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Archeology Essay Examples and Topics

Archaeological Sites in Oregon

At the same time, many shallow bodies of freshwater which could support weed growth eventually turned into marches, which altered the vegetation of the region and the dietary habits of the tribes in the area.

Political Theatres of the Classic Maya

The paper will look at the social, political, and cultural factors associated with performances in the theatres and how much attention is given to the physical setting of the theatres, and the audiences as compared [...]

Umm al-Nar: Geoarchaeology and Cultural Heritage

This report aims at revealing the essentials of the Umm al-Nar site along with its significance in the framework of cultural heritage and tourism to understand the role of this geoarchaeological complex in nowadays national [...]

Archeology: Scientific Approach vs. Mysticism

Despite the vast number of such kind of writings, the scientific approach that is commonly implemented in archeology proves that there is no room for mystery in the history of humankind, showing the importance of [...]

The Stokeleigh Camp Earthwork Survey

Most of the archaeologists feel that the development of the Stokeleigh Camp came as a result of the discovery and the increased use of iron in England, which in turn led to enormous social changes [...]

The Dighton Rock Discovering

The inscriptions found on the stone are believed to have been made by the Indians according to the 17th century American scholars. Besides, the message put in the inscriptions is linked to natives and explorers.

Fieldwalking in Archaeology

The second technique, which is grid walking, is where the survey area is divided into squares, and the field walkers use the fixed amount of time to work on each square collecting all the materials [...]

Gesher Benot Ya’aqov

The sediment layers at the site indicate that the occupants had used fire for thousands of years considering the burnt flints found in lower parts of the pollen diagram.

Goldfields of Australia

This article discerns various aspects of the Australian goldfields and the rise and fall of the associated towns. Some of the people who went to the goldfields were lucky and they became rich.

The Lascaux Caves as World Heritage Sites

There are seven sections of the Lascaux caves namely: "the Great Hall of the Bulls, the Painted Gallery, the Lateral Passage, the Chamber of Engravings, the Main Gallery, the Chamber of Felines, and the Shaft [...]

Clovis People Origin and Culture

The Clovis people came and settled in wide areas of North America; and nowadays, there are various studies, questions, and debates which concern the uncertain period they existed and their influence on the cultures of [...]

Paleontology and The Evolutionary Theory

However, it is important to note that Darwin's evolutionary theory caused a revolution in the field of paleontology and this was because the fossil record turned out to be the only available source of evidence [...]

“Skull Wars” by Thomas Hurst

According to prologue of the book 'Skull Wars Kennewick Man, Archaeology, and the Battle for Native American Identity, the author of the prologue mentions the intention of the whites or Caucasians to ascertain themselves as [...]