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A Time Capsule from The 1960s Creative Essay

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This time capsule was unearthed successfully and all the artifacts from the ancient time were still inside the rustproof metal casing. The casing was sealed and the numbers ‘1964’ were written on top of it. Thereafter, the casing was taken to the laboratory for analysis.

It was later discovered that it had been buried in the ground since 1964. Before the casing was opened, detailed forensic analyses such as x-ray micrographic study were carried out (Cooper, Hedges & Valentine, 2009). This ensured that adequate information was gathered from the artifacts before the materials inside the casing could degrade after being exposed to air (Babbie, 2010).

When this time capsule was successfully opened, it had five objects. They included an electronic watch, Nautilus film history, an old computer memory unit, a sample piece of element Tektite, and a tape recording of famous sounds of the 1960s. All the identities given to the artifacts found in the time capsule were easily traced.

The five samples were then analyzed in order to offer a detailed description of the 1960s as well as how things will be thousands of years from present time. The artifacts were perfectly preserved in spite of the status of technology that was available at that time (Devereux, 2009).

The electronic watch was the first to be analyzed. It was quite a simple electronic device that seemed to apply electromagnetic vibrations to be able to tell time. From the outlook, the simplicity of the watch suggested that it was stored at the time when this kind of electronic device was innovated (Babbie, 2010).

It was heavy and huge, thereby suggesting lack of advanced refinement in the industrial productions during those days. From the information attached on the watch, it had been provided by Bulova Company. The latter company has dominated the watch production industry in the 21st century. This suggests that it was a masterpiece produced by this company at that time.

The fineness of the wire used in winding the watch, its gears, and the smoothening of the casing demonstrated some high level of skilled industrialization (Devereux, 2009). It also signified the existence of social classes, the watch was gold coated and apparently extremely expensive at that time. The casing of the watch was designed in an artistic manner. This implied the inclusion of art in the development of technology.

Nautilus film history was extremely old and retrieving data from the tape was cumbersome. However, the limited data retrieved from the magnetic tape was important in outlining the historical events of the 1960s. The size of the tape was quite large but the information stored in it was rather little.

In comparison to other magnetic tapes that were recovered, this tape seems to be amongst the oldest in the magnetic tape technology (Hyvärinen, Karhunen & Oja, 2004). It was recorded using simple magnetic resonance skills. This was a rather old form of recording used in the 19th century.

It enabled the storage of information in the tape. The tape was also used to record events that occurred during the early 19th century. The most significant event that was retrieved from the tape was the Second World War pictures. Although they were not colored, the information was of great use in reconstructing the history of the 19th century.

From the film, the world’s oldest atomic-powered submarines were seen in action. Although most of such machines got extinct in the 21st century, the information provided shows how humans had developed the use of atomic energy. This indicates that it was a tool for mass destruction and had great potential of harming the environment.

The film was brief but the information stored in it was detailed in the sense that it could be used to describe the forms of governments that were in place, how people interacted, the level of technological advancement that was in place and how it was being utilized (Devereux, 2009). From the film, the code of dressing for the soldiers of the 19th century era was innovated.

The old computer memory discovered from that capsule was also analyzed critically with the aid of the historical information stored in the archeological archives. It showed that electronic data storage methods existed during that time. When it was compared to the human beings who lived fifty years from 1960, the human beings must have been quite intelligent. Their way of life at this level was completely improved.

From the analysis, it was ascertained that the data storage device utilized magnetic storage units. It was large in size and designed like a drum with a capacity of 17 kilobytes. This is a rather small memory size but at that time, it must have been a significant growth in the state of technology. The oldest information relating to computer use dates back to 1945.

The computer memory was used in the 1960s had a significantly reduced size. The piece of information gathered from this analysis confirms that the 19th century witnessed a great scientific revolution in human history (Devereux, 2009). This early civilization laid the basic foundation of the technological advancements that are currently being used.

Element Tektite was also available in the capsule although it was nonexistent on the earth’s crust at that time. The only way it could be available was through proper storage by scientists of that time. It is highly unlikely that scientists could have synthesized the element. The other viable possibility is its extraction from the moon since it is freely available there.

If this option is authentic, then the availability of element Tektite in the capsule indicated the existence of space scientists and a possibility of human beings having explored the moon in the 19th century. If humans had the potential of extracting materials from space, then this shows that a great scientific revolution was in place when the capsule was excavated.

The last artifact recovered from the capsule was a magnetic tape recording of famous sounds of the 1960s. These recordings were from famous public speakers of the aforementioned era, and music samples that were dominant during those times (Hyvärinen, Karhunen & Oja, 2004). These recordings were effectively recovered thereby exposing the rich cultural practices of the people of the early 19th century.

From the speeches, the origin of liberalization and democracy was traced. For instance, the speeches demonstrated the existence of several nations with each having a unique government that is elected by the people. The songs helped in identifying the social practices of the people who were listening to those types of music.

The information gathered from the artifacts found in the capsule assisted in analyzing the history of the 19th century era. It has shown how much the social development of those people assisted in shaping the future. Democracy was tirelessly sought by the ancient civilizations.

Massages from civil rights groups and scientists struggling with inventions were also major contributions during this era. All these information indicate that the state of the modern world has been fashioned by mankind.

Human beings have struggled for many years to reach the status they are in today (Devereux, 2009). All practices performed by our ancestors clearly reveal that there was commitment for the sake of improving the future. These included technological advancements, messages of hope, and songs meant to sooth the soul. All these artifacts attempt to display how far human beings have advanced.

The people of the 1960s had hope for a better future. They stored artifacts that were displaying their positive and negative achievements and most importantly, the voice recordings that were against inhumane practices. The greatest lesson that can be derived from these artifacts is that there are unlimited possibilities that can always be attained with hope.

These people completely transform their way of life by coming up with state of the art inventions. They never gave up until their struggles to what is believed to have been witnessed in the 21st century socially, technologically, and politically.

The modern world is a better place to live. The efforts of the people who lived during the tough times that marked the modernization of the world cannot be forgotten. Historically, the world is at a post modernity level. The future will be determined by the actions of the present.

Every human being should be part and parcel of shaping the future of humanity. Moreover, this discovery has offered the current archeological field an insight into the landmark historical achievements by mankind.


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