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Zoology Essay Examples and Topics

Zebra Paradox: Truth About Zebra Stripes

Although most zoologists believe that zebras are white with black stripes, the fact is that the animal's primary color is black with elements of white because there are no parts of the zebra's body that [...]

The Gekkonidae Family in Qatar

The first two of these species are also the most widespread in the region as the number of sightings of these lizards greatly surpasses all other reptiles.

The Benefits of a Protection Dog

Regardless of the fact that protection dogs are animals that can hurt people, they are loving and supportive family members that provide their owners with a wide range of benefits.

Possible Cooperation Between the Species

One of the common prey of wolves are rodents who commonly inhabit the grazing locations of gelada monkeys. Therefore, by controlling their population Ethiopian wolves improve the chances of survival for the gelada herd.

Cockroach Ventral Nerve Cord

The given paper revolves around the cockroach ventral nerve cords main parts, their peculiarities, and the most important characteristics that could be investigated to obtain the data needed to improve the understanding of the functioning [...]

Farm, Companion, Laboratory Animals in Canada

This paper will give facts on four categories of animals kept in Canada; the farm animals, animals used in experiments, animals used as companions to people and those used in entertainment. The category of wild [...]

Animal Minds

Although the structure of the brain of the mimic octopus differs from that of human beings, its mind is comparable to that of a human.

Can Animals Think?

However, at the moment the rapid evolution of science and increased level of attention given to the investigation of animals introduced another idea which states that other species might also have the ability to think [...]

Colony Collapse Disorder in Honeybees

The study looks at the characteristics of this disorder which include the complete disappearance of healthy bees leaving the queen behind in the hive together with some worker bees as well as the young ones.

Human Relation with Tropical Fish

Tropical fish, for example, goldfish, clownfish, mosquito fish, and zebrafish, are some of the most common fish in aquariums. One of the ethical implications of the human-animal relationships is in regards to the public perception [...]

Sex Determination Using Morphometric Data

The research focusses on sexually identifying the male and female Bicknell's Thrushes, and differentiating the two Cathurus species. The study ran a linDFA to determine the reliability of the p8-p1 formulae in providing increased discrimination [...]

Human and Animal Production Cloning Concepts

This research paper thus seeks to examine the concept of human and animal reproductive cloning with an aim of investigating the tenets of this concept and the perspective of society on the issue from ethical, [...]

The Natural Behavior of Wolves

Summer time is a very important period for the breeding of the wolves."During the three to four months after parturition, the pups must be adequately fed to ensure that their physical development is sufficient to [...]

Concept of Animalization in Biology

Although the problem of the distinction is still actively discussed, it is possible to determine such consequences as the correlation of the concept of 'animalization' and the notion of 'humanity', the connection of the problem [...]

Invasive Species

Red fox and the Alligator Weed are some of the invasive species which threaten the ecology and several sectors of the Australian economy.

Fishery Industry: UAE

For centuries fish has been a mainstay of the diet of the people within the U.A.E.and, as a result, has brought about the creation of numerous industries which focus on harvesting, processing and delivering seafood [...]

Safety of Birds in Confinement

The most common cage material for outside cages is galvanized caging wire that is produced in sheets and cut to form the appropriate cage size for the bird or birds to be housed.

The ecology of tigers

During the early years of the 20th century, tigers ranged from turkey all the way to the island of Indonesia and to the sea of Okotsk.

Ocean Fisheries Sustainability

It is necessary for fishing industries to use better fishing methods in the ocean to ensure that their activities do not endanger the ecological balance. Fish species do not get the chance to replenish and [...]

Why Animals Matter to Us

Precisely, it is with respect to security that most animals are helpful to human beings. Conclusively, it is agreeable that animals matter to the human race.

Invasive Mammalian Species

In another report on the issue of feral swine and their impact on the environment it has been reported that these animals are known to have serious adverse effects on the environment.

Endothermic and Exothermic Animals

To understand the peculiarities of the thermoregulation system of the both types of animals, it is necessary to focus on the definitions of endothermic and exothermic animals.

Expanding Protection of the Great Bear

Following the threat of the Great Bear forest, which is one of the few remaining but threatened forest type, scientists around the world have raised concerns over the delays facing the implementation of protection agreements, [...]

Giraffes Adaptation

Thus, the Lamarckian theory affirms that the giraffe's long neck resulted from the constant stretching in the attempt to access the higher foliage. Similarly, Darwin's theory argues that the giraffes consisted of the long necked [...]

Effects of Animal Testing and Alternatives

Another challenge to the proponents of animal testing is related to dosage and the time line for a study. Animal rights values rebuff the notion that animals should have an importance to human beings in [...]

Removal of dams on Lower Snake River

Conservation for natural ecology is paramount in the preservation of the environment, although these dams have affected the survival for salmon in the lake which has some important value and attachment to the people's culture [...]

Living Resources of the Ocean

The most commendable among the benefits of marine life to human life are the fact that marine life can act as food and the fact that some oceanic organisms have medicinal value.

Indigenous animals in the Gulf

The development of gas and oil industries along the coastlines of the gulf countries has had major contribution on the extinction of the indigenous species. As a result, there is a reduction of damages to [...]

Dolphins as Social Creatures

The advanced intelligence of dolphins, as well as their developed abilities to communicate, refers to their need to communicate. What is more important is that interaction of dolphins with humans is also of great interest [...]

Hoarding animals

Moreover, the research will expound the implication of animal hoarding, with an aim of understating some of the negative effects of the practice to animals and to the community.

Animal Testing- Argumentative

It is crucial to agree that animal testing might be unethical phenomenon as argued by some groups; nonetheless, it should continue following its merits and contributions to the humankind in the realms of drug investigations [...]

Large Animal Rescue

Large animal rescue situations demand not only the removal of the animal from whatever obstacle, object or place that their currently situated in but such an action must take into consideration possible alternatives when it [...]

Burmese Pythons

This paper covers the impact of the Burmese python on Florida's native diversity, the factors that have led to its rapid increase and why it poses a great danger to the natural habitat of South [...]

Use of Animals in Biological Testing

Thus, these veterinarians have realized that the results that are realized from the animal research are very crucial in the improvement of the health of human being as well as that of animals.

Survival Mechanisms Of Wild Animals

Trinkel and Kastberger argue that, the foremost threat that is facing lions in the jungle is the intrusion of more carnivores because they can overwhelm lions and force them to migrate to other destinations.

Fertilization in Mammals

In mammals, fertilization mostly takes place inside the body of the female animal whereby the gamete from the male animal known as the sperm fuses with the female gamete in the oviduct forming a zygote. [...]

Decline of Polar Bears

It must be noted that the natural environment of polar bears are the frozen vistas and tundra of the arctic, which undergo a periodic freeze and thaw cycle which affects not only the shape of [...]

Polar Bear Survival/ Decline

The writer is of the view that when temperatures have changed, they are having a direct influence on polar life as the habitation of the animals' changes with melting of snow and ice caps.

Using Animals for Research

Research using animals has in turn proved to be very reliable and efficient; many of the cures that have been developed have in one way or the other involved animal research.

Elephants in Entertainment

This paper thus seeks to critically bring forth how they are captured from the wild and the impact of cruel treatment they receive and the deplorable condition in which they inhabit. From the review of [...]

Towards a Sustainable Future

More specifically, the paper shall discuss the background information that led to the establishment of the law as well as the observable impacts of the same.

Border Collie Dogs

So long as the movement of the Border Collies and the sheep is calm and steady, they can look for the stock as they graze in the field.

Running Speed in Dinosaurs

Since both the body and the head of the bipedal dinosaurs were kept level as well as ahead of the hips despite the long tail which countered the balance, the femur sloped in front in [...]

Animal Abuse Problem

In these cages, the animals are confined indoors for the whole year denying them their right to roam and feel the heat of the sun.

Life of Polar Bears

The polar bear is a native of bear found within the Arctic Circle that encompass the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole and the adjacent land.

The Semi-aquatic Mammals Pinnipedia

Towards the breeding season, the males choose the breeding sites and establish harems on the arrival of the females. Some Pinnipeds are however belly walkers with rising and falling movements of the abdomen.