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The American Revolution. U.S. History.

But at the end the pride of the English King as well as the desperation of the English monarchy forced the hand of the settlers to draw the sword.
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The American Revolution From 1763 to 1777

In America 1763 marked the end of a seven-year war which was known as the India and French war and also marked the beginning of the strained as well as acrimonious relations between the Americans [...]
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The History of American Revolution

The American Revolution refers to a period between1763 and 1784 when the events in the 13th American colonies culminated in independence from the British colonial rule.
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Proposed Program of George Grenville Analysis

The Stamp Act of 1765 was the fourth Stamp Act passed by the British parliament, but this was the first time that it directly attempted to impose a direct tax on the colonies.
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The Shoemaker and the Tea Party

The book The Shoemaker and the Tea Party by Alfred Young is a biographical essay describing events of the 18th century and life one of the most prominent figures of the American Revolution, George Robert [...]
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Ethics and Civics of the Patriots in the 18th Century

The statement mentioned in the Declaration of Independence about the necessity for people to dissolve their political bands and be equal within the frames of the Laws of Nature proved the grievance of the patriots.
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The Mainland Colonies Life

The seeming stability of the mainland colonies since the events of the Glorious Revolution till the end of the French and Indian War in 1763 implied the evolutionary processes which preconditioned the consolidation of the [...]
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Two-Party System Rise in 1796-1840 in the US

The identification of the crisis can be made through the erosion of the five functions of the political parties. The political parties in America were considered to be useful and helpful until the early years [...]
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Contributions from Marginalized Groups

During the American Revolution, the ideological and political riots were affected by the population diversity and contributions of various marginalized groups.
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Industrial Revolution After the Civil War

The cause of America's industrial revolution can be attributed to the creation of the first factories in the country, its westward expansion in the territory, the rise of the railroad industry as well as the [...]
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American Independence and Its Socioeconomic Factors

At the end of the seventeenth century, the restriction of economic independence of servants and workers at tobacco plantations led to Bacon's rebellion, which was the first time when poor people of different races challenged [...]
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The Stamp Act Resolutions and Declaratory Act

The act dissatisfied the settlers, leading to resolutions, which reflected the personal and political interests of the colonists towards the management of local affairs during the preceding century.
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American Empire in the 18th Century

The American constitution is a reflection of innovative opinions that were grounded on the respect of human rights as the shaping of democracy and government by the multitude, and the partition of power.
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Ruling America: Wealth and Power in a Democracy

The American Revolution changed into a fighting area amongst two dominant and strengthening armies: the escalating superiority and the control and privilege of extraneous frontrunners, and the emerging equivalence, especially of the "middling sort", which [...]
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Dilemmas of Ruling Elites in Revolutionary America

The American Revolution evolved into a combat zone among two influential, intensifying forces: the mounting exclusiveness and sense of prerogative of foreign leaders, and the incipient equality, particularly of the "middling sort" that was just [...]
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The Revolution of 1776 and Its Prerequisites

The primary economic factor responsible for the initial setup of the conditions in America was the abundance of fertile land coupled with the relatively low density of the population.
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American Revolution Against British Power

They considered the fashions and customs of the British to be the best in the world; they sent their children to London for education, and they were very proud of the constitutional monarchy that governed [...]
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Founding Fathers as Democratic Reformers

In fact, he describes them as 'superb democratic politicians.' The author affirms that the founding fathers dedicated their efforts to serving the Americans within an autonomous framework that welcomed the decisions of the public.'James Madison [...]
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US History in the Period between 1800 and 1860

The film entitled Lincoln and the documentary entitled The Civil War are useful teaching tools to help a new generation of students and historians understand the significance and impact of the U.S.
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Battle of Brandywine in the American Revolution

The Squad's mission is to reconnoiter the location of the enemy during the night before the battle and prevent the possible unexpected attack of the enemy by enhancing the Principles of War.
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Post American Revolution Period: Washington Presidency

The formation of the National Government during the years of 1789-1815 was associated with many challenging situations, and it was characterized by the opposition of the Federalists and Republicans, among which the important roles were [...]
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The Industrial Revolution Influence on American Life

The paper argues that the growth of the physical territory of the United States and its influence on social, political, and economic life were realized because of the industrial revolution of the 19th century.
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Was the American Revolution Really Revolutionary?

The nature of the American Revolution is considered to be better understandable relying on the ideas offered by Wood because one of the main purposes which should be achieved are connected with an idea of [...]
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The Revolutionary War Changes in American Society

The Revolution was started by the breakaway of the 13 American Colonies from the British Crown. A significant consequence of the American Revolution is that it led to the drafting of the Declaration of Independence [...]
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American Revolutionary War

The colonists vehemently objected to all the taxes, and claimed that Parliament had no right to impose taxes on the colonies since the colonists were not represented in the House of Commons.
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History of the American Revolutionary War

It is interesting to note that there was no single cause behind the American Revolutionary War that was wholly attributed as the "trigger" so to speak behind its inception, rather, it was the result of [...]
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Road to Revolution

The American Revolution was one of the key events that took place in America during the second phase of the eighteenth century.
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The American Revolution and Its Effects

It is an acknowledgeable fact that the American Revolution was not a social revolution like the ones that were experienced in France, Russia or China, but it was a social revolution that was aimed at [...]
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Causes of Revolutionary War in America

As a result, the situation increased the tension between the colonies and the British government which was insensitive to the rights of the colonies.
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Southern Campaign Up

The American Revolutionary War was greatly shaped by the Battle of the Kings Mountain, which was a critical war that took place between the patriot and loyalist mercenaries in the southern campaign.
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Effects of Patriotism

The children's' efforts in the struggle for independence were greatly recognized and appreciated by the government which led to the introduction of classes on patriotism and nationalism.
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The American War of Independence

The American Revolution denotes the social, political and intellectual developments in the American states, which were characterized by political upheaval and war. The move by the colonizers seemed unpopular to the colonists and a violation [...]
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