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Admirable Traits in Dogs Essay

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Dogs are commonly known as “man’s best friends” due to their close relationships with humans. Numerous stories exist that tell of their devotion to people and to other animals that have led to self-sacrificial acts of loyalty that cannot be justified through the framework of common animal instincts such as self-preservation. While some of these behaviors may have evolved through the long history of human and dog coexistence, the basis should be within the traits usually displayed by canines. Prehistoric wolves and other animals should have exhibited characteristics that led them to begin coexisting with humanity and help each other. This essay investigates the admirable loyalty of dogs and their roots.

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Humans have independently domesticated dogs in various parts of the world. According to “Why Dogs Are Loyal,” the animal is present in the mythologies and religions of numerous ancient cultures, such as Greece, Egypt, and Mexico. Various canine breeds are used and trusted in various manners of situations, including medical, hunting, and military applications. Dogs are willing to brave dangers, exhibit large amounts of effort, and take risks for the sake of their owners and other humans or animals. That trait makes them excellent companions, often indispensable for moral or physical support, and humans have recognized the fact and responded accordingly.

Some part of the affection that dogs display stems from the time they have spent alongside humanity. According to Tronier, the relationship has existed for up to 30,000 years, and specific behaviors have evolved on the part of both dogs and humans. The most notable example is training, as humans have developed a practical set of commands and a training regimen that teaches the dog to follow the orders through positive reinforcement.

Dogs, for their part, have learned to respond to these methods and generally become highly trainable animals. Ultimately, however, their loyalty stems from the natural traits they share with other canines, although with specific differences that made dogs a better target for domestication than other animals.

Much of the highly social and loyal nature of dogs comes from their natural traits and mentality. According to Millan, dogs, like other canines, are pack animals, and their affection and devotion stems from recognition of people or other animals as members of the group. The candidates are not limited to humans and other dogs, and animals such as cats have been known to be under the protection of dogs. The animals naturally seek to establish relationships and bonds, and the behavior extends to similar species, such as wolves. While only dogs have become such close companions to people, canines as a whole display admirable devotion to those close to them.


Dogs are man’s closest companions, displaying extreme loyalty and devotion to people and other animals that they consider a part of their pack. In part, this tendency has evolved from the long history of cooperation between the two species, similar to how other domesticated animals have become noticeably different from their wild counterparts. However, the majority of the traits that make dogs admirable examples of faithfulness can be observed in most canines.

Dogs are highly affectionate towards those they recognize as part of their pack and want to help and protect them, regardless of whether the individual is a dog, a human, or another animal. This loyalty and willingness to accept and embrace others make dogs excellent companions and examples to admire and partially emulate for humans.

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