Concept in Cancer Biology

The hybridization of phage and the Alu probe will point to the presence of the human mutagen in the cell. Particularly, the application of the KIF2C protein will have to be considered to identify the [...]

Weathering: Definition, Types, and Impact

However, drawing a distinct line between the nature of causes is crucial for the further management of environmental issues, which is why most scholars prefer to restrict the concept of mechanical weathering to the effects [...]

Baloney Detection Kit Applied to Dark Matter Definition

The definition proceeds as 'The gravitational constant that reflects an implied resonance featuring an internal symmetry, creating an imposed reflection into the mass structure of the nucleonic forces.' At a glance, this statement seems to [...]

The UAE and Japan Comparison

The UAE is one of the most influential and prosperous countries in the world. Unfortunately, the innovation rate of the UAE is not considered to be one the best in the world as it occupies [...]

Simple and Multiple Regression Techniques

In the paper, it is established that the simple regression is similar to the bivariate correlation except for the bivariate correlation does not separate between dependent and independent variable.

Measurements and Scaling Concepts

The scales are used to define the differences in students' performance."Before the measurement process can be initiated, the business research must identify the concept relevant to the problem.

Microsoft Excel in Modern Business Statistics

Examples of in which research results would be communicated to other members of the company, and explanation of how the research would be communicated as well as technology that would be used to demonstrate the [...]

Experimenter Effects and Control Measures

Apart from the preconceived ideologies of the researcher, effects not properly controlled, and experimenter influence on the participants, there are numerous experimenter effects including the use of inappropriate methodology, biases of the researcher, selective sample [...]

Nanosatellites and Their Usage in Education

Nanosatellites are currently gaining more and more popularity in industries that are interested in commercial and research opportunities because the benefits of their production process are hard to overlook. Satellites go in and out of [...]

Principal Component Analysis

Since students experience anxiety in the course of learning SPSS, the questionnaire aims to measure and ascertain the extent of SPSS anxiety. In essence, the study aims to use PCA in revealing principal variables that [...]

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences Exercise

In this exercise, multiple regression analysis is carried out to investigate the impact of different factors including Usefulness, Male-Dominated Field, Tutor Attitudes, Confidence, and Age that are considered as the independent variables affecting the Self-Efficacy [...]

Fundamental Statistical Concepts and Applications

The researcher identified the correlational method as the best way to study these relationships and provided three hypotheses to be studied in this research: There is a statistically significant positive relationship between student-teacher rapport and [...]

Big Data and Agriculture

Big Data is expected to feed the world in the future by analyzing large volumes of data associated with predicting the weather, finding appropriate regions for farming and agriculture, and eliminating possible adverse outcomes.

Path Analysis Technique

The use of the multiple regression model and the structural equation model as approaches to path analysis have some similarities and differences.

Kimango Farms Environmental Factors

In 2015, the government established the Tanzania Agriculture Development Bank which is focused on assisting in developing the agricultural sector and assisting in the implementation of policies.

E-Mail Interviewing in Research: Benefits and Limits

E-mail interviews allow researchers and participants to review questions and responses and allow interviewees to reveal in-depth details about questions. Researchers can conduct multiple interviews simultaneously, create a rapport, and help to overcome the interviewer [...]

Impact of Antibiotics on Farm Animals

One of the primary reasons for this condition in people is the use of antibiotics in farming. However, the use of antibiotics is associated with the occurrence of antibiotic resistance in people.

Proteomic Analysis Technique

The objective of the study was to compare the nature of proteins in egg yolks of chicken, duck, and quail, which are three common species of poultry.

Narrative Inquiry as a Research Design

The main distinctive feature of a narrative interview is that it encourages the informant to share some crucial happenings of their life and the social context within which these events occurred.

Statistical Analysis System

SAS is similar to the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences in terms of capabilities and field of applications. However, the former seems more challenging and harder to learn due to the complexity of user [...]

Antimicrobial Resistance in Helicobacter Pylori

Therefore, the aim of the essay is to examine the problem of resistance in H.pylori and describes its mechanisms. Thus, the analysis of resistance in H.pylori shows that the determination of the individual, local, and [...]

The Concept of Research Impact

It can be argued that research impact is any influence that the findings of a study have on the community. The second component can be measured by reviewing the work from a perspective of the [...]

Zebra Paradox: Truth About Zebra Stripes

Although most zoologists believe that zebras are white with black stripes, the fact is that the animal's primary color is black with elements of white because there are no parts of the zebra's body that [...]

Alfred Nobel as an Explosives Inventor

This paper discusses Alfred Nobel's work with explosives for military and industrial use leading to his contribution to the world of the Nobel Peace Prize. As such, Nobel had to come up with a way [...]

Social Capital and Its Quantitative Measurement

It allows the measurement of repeated observations over a period to determine changes in behavior. Thus, a cross-sectional design would help identify organizational policies or initiatives that promote the formation of new connections in workplace [...]