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Sciences Essay Examples and Topics

Swiffer Wet Refills Materials

These important steps are the selection of the fibers which can be used for the production of the wet mopping cloths; the process of laying the chosen type of fibers to make a definite type [...]

Safety Role in Space Tourism

The space tourism industry is in its infancy and insurance companies have not yet developed policies and procedures to cover risks associated with it. In the case of space tourism, developing advanced tracking and navigation [...]

Space Tourism and Safety

However, the safety of every space tourist should be prioritized in order to make the industry more sustainable. Governments and other agencies should implement new regulations in order to improve the level of safety.

India and the UAE: Evolution Ways

Nowadays, the UAE is one of the main oil suppliers and the given branch of industry influences the whole state, forming the character of the industry of a state and its society.

Astronomy: More Than Meets the Eye

Seeing how Europa's geysers have been discovered because of the ultraviolet radiation emitted from the planet's surface and then interpreted with the help of one of the numerous technologies implanted in Hubble, it will be [...]

Polypropylene Concept in Chemistry

The majority of commercial PP is isotactic and possesses a transitional intensity of crystallinity amid the one of high-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene.

Geography: the Spratly Islands

The Islands lie in the shores of the Philippine and Malaysian coasts, covering a land area of about four square kilometers. The main champions in the dispute over the Spratly Islands are the Republic of [...]

Galileo Galilei and His Discoveries

By this, they implied that the Creator made the mankind rule from the center of the universe. Due to poor observations of his challengers, they claimed that the Moon was smooth and had no other [...]

Canada’s Dairy Industry

There is a significant drop in the number of dairy farms in Canada because in the beginning of 1980s the number was almost double of what it is today.

Gestation Housing in Swine Production

Given that the nutritional demands of pregnant sows vary according to their sizes and stage of gestation, farmers can accurately determine the amount of food for each sow without the fear of sows depriving each [...]

Pollutants Effects on Cellular Respiration Rate

Therefore, the purpose of the experiment was to investigate the effects of pollutants on the cellular respiration rate. Moreover, the hypothesis that the presence of a pollutant harms the rate of respiration was investigated by [...]

Statistical Methods in Business Research

Most of the items in the questionnaire used a 5-point Lickert-type scale, and data were analyzed using a descriptive statistical method involving the tabulation of frequency distributions and the development of simple bar charts to [...]

Myths about the Brain Functionality

The brain is one of the most fascinating organs of the human body. In conclusion, the beliefs about ten percent of our brain left and right-brained people or other similar statements are pure myths that [...]

Why Medicine Needs a Dose of Evolution?

What can also result in a mismatch disease is a rapid development of science and the use of new medicines in treating diseases that human body is not yet used to because evolution is a [...]

Dwarf Planets Discoveries

Its creation became the result of lengthy arguments between the scientists in reference to the planets of our solar system and their classification and the features that define them.

The Main Reasons for Space Exploration

In 1957, the Soviet successfully launched the first satellite into space that marked the beginning of space exploration. After the success of the Soviet's satellite, the U.S.invested more into space exploration.

Refracting Telescopes – Astronomy

Specifications Being a relatively low priced telescope, the Meade NG70-SM offers limited viewing abilities with respect to clarity and sharpness of images both in terrestrial and celestial usage.

Homo Sapiens and Large Complex of Brains

The evidence above, therefore, demonstrates that one of the reasons that Homo sapiens might have developed such large and complex brains was to enhance their cognitive abilities and flexibility.

The JUNO Project

In its 13-month orbiting, Juno will explore the conditions and processes central to the formation of planet Jupiter and the rest of the solar system.

Concept of Speed in Physics

Therefore to describe speed it becomes necessary to factor in the amount of time the moving object takes to travel from one place to another as well as the actual distance between the two places.

Bermuda Triangle

The triangle, as it is, occupies the Straits of Florida, the Bahamas, the whole area of the Caribbean island and the Atlantic east of the Azores.

Trip to the Mars

9 years and in essence one can draw this logical induction that the elliptical orbit through which an astronomer moves from the Earth to Mars is relatively shorter than the elliptical orbit of Mars and [...]

Agriculture Effects on Wild Animals

An increase in agricultural activities has subjected a majority of the wild animals to the danger of extinction. Prior to the introduction of the mongoose in Hawaii, it was easy to find a Nene goose [...]

Farmer Definition and Culture

The era of information the has led, to the creation of the particular image of success, and mass media created an image of a successful and stylish businessman.

Energy Resource Plan – Physics

From the preceding, it is vital to conserve both forms of energy to ensure environmental sustainability because the misuse of energy is the chief cause of pollution.

Agriculture: Pumpkins

One way of keeping the leaves dry is by ensuring that the pumpkins are watered early in the morning to give them sufficient time to dry during the day. Microbes found in the soil contribute [...]

Peridot – Natural Sciences

The first reason that explains why the topic is important relates to its ability to help individuals understand the significance of the mineral, while the second reason is its power to facilitate easy identification of [...]

Diervilla Sessilifolia Shrub

The fruits are capsule-like with an oval shape, and thin neck and they are borne at the terminal or subterminal clusters ranging from two to six, and the fruiting occurs mainly in the winter.

Nitrogen from Food Waste

Nitrogen is one of the elements that exist naturally in the atmosphere. Nitrogen is a significant element because it facilitates the production of nutrients that influence the growth of organisms.

The Mesarthim Star

Neighboring the stars such as Sheraton and Hamal, the Mesarthim star is located in to the right of the center of the HR diagram.

Whirlpool M51 Galaxy Structure

The beautiful colours that form the M51 galaxy are natural colours formed as a result of the intense star forming processes that take place at the galaxy due to the continuous compression of hydrogen gas [...]

The Whirlpool (M51) Galaxy

Thus, the galaxy is one of the biggest solar bodies that are unique in the universe. The colours of the structure are natural, because they are reflections of the materials that constitute the galaxy.

Biological Perspective of Good and Evil

Wilson states that an individual can either acquire traits such as altruism and selflessness from a group in a way that enables other people to develop mannerisms that make them prosper at the expense of [...]

Mars Environment

According to McSween, scientists and astronomers find the study of the environment of Mars and the existence of flowing of water on the surface of the planet of special interest.

Survival Analysis Methodology and Application

Finally, the findings of the studies that are discussed in the paper show the usefulness of survival analysis. Over the years, scholars have utilized the discipline in the field of medicine in order to study [...]

Yosemite National Park Geology

Volcanic activity and tectonic movements led to the formation of the Sierra Nevada, and the Yosemite with it. Erosion and glaciers shaped numerous features of the landscape as it is known today.

Red Giant Star – Astronomy

This will occur only if the Sun does not occupy the Earth's orbit already as it will be huge, and although if the temperature of the Sun's surface does not increase, this effect will be [...]

The Age Structure Problems

According to Madsen, Daumerie, and Hardee, developing counties have a young age structure of about 60-percent of the total population. The problem of age structure is depicted in both developed and developing nations.

Limestone Mineral in Tuynhuys Building

The interior of the building was fabricated with limestone blocks from this island in the Atlantic Ocean. The limestone used in the interior finishing of the Tuynhuys building came from the Tristan da Cunha Island.

Sex Determination Using Morphometric Data

The research focusses on sexually identifying the male and female Bicknell's Thrushes, and differentiating the two Cathurus species. The study ran a linDFA to determine the reliability of the p8-p1 formulae in providing increased discrimination [...]

Effects and Solutions

The first and the most obvious result of the global warming is the decrease of the harvest in the majority of regions all over the world.

Natural Sciences: Insects

The number of insects in the world exceeds the number of all the other species taken together. This way, the reduction of the number of pollinating insects will lead to the decline of productivity of [...]

Agricultural Studies: The Kuwaiti Pineapple

People who meet me at their life paths are inclined to experience similar emotions and feelings while analyzing the details of my appearance and character, and my friends agree that the discussion of pineapple as [...]

The Botanical Garden Collection

The characteristic of the principles of organization of the New York Botanical Garden should be started from the statement of its mission which is expressed as "being an advocate for the plant kingdom".

Quantitative Approach to Research

Post-positivist approach says that the scientists are parts of the reality and can never be detached enough to be completely objective in the way they percept the reality. The levels are connected and each level [...]

The Anthropology of Mormonism

Overall, one can argue that Mormonism is a religious movement that can be viewed as the modification of Christian teaching, and it represents such a trend as the Second Great Awakening which had profound implications [...]

Astronomy Issues: Earth History

The changed angle of the planet made it possible for the Earth to cool and the crust was formed. It is necessary to note that the Earth is still evolving and the process of change [...]

Geography of the Volga River

The outstanding physical feature gracing this region is the Volga River which stretches from Vidal Hills in the northwest to drain into the Caspian Sea in the south.