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World History Essay Examples and Topics

Tips for Writing Essays on World History

Due to the breadth of their topic, essays on World History require an understanding of events at various times and places in history. While this prospect may seem daunting, but there are a few means of making your workload look less than it is when it comes to world history topics.

First, start your paper by creating an outline. Even if you have only five paragraphs to write, jotting a few words for each will help you get a few world history essay ideas with which you can begin working.

Doing so prevents you from repeating yourself, as well as gives you a head start on your work.

Second, you should do your research. However, instead of going for only specialized books, try searching for titles that help you get an overview of your subject. This action ensures that you have a perspective that is both wide and informed enough to write such an essay.

Third, you can and must use the tools that are available to you, for example, periodization. Creating a timeline and working within it can help you generate some world history writing prompts.

Another essential tool is contextualization. Since your work relies on finding recurring patterns worldwide, giving them meaning and context will help you evaluate these circumstances better.

Finally, do not make your essay’s subject too scattered. You have a limited amount of pages to get your idea across, so do your best to condense your thought to suit your instructions.

If you can explain your idea in fewer words, then you have a higher chance of being understood by your readers, rather than boring them.

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The Paris Club History

The mere idea of confronting the consequences of the application of a gunboat policy or further economic sanctions is more than enough for borrowers to capitulate to the demands of lending institutions. It is a [...]

The Ottoman Empire: Social and Political Structure

Regarding, the internal organization, the military-feudal system was established, and the land was owned conditionally because the Sultan had the principal right of proprietorship of all the conquered lands. Moreover, there was a new balance [...]

Recent Middle Eastern Events: Arab Awakenings

The Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia belongs to the number of the most dramatic events of the Arab Spring. In fact, people were so exhausted with the growth of unemployment and the price of development that [...]

The Progressive Era and World War I

To achieve the intended goals, many progressives began by exposing the major evils and challenges that were affecting the United States towards the end of the 19th century.

Modern World History

The ideology presupposed the elimination of the institution of the market as it had led, according to Marx, to the erosion of society and its segregation.

The Most Recent Century 1914-2012

In this way, the author explained the necessity to pay attention to the most significant alterations witnessed during the mentioned period of time such as the attempt of the Europeans to create a single empire [...]

World Modern History

They are sure that it is impossible to describe truth with the help of language, which presupposes that historical facts can also be questioned.

World Modern History: Wars Causes

Still, regardless the presence of various reasons of World War I, as well as total wars, it is possible to provide a general conclusion for the majority of wars that is the initiations of the [...]

The Prehistoric Culture of Amazon

Scholars employ various methods in the study of life and the past of a person. Nonetheless, similar to the native population who live in North America, European conquerors despised the prosperity of prehistoric Amazonians culture [...]

History of Tents in Saudi Arabia

It is seated in a valley that is about eight kilometers away from Mecca, the Holy City and one of the main destinations for the pilgrims during the celebration of Hajj.

A History of the World in 100 Objects

The director of the British Museum has decided to address the specified issue and correct the mistake of disregarding the elements of culture that represent the evolution of the world.

Authority from Ancient to Early Modern Times

The concept of authority can be described as the link between administrators who determine the main points of a particular policy and people who take full responsibility to follow and perform that policy in a [...]

History of Ghetto

A Conversation with the African-American Ghetto" helps to realize the importance of knowledge of a longer history of the Jewish ghettos and their possible connection to and impact on the African-American ghettos, US segregation policies, [...]

The Maasai and Bushmen of Africa

The Busmen and the Maasai are two communities that are found in Africa and they inhabit the Eastern and Southern regions of the African continent, respectively.

The History of Tanzania

Tanzania is the country with a rich history that began with the migration of the first Cushitic tribes, continued with its colonization by Germany and Britain and its struggle for independence, and resulted in the [...]

Money Evolution in Ancient Times and Nowadays

In the means to defining what money is, most of the scholars from the psychological and physiological field have come up with the theoretical aspects of money and the ways it influences the economic growth [...]

Western Dominance Decline in World History

The Western civilization has clearly left a mark on the evolution of the humankind, spawning the changes of a tremendous scale in all domains of life, including the cultural, the political, the economic, and the [...]

Communism and Its Worldwide Impact

The idea was to redistribute the wealth of the upper class among the poorer cohort of the population in order to achieve this equality, but it was also vital to communism that all manufacturing be [...]

Europe and Orientalism by Edward Said

In his arguments, Edward Said claims that the Europeans categorized the world into two divisions; the Occidents and the Orientals, in other words, they were referring to a world of the civilized and the primitive.

Money History, Ethical and Social Standarts

These moral preconditions of the emergence of money, the social conventions that regulate and control it, and the evolvement of its status in the present-day world can be regarded as the most significant events in [...]

English vs. Spanish Colonial Settlements

If we look back into the history of the 16th-17th centuries, it becomes evident that, no matter how different the foreign policy of all the European countries was, the ultimate goal of the monarchs was [...]

Money Development from 600 BC to Nowadays

Medici family was a financial symbol in Europe huge in success and power in the 16th century. A system of money in deposits and floating exchange rates was introduced to end centuries-old links between money [...]

Chile Before, During, and After Colonization

It borders Argentina to the east, Peru to the north and finally Bolivia to the northeast. Before the landing of the Spanish colonizers during the 16th C, the Inca governed northern Chile while the indigenous [...]

Slave Voyages and Trade Seasonality

Since the dawn of the civilization people adhered to a pattern that implied the exploitation of the representatives of a certain social group to obtain benefits and guarantee the further evolution of society in this [...]

The Marshall Plan History

It is imperative to mention that the Marshall Plan is a program that was conducted in 1948 to address some of the issues that countries that have suffered had to deal with at that time, [...]

The Persian Constitutional Revolution Factors

Various assessments of the events that took place in Iran require an in-depth revision of the history of the constitutional revolution studying its background and impact of this revolution on the subsequent social and political [...]

The Emergence of the Bipolar World

It demonstrates that the consequences of the bipolarity and the Cold War emerging from it were not positive because the world felt constant pressure resulting from the confrontation between the United States of America and [...]

The Renewal of Imperial Conflict

Nevertheless, when the Indians returned to the territory of Ohio and established the republics there, the conflicts occurred. The British captured the French lands in the North, but by the end of the war in [...]

Money in History and World Cultures

The desire to have money has resulted in mankind doing all sorts of jobs so as to acquire money. Ferguson has managed to contrast the amount of money that particular individuals make versus the number [...]

Middle Eastern Nationalism in 1914-1950

Western countries were interested in having the control over the countries in the region as they wanted to have access to their resources and wanted to make sure that the governments will be loyal to [...]

Russia: the End of a Time of Troubles

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent economic slump during the start of the 1990s, Russia experienced an unparalleled rise in socio-economic inequality and poverty.

Genocide’ Causes and Elimination

Therefore, in this paper, we dwell on the theories and significant instances of genocide so that to prove that the global eradication of ethnicity is the payoff of psychological disparities both on a personal and [...]