American Revolution Period Essay Examples and Topics

Was the American Revolution Really Revolutionary?

Introduction The role of the American Revolution in history seems to be great indeed: in spite of the fact that some historians define it as a successful American attempt to reject the ideas set by the British government, this event has much more significant aspects and impacts on human lives. By its nature, a revolution […]

The Revolutionary War Changes in American Society

Introduction Historians regard the American Revolution as an epic struggle for independence by American colonists against Great Britain. The Revolution was started by the breakaway of the 13 American Colonies from the British Crown. Great Britain was unwilling to grant independence to the American colonies and this led to an armed conflict as Britain sought […]

American Revolutionary War

1. The sociopolitical climate in England in the 1760’s was marked by general conservatism. The 1600’s had been a time of great turmoil and upheaval in England. The country had faced a bloody civil war, the temporary overthrow of the monarchy, religious battles between Protestants and Catholics, and finally the Glorious Revolution. As a result […]

History of the American Revolutionary War

Introduction It is interesting to note that there was no single cause behind the American Revolutionary War that was wholly attributed as the “trigger” so to speak behind its inception, rather, it was the result of an accumulation of incidents that led to the beginning of the war between England and the 13 colonies. Based […]

Road to Revolution

The American Revolution was one of the key events that took place in America during the second phase of the eighteenth century. In 1607, the British brought many drastic changes in the American society that interfered with their civilization. During this time, Britain was much preoccupied with advancing its economy. In this regard, Britain enacted […]

The American Revolution and Its Effects

A British minister, Richard Price, once described the American Revolution as one of the greatest events in the global history since the birth of Jesus Christ. It is an acknowledgeable fact that the American Revolution was not a social revolution like the ones that were experienced in France, Russia or China, but it was a […]

Causes of Revolutionary War in America

Introduction American history has been characterized by many wars and conflicts in different eras that are caused by various factors. However, some wars and conflicts are more significant due to their impacts. American revolutionary war is one such conflict that stands out among the other wars which have been taking place. The war which is […]

Southern Campaign Up

Introduction The American Revolutionary War was greatly shaped by the Battle of the Kings Mountain, which was a critical war that took place between the patriot and loyalist mercenaries in the southern campaign. In 7 October 1780, the Patriot mercenaries overpowered the loyalists by capturing and murdering their leader by the name Patrick Ferguson. Ferguson […]

The Colonized Nations and Britain History of the Conflict

Following the end of French and India war which significantly had adverse effects to Great Britain, Britain imposed new taxes and trade restrictions in America and other colonies which were met by rejection in these nations. The colonized nations combined forces to reject the authority of the Great Britain’s parliament governing them from overseas without […]

Effects of Patriotism

Patriotism is the love that one has for his/her country. When America was fighting for independence patriotism was very important because it encouraged Americans to put more efforts in the struggle for independence. America is made up of fifty states; all of these were expected to unite to fight against British rule in America. Some […]

The American War of Independence

The American Revolution denotes the social, political and intellectual developments in the American states, which were characterized by political upheaval and war. This happened during the last half of the eighteenth century (Burg, 1). The revolution began in 1763 and lasted up to 1383 when the American Revolutionary war or the American War of Independence […]