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World History Essay Examples and Topics

Tips for Writing Essays on World History

Due to the breadth of their topic, essays on World History require an understanding of events at various times and places in history. While this prospect may seem daunting, but there are a few means of making your workload look less than it is when it comes to world history topics.

First, start your paper by creating an outline. Even if you have only five paragraphs to write, jotting a few words for each will help you get a few world history essay ideas with which you can begin working.

Doing so prevents you from repeating yourself, as well as gives you a head start on your work.

Second, you should do your research. However, instead of going for only specialized books, try searching for titles that help you get an overview of your subject. This action ensures that you have a perspective that is both wide and informed enough to write such an essay.

Third, you can and must use the tools that are available to you, for example, periodization. Creating a timeline and working within it can help you generate some world history writing prompts.

Another essential tool is contextualization. Since your work relies on finding recurring patterns worldwide, giving them meaning and context will help you evaluate these circumstances better.

Finally, do not make your essay’s subject too scattered. You have a limited amount of pages to get your idea across, so do your best to condense your thought to suit your instructions.

If you can explain your idea in fewer words, then you have a higher chance of being understood by your readers, rather than boring them.

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303 Best Essay Topics on World History

American and French Historical Declarations

Thomas Jefferson was the leading person in the declaration of independence, and he cites John Locke as an influential individual in the establishment of the American politics as well as independence from the British colonists.

History of England and America in the 1600s-1700s

The beginning of the 1600s was also a period of a great religious revolution, and the society could live a normal life as people had to make solutions, choose the side, and protect their families.

Slavery History: Letters Analysis

The letters analyzed in this paper give a piece of the picture that was observed during the 1600s and the 1700s when slaves from different parts of the world had to serve their masters under [...]

Agreement of April 17th 1492

The kingdom of Spain was extended to the mainland and in the oceans due to the discovery and annexation of Columbus' lands.

End of the Cold War and Global Economy

Regarding the authoritarian nature of the Soviet power, the following issues significantly affected its collapse: the persecution of the Church and dissidents, forced collectivism, the domination of single ideology, the prohibition of communication with other [...]

USA vs. USSR in the Middle East

On several levels, the US was more prone to support the Israeli, although the threat to lose the influence in the Middle East and open the path for the USSR to intrude was more than [...]

Cold War II: A Big Misunderstanding

Nevertheless, the posture of Russia and the actions towards former Soviets have been still regarded in terms of the Cold War after the USSR has dissolved and the Cold War was Over.

The Americans and the Middle East Relations

One underlying issue emanating from this context is past historical relations between the Americans and the Middle East, which is the genesis of events taking shape from the clip.

The End of the Cold War

Analyzing Gorbachevs actions and his incentives in the economy of the USSR, it is possible to conclude that the primary aim of these actions was the destruction of the welfare of the country, the growth [...]

Modern Era: Historical and Philosophical Arguments

For example; whereas, Walton suggests that it was named the process of industrialization that had brought about the initial phases of a modern era: "Most features of modem society are traced to the influence of [...]

Cuban Missile Crisis and Administrations Negotiation

Besides, the second letter was more aimed at assuring the Kennedy administration of the soviet strategic power and promises to ensure the integrity of Turkish frontiers as well as the security of people living on [...]

English and American Colonies

In addition to this, the strategic location made it easy for the French to deliver supply aid in the course of the war.

The Industrial Revolution Changes and Effects

The video also provides a grasp of the reasons that led to early industrial revolution and the accompanying changes that had significant influences on the Britain society.

Partitioning and Wars

The increasing hostility between the U.S.and USSR led to the creation of two states, namely the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic.

The Oral History’s Concept

Oral history is not folklore, rumor or gossip and oral historians tend to authenticate their answers by scrutinizing them and place them in a precise chronological framework Oral historians are also concerned about storage of [...]

Genocide and the Right to Be Free

The focus on the order is the main duty of a policeman even if the order is based on organizing the raid to find the red-haired men as the representatives of the minority.

The History of the Arab World

In the beginning, the British aim was to commercialize the Indian Ocean trade route because it provided the commercial control of all the regions around India.

Teaching Writing and Racist Cartoons

The three texts on the subject of teaching writing, especially at the beginning college level, are illuminating and encourage me to think about my writing, and learning to write better, differently. IN that magazine, women's [...]

The Silk Road’s History

Basically, the Silk Road was the name given to the trade route that existed in Asia and linked East Asia with Central Asia, South Asia and the Mediterranean regions.

Changes in the Global Community

In what ways were the crises of imperialism, war, and economics both the cause and the result of changes in the degree of global community between 1870 and 1945?

European Land Explorations in 1400-1650

In 1492, Christopher Columbus became the first European to step on the American continent. After the success of this exploration, the European nations started to establish their presence in Africa and the Americas.

Cultural Diversity, Cold War Art and Technology

For instance, the CIA was at the forefront of promoting American Abstract Expressionist art in the form of paintings. The media is one of the technological avenues used to achieve this.

Industrialization and Factory Systems

The second industrial revolution took place in the mid 19th century after the invention of the steam engine and electricity as well as the construction of canals, power lines, and railways, and the invention of [...]

Voyages in World History

Away from the impeccable works of art that characterize the palace, the palace also reveals the cultural and political aspects of the empire.

The Essential History of World

During Rome's conquest of Italy, the Romans used different tactics to ensure the success of the invasion. With the growth of the empire, corruption became rife in the senate and other public offices.

United States-Gulf Relations in History

The description of the earliest political and economic relations from the historical point of view can be seen in the works of Oren, where he tracks the history of the US and the countries of [...]

Ottoman and Safavid Empires Comparison

The Ottoman empire came to decline as well, but it prospered for a considerably longer time, and its fall was largely determined by the pressure of political powers in Europe.

Orientalism: Asia in Australian Cultural Practices

By looking at Orientalism from the most general dimension, as the study of people's culture with respect to some other significant culture, the essay presents the ways in which the representation of Asia in the [...]

Trade Patterns in the Wider World

The chapter "Trade Patterns in the Wider World" reveals examples of trade relations of different countries in the era of the late Renaissance and displays the overall dynamics of exports and the volume of goods [...]

Enlightenment Era in America and Europe

Therefore, the first suggestion of establishing the system of man and woman's equal rights and freedoms that was founded first at the distant end of the XVIII century finally led to the ideas of feminism [...]

Ho Chi Minh’s Speech and Achievements

This was the reason why he declared that the country was ready to be independent and free. His efforts and actions led to the emancipation of many individuals in this country.

Japanese Occupation and Recovery: America’s Role

1 The international policy of the USA demands the rigorous analysis not only in the context of the occupation of Japan but also concerning other countries of Asia involved in the conflicts during the post-war [...]

Chinese View on the Soviet Union

After the end of World War II, the USSR acquired the status of one of the leading world powers and led a specific world block promoting the ideas of socialism.

Civilizations and Its Discontents

Rodney is sure that "the fact that Europe was the first part of the world to move from feudalism towards capitalism gave Europeans a headstart over humanity elsewhere in the scientific understanding of the universe, [...]

The General Maritime Treaty of 1820 in UAE History

Kourosh Ahmadi, the author of the book "Islands and International Politics in the Persian Gulf: The Abu Musa and Tunbs in Strategic Context," expresses an opinion that at the beginning of the nineteenth century, an [...]

Europe in the World: Age of Discovery

Starting from the fifteenth century, European interests around the world took the form of the colonial encirclement and formation of trading posts.

Ottoman Empire’s Fall and Impact on the Arab World

Also, an overview of the impacts on the Arab World is provided to enhance the understanding of the issue and its significance for the region. First, the military performance of the empire was in a [...]

Pre-Industrial Societies

Patricia Crone has created a work where she discusses the trends and elements of pre-industrial societies in the world, particularly those that existed in the West. Farming was a key element in the pre-industrial era [...]

Revolutionary Science in the 17th Century

The key to the understanding of why science made a revolution in the 17th century is associated with the fact that it displaced the Earth and humans from being the center of the universe, with [...]

Economic Processes and Social Formations in History

In other words, it is possible to conclude that the power of the knights and their economic and political dominance over the peasantry, as well as the power of the Church and its wealth, allowed [...]

Science as the 17th-Century Revolutionary Force

The development of the heliocentric or the Copernican model of the universe was an important event in the broad range of scientific discoveries that helped to change the cultural spirit of the century.

Opium Trade Morality from Political Perspective

Warren was a famous writer of his period, and The Opium Question became a result of Warren's cooperation with James Matheson, who was interested in presenting his vision of the Opium War, as well as [...]

Opium Trade and Its Morality in History

What was the economic and political significance of the British-Chinese opium trade? In addition, moral was not the primary concern of the Chinese people involved in the opium trade.

Ottoman Empire in World History

The main reason for this is the fact that Britain had stakes in India, Egypt, and the Mediterranean all of which were under significant impact from the Ottoman Empire. The stability of the empire was [...]

Traveling with Columbus: How to Have a Smooth Trip

If cameras and phones are not allowed during the trip, they would have to rely on drawings and paintings to capture the beauty of the newly discovered lands and the unique culture of the island [...]

Humans, States, Religion in Pre-Industrial Period

This paper explores the nature of the relationship between the human, the state, and the supernatural in pre-industrial societies. One case of a state in which religion provided a structure for the political establishment is [...]

The Theory of Historical Recurrence

In addition, it is important to concentrate on the idea that events and experiences of the past can influence the development of an entire nation.

The Paris Club History

The mere idea of confronting the consequences of the application of a gunboat policy or further economic sanctions is more than enough for borrowers to capitulate to the demands of lending institutions. It is a [...]

Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment

The emergence of shared spaces open to scientific debate contributed to the propagation of the inquiring spirit of the era, which helped to shape the cultures of many European states.

The Ottoman Empire: Social and Political Structure

Regarding, the internal organization, the military-feudal system was established, and the land was owned conditionally because the Sultan had the principal right of proprietorship of all the conquered lands. Moreover, there was a new balance [...]

The Balfour Declaration Centennial

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the event and discuss the reaction of the author in regard to the statements made by the two guest speakers.

Recent Middle Eastern Events: Arab Awakenings

The Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia belongs to the number of the most dramatic events of the Arab Spring. In fact, people were so exhausted with the growth of unemployment and the price of development that [...]

European Explorations in Africa and America

Many voyages of Spanish and Portuguese travelers were built on the desire to acquire more territories and find new materials to gather, trade, or take away from other people.

The Progressive Era and World War I

To achieve the intended goals, many progressives began by exposing the major evils and challenges that were affecting the United States towards the end of the 19th century.

Modern World History

The ideology presupposed the elimination of the institution of the market as it had led, according to Marx, to the erosion of society and its segregation.

The Most Recent Century 1914-2012

In this way, the author explained the necessity to pay attention to the most significant alterations witnessed during the mentioned period of time such as the attempt of the Europeans to create a single empire [...]

Dogs, Their History, and Bonding with Human

Although most people regarded jackal as the origin of the dogs through evolution, most studies have been able to discard that theory, and coined the grey wolf as the origin of the domesticated dogs.

Genocide in Rwanda and Nazi Germany

The proponents of the emancipation movement called the Rwandan Patriotic Front returned to the country in the fall 1990 to live within the population of Tutsi.

Post Civil War: The Bay of Pigs Invasion

It strengthened the positions of the Castro's government, as well as the relations between Cuba and the Soviet Union, which eventually led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

“The Week the World Stood Still” by Sheldon Stern

Though, the discovery of the power of the atom and the creation of a weapon that explores it to make the destructive effect stronger had altered the approach to warfare radically and introduced the threat [...]

Global Social and Cultural Trends Since 1960

The storyline comprises of the abduction of an Islamic religious leader by the US Military, which culminates in the targeting of New York City by terrorist groups.

Cold War and End of Empires in the 20th Century

The Cold War was the political and military tension that existed primarily between the USA and its allies, on the one hand, and the USSR on the other, even despite the fact that these forces [...]

European Colonization of the New World

The Spanish administration strained to limit the trade between the American colonies that belonged to them and Europe sternly to the flotilla of Spanish vessels.

World Modern History

They are sure that it is impossible to describe truth with the help of language, which presupposes that historical facts can also be questioned.

Historical Research Methodology

The main goal of the scientific research methodology is the provision of the general theoretic principles for solving the formulated tasks and issues.

World Modern History: Wars Causes

Still, regardless the presence of various reasons of World War I, as well as total wars, it is possible to provide a general conclusion for the majority of wars that is the initiations of the [...]

The Prehistoric Culture of Amazon

Scholars employ various methods in the study of life and the past of a person. Nonetheless, similar to the native population who live in North America, European conquerors despised the prosperity of prehistoric Amazonians culture [...]

History of Tents in Saudi Arabia

It is seated in a valley that is about eight kilometers away from Mecca, the Holy City and one of the main destinations for the pilgrims during the celebration of Hajj.

A History of the World in 100 Objects

The director of the British Museum has decided to address the specified issue and correct the mistake of disregarding the elements of culture that represent the evolution of the world.

Authority from Ancient to Early Modern Times

The concept of authority can be described as the link between administrators who determine the main points of a particular policy and people who take full responsibility to follow and perform that policy in a [...]

History of Ghetto

A Conversation with the African-American Ghetto" helps to realize the importance of knowledge of a longer history of the Jewish ghettos and their possible connection to and impact on the African-American ghettos, US segregation policies, [...]

The Maasai and Bushmen of Africa

The Busmen and the Maasai are two communities that are found in Africa and they inhabit the Eastern and Southern regions of the African continent, respectively.

The History of Tanzania

Tanzania is the country with a rich history that began with the migration of the first Cushitic tribes, continued with its colonization by Germany and Britain and its struggle for independence, and resulted in the [...]

Industrialization, Enlightenment, French Revolution

Human history has been shaped greatly by three periods: The industrial revolution, the period of enlightenment, the French revolution, and finally the period of protest and revolution 1815-1850.

Money Evolution in Ancient Times and Nowadays

In the means to defining what money is, most of the scholars from the psychological and physiological field have come up with the theoretical aspects of money and the ways it influences the economic growth [...]

“How Aborigines Made Australia” by Bill Gammage

The book The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia by Bill Gammage represents the work on the history of the Australian Aborigines and answers the question of how they managed to survive under [...]

Anglo-American Relations, Freedom and Nationalism

Thus, in his reflection on the nature of the interrelations between two powerful empires, which arose at the end of the 19th century, the writer argues that the striving of the British Empire and the [...]

Western Dominance Decline in World History

The Western civilization has clearly left a mark on the evolution of the humankind, spawning the changes of a tremendous scale in all domains of life, including the cultural, the political, the economic, and the [...]

“From Empire to Chimerica” in “The Ascent of Money”

In the chapter "From Empire to Chimerica," Niall Ferguson traces back the history of the Western financial rise and suggests that nowadays it is being challenged by the developing Eastern world. The hegemonic position of [...]

Money Evolution in the 21st Century and Before

The history of the world cannot be described effectively without identifying the function of money. Money has been used to measure the value of resources and financial markets.

African and Asian Independence and Postcolonial Time

Apart from a similar enemy, it is possible to draw a number of parallels between the struggle for independence of the "new nations" in the two Americas in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and that [...]

Communism and Its Worldwide Impact

The idea was to redistribute the wealth of the upper class among the poorer cohort of the population in order to achieve this equality, but it was also vital to communism that all manufacturing be [...]

History in Marx’s Manifesto of the Communist Party

The Manifesto of the Communist Party is a powerful source of information about the most crucial force in history that is the attention to social and personal interests, the peculiarities of the bourgeoisie with its [...]

European Age of Exploration and Conquest

The Christians and Muslims anti-religious wars and crusades of the tenth and twelfth centuries exposed Europe to the trade of spies and a number of luxury goods from Asia.

Europe and Orientalism by Edward Said

In his arguments, Edward Said claims that the Europeans categorized the world into two divisions; the Occidents and the Orientals, in other words, they were referring to a world of the civilized and the primitive.
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