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Sciences Essay Examples and Topics

Anthropology: Tibetan Nomads Life

In the autumn season, the animals become healthy, and this is the time when nomads sell their animals and buy supplies for themselves, which they have to keep for another season of the year.

Archeology: Scientific Approach vs. Mysticism

Despite the vast number of such kind of writings, the scientific approach that is commonly implemented in archeology proves that there is no room for mystery in the history of humankind, showing the importance of [...]

Genetic Engineering and Eugenics Comparison

The main idea in genetic engineering is to manipulate the genetic make-up of human beings in order to shackle their inferior traits. The concept of socially independent reproduction is replicated in both eugenics and genetic [...]

Rigel Star in Orion Constellation

Orion can be seen by the naked eye from November to February between 85 and 75 degrees latitude, in the southwest sky from a position in the Northern Hemisphere or in the northwest sky from [...]

Quantitative Researches Methods

The main peculiarity of the work of this method is the special algorithm that is created for each case. The data obtained with the help of this experiment is taken into account and creates the [...]

Citations in the Scholarly Papers

As stated by both Hyland and Giltrow, citations are used to define the field of investigation and the area in which there is a need for additional research.

Mathematics: Discovered or Created?

Another viable explanation of the existence of mathematics is that it is merely part of the human creation. The argument for mathematics being part of human discovery is far-fetched and fanatical.

Comets and Asteroids: Nature and Role in Science

Components of this study include An exposition on Asteroids and Comets, Origins of Comets and Asteroids and their constituents, the significance of Comets and Asteroids in the inquiry about the origins of the solar system [...]

“Culture and Biology” by Heidi Keller

The main problem explored in the article "Culture and Biology: The Foundation of Pathways of Development" by Heidi Keller, which was published in Social and Personality Psychology Compass in 2008, is the relationship between biology [...]

Secrets for Japan’s Success

The employees have a deep sense of running their systems in an orderly manner and it is not common for the Japanese to move between jobs as is the case in the US and Europe.

The Stokeleigh Camp Earthwork Survey

Most of the archaeologists feel that the development of the Stokeleigh Camp came as a result of the discovery and the increased use of iron in England, which in turn led to enormous social changes [...]

Human Genome Project vs. Human Proteome Project

Abhilash highlights that proteome is a combination of protein and genome; proteome comes from the word proteins and refers to all proteins that are produced by an organism in a given set of environmental conditions [...]

The Manufacture of Polyethylene

5 The popularity of polyethylene is rooted in the fact that this polymer is cheap, flexible, durable, and chemically resistant6 It is important to take a closer look at the manufacturing process in order to [...]

The Solar System Formation and the Earth Evolution

Limited opportunities are explored under the subject of cosmogony, the field which focused on the question: 'Which processes contributed to the formation of Solar System, as well as how it evolved since its formation?' Despite [...]

Core Readings in Systems Thinking

The topics include the challenges in studying complex systems, qualitative mapping, quantitative models, addressing system failures, and the importance of defining the success of IT projects.

The Next Generation Space Telescope

However, it should be noted that billions of other discoveries are yet to be made in the future. To achieve this, the next-generation space telescope should be designed in the near future.

The Creation of the State of Palestine

The region encompasses Israel and various territories under Palestine establishment."One of the essential attributes of a state under International Law is external sovereignty that is, the right to exercise freely the full range of power [...]

Secondary Data Analysis: Principles and Methods

Statistics is the process of data collection, data analysis and interpretation of the data and making meaningful conclusions and generalizations. Planning involves identifying the target population, methods to use, sources of data, and requirements and [...]

Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection

Although the given theory is often misinterpreted as the idea that only the species that are the most physically strong can survive through the changes in the environment, it is clear that Darwin had the [...]

Marine Life in United Arab Emirates

This report analyses the marine life in the UAE, covering detailed information about the various species of animals found in the region and their adaptation to the unique environment.

The Dead Sea Geochemical History

Globally, the most saline location is found on the water surfaces and shores of the Dead Sea. On the other hand, the pattern of fluctuation in temperature and salinity in the Arctic Ocean is complex.

SOFAR Effects on the Marine Life

The speed and energy of the sounds that are transmitted in the SOFAR channel are maintained without being altered because of the pressure, which increases with increase in depth.

The Origin of Galaxies: Theories Explaining

The Milky Ways which is a form of the spiral galaxies are the gyrating disks commonly loaded with hydrogen gas. The most acceptable models for the formation of galaxies have been two types, the gravitational [...]

The Solar System’s Nebular Model

In response to this, the paper is aimed at explaining the nebular model of the solar system in details and the features of the solar system that the model can explain.

Deep Sea Mining: Salt Extraction

This therefore shows how important the process of evaporation is in regard to extraction of salt from the sea. This therefore explains that sea water is a cheap source of salt in terms of time [...]

Garbology: Studying Garbage of College Students

I live in the university, and thus I recorded refuse from other students in the neighbourhood. I found used envelopes and piles of papers, which indicates that despite the evolution in technology, the disposers still [...]

San Jose California Cultural Landscape

San Jose is involved in the social innovation and the ecological prosperity in the movement, which increases the stability of the economy and at the same time, protects the environment and social order.

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: Corn Production

These coupled with the rapidly rising population against the rapidly reducing levels of the natural environment, pizza and other fast food products continue to gain ground in the current markets.

Naphtha Reforming: Progress and Profits

In fact, some studies have explored the unknown elements of the catalytic process in naphtha reforming. It is also necessary to note that elements in the hydrocarbons and concentrations of other elements are responsible for [...]

Extreme Stellar Environment

The White Dwarfs are the core remnants of a star that was previously 8 times the mass of the sun. The strange behavior of this matter is that its mass and temperature are inversely proportional [...]

Future of Food: Effects on the Planet

The main reason behind the problem of resource overconsumption which threatens the very future of the planet is the rampant food production of humanity which threatens to drain the resources of the planet.

Delambre-Mechain Geodetic Survey

The academy was concerned of the inconsistency of the measurements that were in use at that time, and believed that developing a new system based on invariable natural base would be the solution to the [...]

Minerals and Their Geological Environments

According to Zussman, minerals are differentiated from each other by their specific characteristics that are as a result of the types of atoms used to form them and the arrangements of these atoms inside the [...]

Hair Care Products: Components and Effects

The heating facilitates the production of formaldehyde gas that bonds the hair with the conditioner. The entire process exposes customers to the risk of inhaling the formaldehyde gas that has negative effects on the body.

Why Evolution Is True?

A study of some of the fossil evidence using some of the modern tools shows a clear pattern of evolutionary change that make it easy to appreciate that evolution could be true.

The Kepler Space Observatory

The first was to identify the terrestrial planets that existed in the habitable zone of the huge number of stars that the mission was going to analyze.

The Biosphere Evolution

The biosphere, however, overlaps between all the spheres that include the lithosphere, which is found on the surface of the earth.

Agricultural Pesticide Negative Impacts

The presence of pesticide residues in water, air, and the food is considered the main consequence of the neglectful use of pesticides in agriculture as it puts a serious risk to the safety of people [...]

Quantitative Data’ Analyzing in Social Research

Babbie explores the methods for converting data to numerical forms and presenting them in the form of statistical analyses in terms of quantitative analysis and special features of univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analysis. The first [...]

Agricultural Industries in Australia

The Commonwealth of Australia is situated in Oceania and is "the world's sixth-largest country". This is at least partially the result of the historical development of the country.

Statistics: Regression Models and Diagrams

Seeing that the ability to change throughout the study can be viewed as the basic feature of a variable, it is reasonable to assume that the subject matter may help identify the correlation between the [...]

Solar Storms’ Effects

In this situation, New York City is one of the most vulnerable megalopolises which can suffer from the results of the storm significantly because the destruction of the Earth's magnetic field is closely associated with [...]

Gene-Environment Interaction Theory

The doctrine was, originally, generated by the scientists, Sandra Scarr, who suggested that genes may impact the constitution of the surrounding environment, which stimulates a certain niche of human responses and to the surrounding conditions.

India’s Space Programs

Space exploration has become a key area of concern for modern scientists and this is evident from the many attempts being undertaken in the world today to explore every bit of the outer space.

Farming Effects on Golden Sun Moth

Agriculture has led to the destruction of the natural habitat of the moth. Farming practices have led to the dramatic reduction of the grass needed for the survival of this moth.

Evolution and Speciation’s Four Forces

The process of evolution is subject to many forces, which drive the development of species, variants, and populations of organisms. Thus, this essay seeks to define and examine micro-evolution and macro-evolution, species and population, evolutionary [...]