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Correlation and Causation Distinction

In such a study data analysis and statistics should include both the patterns that prove causality and the ones that work against it. Only in this case, the study is fair and unbiased.

Correlation and Causation Differences

This will require quantitative data to determine the correlation between the two variables. A positive or negative association between the variables will suggest a causal relationship.

Systems Theory: History and Concepts

According to Hammond, when viewed from the context of history and evolution of social thought, it appears that the science related to unified systems theory is a product of 20th-century thinking.

Statistics: Independent Variables and Noise

Marking out the variables in research enhances the understanding of the test that is being carried out. As a result, the researcher is expected to reduce the resulting variability at the end of the study.

The Logic of Using Quantitative Data

As far as the types of quantitative data required to show the results of an intervention are concerned, it can be suggested that the information including the grades that the students receive for their performance, [...]

Stars and Their Formation

As a result, it can be noted that chemical evolution that takes place in the universe is dependent on the activities of the large stars.

Genetic Screening Pros and Cons

It is with these considerations that this paper will set out to look at the merits and demerits of genetic screening so as to authoritatively state if the genetic screening is worthwhile to the individual.

Colony Collapse Disorder in Honeybees

The study looks at the characteristics of this disorder which include the complete disappearance of healthy bees leaving the queen behind in the hive together with some worker bees as well as the young ones.

Outer Space and Its Impact on the Earth

As the name implies, the outer space exists in a void area where there is no atmosphere of the Earth. The temperature varies with the time of the earth day on the outer space area [...]

Scientific Contribution to Militarization

Since the discovery of the modern day science, it has been used to advance the societal welfare in a similar way in which it has been applied in activities that contribute to the destruction of [...]

The Continental Drift’ Concept

Although a strange interlocking that shapes the coasts of Europe and Africa with those of the New World were found at the end of the sixteenth century, it took nearly 200 years for the empirical [...]

The Religion Implications in the Modern Cosmology

Different religions in the world have disparate teachings about the origin of the universe. The aforementioned religions are all monotheistic, but they have different explanations regarding the existence and the origin of the universe.

Forward Osmosis and Possible Challenges

To this end, the literature in this essay tries to establish the challenges that come with the adoption of FO by a state. To this end, the quality of the feed-water influences the fouling of [...]

The Suez Canal’s Geostrategic Importance

Suez Canal is known all around the world due to its frequent presence on the news and in the middle of various geopolitical and economical conflicts, confrontations, misunderstandings and rivalries. The size of the ships [...]

Salzman’s and Miner’s Views on Anthropology

Drawing on the work of Radcliffe-Brown, Malinowski, and Durkheim, Salzman explains that anthropologists seek to understand the "interrelationship between cultural elements", This reminds the reader of the discussion in Thinking Anthropologically of "interdependence" and "inter-relationship" [...]

The Suez Canal’s Geopolitical Significance

In this respect, the Suez Canal plays an important role in the acquisition of natural gas and oil as it eases the cost of transportation of these products that would have otherwise been transported around [...]

Human Relation with Tropical Fish

Tropical fish, for example, goldfish, clownfish, mosquito fish, and zebrafish, are some of the most common fish in aquariums. One of the ethical implications of the human-animal relationships is in regards to the public perception [...]

Anthropology: Tibetan Nomads Life

In the autumn season, the animals become healthy, and this is the time when nomads sell their animals and buy supplies for themselves, which they have to keep for another season of the year.

Archeology: Scientific Approach vs. Mysticism

Despite the vast number of such kind of writings, the scientific approach that is commonly implemented in archeology proves that there is no room for mystery in the history of humankind, showing the importance of [...]

Genetic Engineering and Eugenics Comparison

The main idea in genetic engineering is to manipulate the genetic make-up of human beings in order to shackle their inferior traits. The concept of socially independent reproduction is replicated in both eugenics and genetic [...]

Rigel Star in Orion Constellation

Orion can be seen by the naked eye from November to February between 85 and 75 degrees latitude, in the southwest sky from a position in the Northern Hemisphere or in the northwest sky from [...]

Quantitative Researches Methods

The main peculiarity of the work of this method is the special algorithm that is created for each case. The data obtained with the help of this experiment is taken into account and creates the [...]

Citations in the Scholarly Papers

As stated by both Hyland and Giltrow, citations are used to define the field of investigation and the area in which there is a need for additional research.

Mathematics: Discovered or Created?

Another viable explanation of the existence of mathematics is that it is merely part of the human creation. The argument for mathematics being part of human discovery is far-fetched and fanatical.

Comets and Asteroids: Nature and Role in Science

Components of this study include An exposition on Asteroids and Comets, Origins of Comets and Asteroids and their constituents, the significance of Comets and Asteroids in the inquiry about the origins of the solar system [...]

“Culture and Biology” by Heidi Keller

The main problem explored in the article "Culture and Biology: The Foundation of Pathways of Development" by Heidi Keller, which was published in Social and Personality Psychology Compass in 2008, is the relationship between biology [...]

Secrets for Japan’s Success

The employees have a deep sense of running their systems in an orderly manner and it is not common for the Japanese to move between jobs as is the case in the US and Europe.

The Stokeleigh Camp Earthwork Survey

Most of the archaeologists feel that the development of the Stokeleigh Camp came as a result of the discovery and the increased use of iron in England, which in turn led to enormous social changes [...]

Human Genome Project vs. Human Proteome Project

Abhilash highlights that proteome is a combination of protein and genome; proteome comes from the word proteins and refers to all proteins that are produced by an organism in a given set of environmental conditions [...]

The Manufacture of Polyethylene

5 The popularity of polyethylene is rooted in the fact that this polymer is cheap, flexible, durable, and chemically resistant6 It is important to take a closer look at the manufacturing process in order to [...]

The Solar System Formation and the Earth Evolution

Limited opportunities are explored under the subject of cosmogony, the field which focused on the question: 'Which processes contributed to the formation of Solar System, as well as how it evolved since its formation?' Despite [...]

Core Readings in Systems Thinking

The topics include the challenges in studying complex systems, qualitative mapping, quantitative models, addressing system failures, and the importance of defining the success of IT projects.

The Next Generation Space Telescope

However, it should be noted that billions of other discoveries are yet to be made in the future. To achieve this, the next-generation space telescope should be designed in the near future.

The Creation of the State of Palestine

The region encompasses Israel and various territories under Palestine establishment."One of the essential attributes of a state under International Law is external sovereignty that is, the right to exercise freely the full range of power [...]