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Nairobi National Park Descriptive Essay

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This is a descriptive essay on a national park. I chose a national park situated in a country which is well known for its fauna and flora to make the whole descriptive process great and beautiful. Nairobi National Park receives thousands of tourists from Europe and America; they flock into this country to admire the natural beauty of the national park. The free roaming wildlife and beautiful scenery at the park provide a great opportunity for a beautiful descriptive essay to be written.

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi national park was the fist to be established in Kenya in 1946 during the British colonial reign in the then East Africa region. The national park sits on a vast piece of land covering over 117 square kilometers. It is surrounded by an electric fence all round to contain the animals within the park and keep off poachers and any other intruders.

The park can be accessed through seven gates though two are only used by the Kenya Wildlife Services officials only. The park has an animal orphanage where young animals left behind by their parents are kept: life at the park is survival for the fittest and if, for instance, a zebra is ambushed by a leopard it has to outrun the leopard otherwise it turns into a good leopard food.

The position of the park is very strategic as it only takes less than ten minutes drive to be at the downtown of the capital city. For international visitors, the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport can be used and for those with light aircrafts the Wilson airstrip will be handy.

The park offers extremely beautiful features; all around within the park are trees of different species with different characteristics, there are thick bushes and the grass is either green or dry depending on the season at hand. With a pair of binocular, birds can be seen hovering over the bushes with some trying to outdo each other through their songs.

If the binoculars has sharp lens, then you are likely to see a race between a bird and an insect with the bird defeating its prey in most cases. If you project your eyes beyond the horizon of the park you will see Nairobi’s tall buildings. If you farther raise you head up you will see a light aircraft passing over the park on its way to an airstrip which is nearby. The park is relatively dry but has a rich collection of fauna and flora.

There are streams which run through the park and more often than not animals are witnessed coming to quench their thirst at these streams. This happens most in the afternoons when the sun is a bit strong.

The Park Flora and Fauna

The park environment mainly consists of an open plain consisting of grass with an average height of one meter from the ground. It is like hundreds of soccer pitches laid next to each other. Herbivorous like buffaloes, zebras, antelopes among others feed on this grass. The grass is also used tactically by the big cats especially the lions and leopards.

One thing that a careful observer will note is that the herbivorous will always appear distracted; they never absolutely focus on feeding on the grass, they keep on jabbing their heads up- it is the rule of this place.

A leopard can keep its body as low as an envelop and move stealthily towards a grazing zebra and if the zebra is not on the look out it is caught unawares but if its sixth sense raises an alarm the leopard will have lost the day – it is survival for the fittest. Watching the unfolding of all these through binoculars is unbelievable; it makes the experience at this place memorable (KWS 1).

The park tracks are not tarmac and off road vehicles are often used in cruising through the park. Driving at relatively high speeds through the park tracks creates a good experience and elevates the feel of cool air cool as it brushes over your face incase you are viewing the park through the roof of the car. The animals at this place are the greatest treasure. It these animals which have made park what it is.

Park Activity Options

The park has selected spots where picnics can be held. Some of the picnic activities which can be carried out in the picnic sites include bush dinners, team building sessions, weddings, video and filming sessions. The park also maintains a three star restaurant where visitors to the park enjoy their meals while enjoying the view of the park.

The picnic spots are quite awesome and everything about them is great. The sites are quiet, the air is cool and sun is not very strong – it presents the right environment for outdoor activities. Playing badminton might be disappointing because the winds are likely to take the shuttlecock on a tour.

Soccer and volleyball will be good options and probably hide and seek is not a bad idea as the bushes around the picnic sites can perfectly offers some hiding spots. Holding a wedding in this place will be unforgettable experience.

For a wedding it will be advisable that the months of April through October are avoided as they are quite wet. The picnic sites are not very nice during the wet months as the ground is often wet and it is always raining. During the dry period, the ground is dry and one can sit down comfortably (KWS 1).

Within the park, there is a safari walk. This consists of a long trail of a pavement made of wood; the pavement which is raised above the ground by an average of eight meters. The pavement meanders in an ox-bow manner through trees and bushes; walking over this pavement gives a feeling of walking through the sky.


Nairobi National Park is a great place. It offers a great scenic view which leaves an unforgettable experience. The ever flourishing vegetation makes the place appear evergreen. Trees are all over, the grass stand tall and bushes are spread around.

The place provides one great and detailed ecosystem which sustains itself in an amazing wonderful manner: predators depend on the herbivores for their food and herbivores in turn depend on the vegetation for food. The park management has done great to enhance the beauty and entertainment value of the park by creating picnic sites and a safari walk.

The safari walk and the picnic sites give a great opportunity for people to relax in a soothing environment which is quiet and with a lot of fresh air. The park is a great place to visit.

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