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Qualitative Data Collection Methods

Observation is quite similar to the method mentioned above as the researcher is not involved in the process. Nonetheless, this strategy can help the researcher to address the research goals and elicit participants' ideas on [...]

Energy in Physics and Natural Sciences

The year 1829 marks the time when Gaspard Coriolis came up with the definition of 'kinetic energy' the development that was followed by the introduction of the term 'potential energy' by William Rankine in 1835. [...]

Male Mating Success and Courtship Modalities

For this reason, this review focuses on the provision of more insights on the subject of sex and evolution with a specific focus on the explanation of female preference for multi-modal courtship and why the [...]

‘Formulating a Research Problem’ by Ranjit Kumar

The seven steps described in this chapter of the 'Research Methodology: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners' are: "identifying the problem of the research; acknowledging the importance of formulating a research problem; mentioning the sources of [...]

Mid-Atlantic Ridge in Geologic Tour

It is necessary to note that one of the most important economic activities associated with a divergent plate boundary is the extraction of natural resources. Landslides and damaged dams were another major consequence of the [...]

Pragmatism and Transformative Paradigm in Research

The purpose of this paper is to review pragmatism and the transformative paradigm concerning mixed methods research, analyze how these worldviews are applied in real-life contexts, compare assumptions that are typical of these paradigms, and [...]

Earth Mapping and Formation in History

During the period of antiquity, the first geologists generally concentrated on the origin of the Earth. Consequently, the Flood led to the discovery of fossils and using Christian argument to demonstrate that it was responsible [...]

Umm al-Nar: Geoarchaeology and Cultural Heritage

This report aims at revealing the essentials of the Umm al-Nar site along with its significance in the framework of cultural heritage and tourism to understand the role of this geoarchaeological complex in nowadays national [...]

Animal Minds

Although the structure of the brain of the mimic octopus differs from that of human beings, its mind is comparable to that of a human.

Can Animals Think?

However, at the moment the rapid evolution of science and increased level of attention given to the investigation of animals introduced another idea which states that other species might also have the ability to think [...]

Molecular Cloning of GFP Gene

Molecular cloning is a set of methods in molecular biology that is used to obtain multiple copies of the target DNA fragment. Bacterial transformation is a process of recombinant DNA insertion into a host bacterial [...]

Astrolabes, Their History and Features

3 These included the position of celestial objects, time of the day or night by measuring the altitude of the sun, time of the year, part of the visible sky, altitude of any horizon object, [...]

Statistical Data Analysis in Education

In their article "Hold My Calls: An Activity for Introducing the Statistical Process," Abel and Poling described the specific statistical activity that can be used in the teaching-learning process at the secondary level to explain [...]

Correlational and Longitudinal Study in Psychology

The goal of these studies was to demonstrate how attitudinally congruent social networks in comparison to attitudinally heterogeneous social networks could be related to the factor of attitude strength in different individuals.

Analysis, Evaluation and Synthesis Approaches

All sources chosen for the literature review support the constructivist theoretical framework specified by the author in the introduction due to the fact that the findings consistently align with the notion of students' active participation [...]

Radiation, Its Types and Detection Equipment

Laboratory #475: using the hand-held Sodium Iodide radiation detector, a search was performed, and the first radiation source was found in the first drawer of the cabinet, next to bio-hood by the right side of [...]

Rapid Critical Appraisal Process

While filling data in the evaluation table by taking each column at a time, it proved difficult to note the differences and similarities of the studies used easily.

Lab Report: Caenorhabditis Elegans

Studies involving the manipulation of the unc-22 gene including the introduction of mutations and silencing various alleles of the gene have helped elucidate the structure and function of the gene, which is beneficial to the [...]

Correlation Types and Their Uses

If only the first assumption is not met, namely, in the case when one of the variables is dichotomous, then the point-biserial correlation should be used. The interpretation of this coefficient is similar to that [...]

Singapore’s Society and Economy

The introduction of the given practice promotes the establishment of real control over the most important branches of industry and contributes to the increase of the level of competitiveness.

“What Theory Is Not, Theorizing Is” by Karl Weick

What makes the paragraph useful and enlightening is the fact that it sheds light on the significance of proper references for researchers, reviewers, and editors and singles out the typical mistakes. Overall, the present paragraph [...]

Statistical Decision-Making in Behavioral Sciences

Thus, to ensure that social and behavioral studies are conducted in an effective and efficient manner, several statistical models are developed to ensure that the treatment of variables results in the generation of accurate results.

Central Tendency and Its Measures

The measures of central tendency differ in how much use they make of the data, especially of the extreme values, but they are all trying to explain something about where the center of distribution lies.

Psychological Research in Non-Governmental Agency

Of course I did not apply all the steps of the research process, which include: selecting and developing a research question, generating a research hypothesis, forming operational definitions, choosing a research design, evaluating the ethics, [...]

Ethics of Genetic Testing

Although it is true that the concept of genetic testing has many ethical concerns, the greatest concern of genetic testing at the work place is the fact that it exposes employees to a myriad of [...]

Mixed Methods Critique

In taking a two-phased mixed methods research, the authors of this article have tried to bring out the issues that relate to the topic of work ethics with much emphasis on the vocational students in [...]

Methodology of a Qualitative Inquiry

In the aftermath of having conducted the study's empirical and analytical phases, Lei-Yu Wu determined that a particular organization's ability to address competitive challenges, by the mean of relying on its well-established access to the [...]

Theoretical and Empirical Research in Journals

Human Resource Development Quarterly was the first academic journal in the field of human resource development. This publication is affiliated to the Society for Human Resource Management and the University of Michigan, based in America.

Reliability as a Statistical Test

Test-retest is a reliability test that measures the reliability of an instrument or method of measurement over a given period. Test-retest reliability is subject to error of measurement that emanates from the defective measurement of [...]

Research Consumers and Their Characteristics

Since consumers are people who understand the qualities and the use of a given product, research consumers are people who understand the qualities of research and the application of research concepts.

US Higher Education Research Critique

Some questions seek to determine the credibility of the research, while others seek to determine the integrity of the research. The research design comprises of the research questions, accounts for the data collection and analysis [...]