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Agriculture Essay Examples and Topics

Light Effects on Pea Seeds Germination

Based on the impact of seed size on the light requirement for germination, it was hypothesized that pea seeds would germinate well in the absence of sunlight than in the presence of sunlight.

Urban Agriculture in Chicago: Pros and Cons

The climatic changes that have adversely affected the ability of farmers in the rural areas to generate high yields in their farms have led to a reduction in the number of fresh products reaching the [...]

Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest

The large variety of marine and terrestrial resources made agriculture the secondary food source and allowed for the development of storage-based subsistence economy in the Pacific Northwest, especially in Oregon.

The Impact of Factory Farming

The fish population is also subject to this problem, as the long-term overcrowding may lead to the higher competition for food and result in stress and decline of the immune defense, which can cause the [...]

Soil Erosion, Its Factors and Preventive Measures

Soil is the sediment, surface layer of land produced as a result of transformations in rock materials that occurred under the influence of both living and dead organisms including plants, animals, and bacteria; solar heat, [...]

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: Corn Production

These coupled with the rapidly rising population against the rapidly reducing levels of the natural environment, pizza and other fast food products continue to gain ground in the current markets.

Future of Food: Effects on the Planet

The main reason behind the problem of resource overconsumption which threatens the very future of the planet is the rampant food production of humanity which threatens to drain the resources of the planet.

Agricultural Pesticide Negative Impacts

The presence of pesticide residues in water, air, and the food is considered the main consequence of the neglectful use of pesticides in agriculture as it puts a serious risk to the safety of people [...]

Agricultural Industries in Australia

The Commonwealth of Australia is situated in Oceania and is "the world's sixth-largest country". This is at least partially the result of the historical development of the country.

Farming Effects on Golden Sun Moth

Agriculture has led to the destruction of the natural habitat of the moth. Farming practices have led to the dramatic reduction of the grass needed for the survival of this moth.

Canada’s Dairy Industry

There is a significant drop in the number of dairy farms in Canada because in the beginning of 1980s the number was almost double of what it is today.

Gestation Housing in Swine Production

Given that the nutritional demands of pregnant sows vary according to their sizes and stage of gestation, farmers can accurately determine the amount of food for each sow without the fear of sows depriving each [...]

Agriculture Effects on Wild Animals

An increase in agricultural activities has subjected a majority of the wild animals to the danger of extinction. Prior to the introduction of the mongoose in Hawaii, it was easy to find a Nene goose [...]

Farmer Definition and Culture

The era of information the has led, to the creation of the particular image of success, and mass media created an image of a successful and stylish businessman.

Agriculture: Pumpkins

One way of keeping the leaves dry is by ensuring that the pumpkins are watered early in the morning to give them sufficient time to dry during the day. Microbes found in the soil contribute [...]

Diervilla Sessilifolia Shrub

The fruits are capsule-like with an oval shape, and thin neck and they are borne at the terminal or subterminal clusters ranging from two to six, and the fruiting occurs mainly in the winter.

Nitrogen from Food Waste

Nitrogen is one of the elements that exist naturally in the atmosphere. Nitrogen is a significant element because it facilitates the production of nutrients that influence the growth of organisms.

Effects and Solutions

The first and the most obvious result of the global warming is the decrease of the harvest in the majority of regions all over the world.

Agricultural Studies: The Kuwaiti Pineapple

People who meet me at their life paths are inclined to experience similar emotions and feelings while analyzing the details of my appearance and character, and my friends agree that the discussion of pineapple as [...]

The Botanical Garden Collection

The characteristic of the principles of organization of the New York Botanical Garden should be started from the statement of its mission which is expressed as "being an advocate for the plant kingdom".

Corn is Our Every Day Food

In response to the insights presented above it is clear that corn is a major contributor to obesity which is one of America's major pandemic.

Grass Fed and Grain Fed Animals

As an alternative, other than matching the quantity of corn fed to the animals with the amount of grass and other normal feed by beef farmers, the FDA need to regulate the use of corn [...]

Hydroponics in Agriculture

These different setups have the same idea of hydroponics growing but the difference comes in the type of medium used in the growing and the state of the nutrient solution.

Hydroponics Abu Dhabi

The several advantages that the hydroponics techniques offer include: The use of hydroponics systems in the production of plants allows for the cultivation of the crops in all seasons of the year when using greenhouses.

The Indian Agriculture Sector

Given the significance of the agricultural sector to the economy, the government introduced the 11th five-year plan to provide support and incentives to farmers and other stakeholders in order to enhance production of food.

Gardners Creek Reserve

Data Analysis The vegetation structure data were collated by indicating number of trees, number of large trees, number of shrubs, percentage cover of bare ground, live plants, plant litter, and rocks, number of fallen branches, [...]

The Farmers Market

For the farmers the benefit lies in the cost saving of the production transportation and in the ability of the wholesale with the large grocery companies.

Threats to Global Food Supplies

Combined with the effects of the climate change and the corresponding issues with the crops, the increasing growth of the population is obviously one of the greatest concerns.

Food security

To ensure the situation does not run out of hand, the global body Food and Agricultural Organization has been at the forefront since time immemorial to cater for issues related to this basic human need. [...]

Biodiversity and Business Risk

In conclusion, biodiversity risk affects businesses since the loss of biodiversity leads to: coastal flooding, desertification and food insecurity, all of which have impacts on business organizations.

Sustainable agriculture

It is believed that the increase in the demand for food due to the increase in global population and change in dietary habit of the population.

Irrigation System Strategy

The amount of water that is applied during irrigation depends on certain factors among them the type of the crop, variability and type of soil, field size, labor needs and the method used in applying [...]

Irrigation Systems

Because of the changing climate, and the region landscape, most farmers use irrigation schemes to support their practices of subsistence farming.

Swidden Farming

Although this farming technique has been efficient in the past, it has proved to be unsustainable with the current increase in the global population.

Hunting on Whales

The gap in reasoning when it comes to utilizing the concept of "scientific research" as a means of justifying the hunting of various whale species by Japanese whalers is the obvious fact that you do [...]

Environmental in Business

The drawbacks of biofuels emerge at first glimpse nearly to overshadow the gains after considering the quantity of fossil fuel required in generating biofuels, outcomes of deforestation, emission of greenhouse gases, and consequential increase in [...]

Essential Foods Price

Moreover the study indicated an increase of over 130% in the price of wheat, 87% increase in the price of soya and an increase of 74% and 31% in the prices of rice and maize [...]

History of Deforestation

Alternatively, they would cut vital elements of the tree in order to cause the upper part of the tree to fall off gradually. The birth of the naval store affected the pattern of deforestation in [...]

Tomato Plants Growing

The results indicate that the moisture content of the tomato plants was about the same regardless of the number of fruits and the height of the plant.

Crop Production Project

A tour to the firm and fields of agriculture exposed the students to the nursery practices that are crucial in crop production.

Effects of Industrialized Agriculture

Finally, the corporations that are involved in the process of food production are responsible for the creation of new markets for consumption and the global trade of agricultural products.

Honey’s History and Trade

An analysis on the history of honey consumption reveals that its history has not only being long and mixed, honey has been used in the production of a variety of foods in the world over. [...]

Environmental Studies – Sustainable Development

"Sustainability is refers to the indefinite use of available natural resources without ever causing depletion of the energy or material sources on which man depends; while, development is the continued improvement of living standards as [...]

Peoples Food and Policy

Thus, analysis of the relationship between agriculture and the environment is of great significance to researchers in the contemporary society. It is evident that continued production in agricultural sector will be determined by the understanding [...]

Ending Africa’s Hunger

Lack of capacity by African governments to invest in technology makes the agricultural strategies employed in the green revolution not very sustainable.

The Cost of Biofuel

In this regard, the campaign by environmentalists about the need to use renewable sources of energy which are environmentally friendly has led to the introduction of biofuel as a source of energy. Unfortunately, increase in [...]

Farming and Animal Consumption

In essence, debate on farming methods and animal consumption has been a challenge not only to farmers but also to the society. It is, therefore, necessary to consider that numerous changes would be required to [...]