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Feminism and Gender Studies in Science

The first of them is concerned with the empirical observation of the fact that the particulars of one's gender affiliation have a notable effect on how he or she tends to perceive the surrounding reality, [...]

Spencer’s Inventory Statistical Measurement

The next thing for generalizing the sample statistics is the calculation of confidence interval which is a range of value derived from the sample statistics and contains the possibility of having the unknown population parameter [...]

Research Methods and Surveying Techniques

Meanwhile, reliability focuses on the consistency and integrity of the measurements. Obviously, with interviews, the rate of response is high, but they are also costly and time-consuming due to staff involvement.

Self-Completion and Postal Questionnaires for Interview

In comparison to the structured interview where the presence of an interviewer is obvious, the self-completion questionnaire is characterized by certain pros and cons. As a rule, the self-completion questionnaire already contains an answer, and [...]

Focus Group Method in Research Process

The implementation of the focus group research method is better than the individual qualitative interview if an organizer of a study wants to have an understanding of how one's product or service is perceived by [...]

Research Challenges with Young Participants

This paper focuses on the deployment of kids as respondents in a study, the disorderliness of studies that involve children, and the consideration of moral practices when involving children in research as some of the [...]

External and Internal Validity in Research

Contrary to internal validity, which ensures the logic and reliability of the experiment's design, external validity aims to establish whether or not the study results can be used to make generalized conclusions.

The Mayan Civilization in Diamond’s Theory

According to Diamond's theory, the rapid growth of the Mayan civilization resulted in the maximization of its population and the need for more food, which, eventually, caused overhunting, overfishing, deforestation, and destruction the soil.

The Basis of Modern Scientific Knowledge

A lot of the scientific theories and discoveries made in the early modern period, particularly those related to the understanding of our place in the universe, were also revolutionary and in some way defied, or [...]

Confidence Interval

According to the developed hypothesis, it becomes clear that a confidence interval parameter of with a random variable of X, the confidence level of p, and the following sample: is called a bordered interval.

Newton’s Second Law

The objective of the experiment is to demonstrate Newton's second law of motion that the acceleration of an object with fixed mass is directly proportional to the net force applied to it.

Dubai as a Generic City

A unique feature of his work is the criticism of the concept of identity because he believes it chokes cities of their life and vibrancy.

Unemployment and Suicide Rates Correlation in the US

The problem of correlation between the levels of unemployment and suicide rates has been previously investigated in the research literature. However, the association between unemployment and suicide rates was discovered in the data collected during [...]

The Gekkonidae Family in Qatar

The first two of these species are also the most widespread in the region as the number of sightings of these lizards greatly surpasses all other reptiles.

Decision Tree Analysis Statistics

This is probably based on the excellence that the tree is capable of offering, as against other neural networks- since the decision tree is a representation of rules.

Mendel’s Second Law

One of the breaks through he made in his studies was discovery of the independent assortment of genes. The DNA of any organism has the nucleotides responsible for coding for the gene of the organism.

Pedestrian Traffic Observation Case

To determine the number of shoppers in a mall located in a shopping center in the metropolitan city. To what extent do shoppers engage in shopping at a mall located in the central shopping center?

Research Sampling: Analysis and Design

The cost estimation will be helpful to consider in establishing the size of the sample. To conclude, the research process is entirely dependent on sampling, analysis and design.

Descriptive Statistics Importance

In addition, descriptive statistics would enable the analyst to evaluate the spread of the marks. While inferential statistics utilize samples from data, descriptive statistics tend to use the whole data.

Future Giant Telescopes

Giant telescopes use the principle of active optics by which they are able to measure the distortions due to the motion of turbulence in the Earth's atmosphere and then make allowance for these factors. Examples [...]

The Concept of Biological Species

The concept of biological species defines species as populations that can interbreed and are isolated from other species reproductively, thus making different groups that are unable to interbreed with such other species.

“Mindless Statistics” by Gerd Gigerenzer

In order to support his argument, Gigerenzer discusses the 'null ritual' in detail, concentrates on Fisher's and Neyman-Pearson's ideas and associated misunderstandings, refers to the researchers' feeling of guilt, focuses on collective illusions, discusses the [...]

The Benefits of a Protection Dog

Regardless of the fact that protection dogs are animals that can hurt people, they are loving and supportive family members that provide their owners with a wide range of benefits.

The Reasons for the Four Seasons on Earth

However, in reality, the distance from the Earth to the Sun does not change because the orbit is almost a perfect circle with the smallest difference of two percent between the closest and the farthest [...]

The Human and the Design Relationships

The creative ability of a human being is a powerful mechanism shaping the universe. That is why the relationship between the human and the design is a state of mutual impact.

Solar-Powered Water Cooler System

The design of a solar-powered water cooler is based on the normal components and operations of cooling systems. The design of a solar-powered water cooler will help in providing water-cooling services to the people in [...]

System Engineering Practices in Space projects

Aerospace engineering is the field of engineering which is concerned with the production of spacecraft and aircraft; it involves using the discoveries of such fields as avionics, aerodynamics, materials science and engineering, and so on, [...]

Possible Cooperation Between the Species

One of the common prey of wolves are rodents who commonly inhabit the grazing locations of gelada monkeys. Therefore, by controlling their population Ethiopian wolves improve the chances of survival for the gelada herd.

The Argentine Republic Potentials

At the beginning of the 19th century, however, the ideas of the Enlightenment spread around the territories of Argentina, and in 1816, "the United Provinces of the Rio Plata declared their independence from Spain".

The Basics and Methods of Social Research

In the light of current events taking place in the United States and impacting people in other parts of the world, I think that it is a good idea to investigate the question of social [...]

Diamonds, Their History, Structure, and Use

Besides, diamonds are formed during the process of impact metamorphism in the course of the fall of large meteorites, for example in the Popigai astrobleme in the north of Siberia in Russia. Nowadays, diamonds are [...]

The San People’s Culture and Kinship

Thus, according to the kinship of the San people, women's right also counts in major decision making of the society. The kinship of the San people is very different from that of my own society.

Interstellar Travel Possibility

Taking into account that time of a cosmic journey is proportional to its distance, it could be argued that for this type of mission to become possible, it should address the problem of speed.

Human Brain Evolution: External & Internal Factors

In general, the development of society helps people to increase the effectiveness of how their brains address different challenges that emerge in their lives. There are many factors that contribute to the different stages of [...]

Light Effects on Pea Seeds Germination

Based on the impact of seed size on the light requirement for germination, it was hypothesized that pea seeds would germinate well in the absence of sunlight than in the presence of sunlight.

Cellular Fluid and Regulatory Mechanisms

This paper describes the components of a cellular fluid and regulatory mechanisms for achieving electrolyte balance in the ICF and ECF. The ICF comprises the fluid within the cells, and it is the primary constituent [...]

Gravitational Waves Definition

The gravitational force "acts perpendicular to the waves' direction of propagation; these forces change the distance between points, and the size of the changes is proportional to the distance between the points".

Human Brain Evolution and Shrinking

The validity of this suggestion is best illustrated with respect to the scientifically proven fact that, as time goes on, the human brain continues to evolve, in the sense of becoming ever more adapted to [...]

Hypothesis Testing in Practical Statistics

However, it is necessary to explain to the management of the restaurant the significance of the test. In conclusion, hypothesis testing is an important method that helps to determine the effectiveness of different solutions.