Civil Rights Activists Essay Examples and Topics

Dr. Maya Angelou and her Leadership Abilities

Abstract This paper discusses the essence of Maya Angelou’s leadership abilities in regards to her endowment with the psychological traits of a truly charismatic individual. The main idea, which is being promoted throughout this paper’s entirety, is that the first key to the effectiveness of Angelou’s leadership-style is her unwavering allegiance to the plight of […]

Desmond Tutu Biography

Desmond Tutu was born in the year 1931, in South Africa. His first career was teaching. He later, in 1960, became a minster of the “Church of England” after he had studied theology”1. He also studied for a master’s degree in theology in England, at King’s College. This enabled him to come to his country […]

Anne Moody’s Autobiography “Coming of Age in Mississippi”

The book, “Coming of Age in Mississippi,” is Moody’s autobiography about the life she underwent while she was growing up in the times of Jim Crow and her involvement in civil rights associations in Mississippi. The book provides a truly appealing sight at what was happening in Mississippi in the era before the formation of […]

Biographical History of Martin Luther King Jr

Early life It should be known that Martin Luther King Jr was born on January 19th 1929. As a matter of fact, he died on the April 4th 1968 (Clarke 23). Although he was born as Michael he later on changed his name to Martin. The family’s long dominance as pastors was started by his […]

William Carney as the first African-American to Receive the Congressional Medal of Honor

Sergeant William Carney was the first Afro-American soldier who received the prestigious Congressional Medal of Honor. Recognition of Carney’s courage by awarding him the Congressional Medal became a significant event in the history of the Civil War and the struggle for the equal rights of African Americans. The prestigious recognition of Carney’s courage was a […]

Was Anne Moody a radical?

Introduction The early life of Anne Moody forms the basis of the book, ‘Coming of Age in Mississippi’. This book covers her life from the time she was four up to when she was twenty-four years of age. During this period of her life, she witnessed the extremes of racism between the black and white […]

Rosa Parks’ Biography and Influences

Introduction Born in February 4, 1913, Rosa Parks was and still is a human rights activist icon of all the time. Parks’ memories highlight an end to a black chapter in American history, which was littered with bestiality and utter violation of basic human rights. During Parks time, black Americans were only but ‘the other […]

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Fredrick Douglas was born in Tuckahoe, Hillsborough, about twelve miles from Easton in Talbot county of Maryland to a white father (though not mentioned) and a black mother, Harriet Bailey. He never knew his real age or year of birth, though this was common to most the black slaves’ children in America unlike the white […]

Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass

“Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass” is a biographical account of the experiences of a former slave in Maryland. The author, Fredrick Douglass was born Fredrick Bailey Circa in Maryland around 1818 as a slave in a big plantation. During his years as a slave, Douglass moved around a lot as his masters kept […]

Obtaining Objective Truth in Regards to Martin Luther King’s Role in the Fight for Equality in the United States

Introduction Martin Luther King is one of the most celebrated human rights fighters who fought for the second liberation in the United States. Historians and journalists have written a lot about his life and the contributions he made towards the fight against racial discrimination in this country. Martin Luther King came out strongly to fight […]

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a human right activist who advocated for the rights of the Negroes in 1950s and 1960s. From a Birmingham jail, he wrote a letter in response to criticisms from his fellow clergymen. In the letter, he underscored several issues raised by his critics. He observed that the Whites had continually […]

Coretta Scott King

Introduction Coretta Scott was born on April 1927 in Perry County, Alabama. Her parents were Obadiah Scott and Bernice McMurry Scott. The family owned a small farm from where they earned their livelihood. Unfortunately, the family was not among the wealthiest families in the region (Academy of Achievement par 1). However, Coretta managed to acquire […]

The Frederick Douglass Historic Site

Introduction Frederick Douglass was born a slave and spent his life fighting for the abolition of slavery and attainment of equal rights for African Americans. His quest for justice and equality for all people made him famous. He is a historic person and his struggle to have slavery abolished continues to inspire many people today. […]

Elijah Muhammad

Introduction Elijah Muhammad is one of the history makers that America has come to appreciate especially in the 20th century. This is manly based on the fact that he mentored several senior people like Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan. His association with the Nation of Islam equally put him to the limelight, as he headed […]

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Foundation

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Foundation is one of the highly esteemed public museums in the United States; it is located in the Washington D.C., at West Potomac Park. The Memorial is located in the South West region of the National Mall. Research indicates that the National Mall takes the larger portion of […]

The autobiography of Malcolm X

One of the greatest and most influential men that captured the attention of both his friends and enemies, and articulated the struggle, the hunger, and the credence of African-American in the early 1960s is none other than Malcolm X. Malcolm X lived a complex and controversial life, at times landing a job of shoe-shinning, a […]

Critical Review: Malcolm X by Spike Lee

Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” attempts a biopic of events surrounding the transformation of a small-time criminal into one of America’s most revolutionary Civil Rights activists. Starring Denzel Washington in the titular role, the film begins on a voiceover note denouncing the idea of America as a sheer exercise in hypocrisy and a nightmare for blacks. […]

The fight for equality in Martin Luther King’s life and writings

Introduction Many leaders have had inspiring literature but not many have been inspiring than Martin Luther King Junior. Since his death, King’s works have received criticism from many quarters. Some of the criticisms portray him as a larger that life character. King’s early life experiences shaped his faith, later life, career and even marriage to […]

Martin Luther King

Letter from Birmingham jail is a document which was written by Martin Luther King in response to a letter that was written by clergymen from the Southern town meant to persuade the blacks to end demonstrations. It was very significant in the struggle of the blacks towards equality as it inspired them to continue fighting […]

Jim Crow-an aspect of it

Thesis Statement By exploring the Jim Crow laws and their origin, one can also find out the many effects that the legislations had on American citizens, especially the African Americans who had just achieved their freedom from slavery following the end of the Civil War. Introduction The aftermath of the Civil War was characterized by […]

Reflection on Malcolm X

The Pan-African movement played an invaluable role towards the emancipation of the African Americans. Various African American leaders played significant roles towards the achievement of this goal. Malcolm X was a prominent figure in the Pan-African world. Based on this notion, this paper is structured by highlighting how the early life of Malcolm X shaped […]

Autobiography of Malcolm X

Introduction Written by Alex Haley, a journalist by profession, The Autobiography of Malcolm X is a description of Malcolm’s life in a country dominated with racial discrimination, poverty, abuse of drugs, and crime. Haley uses Malcolm as the persona to bring out the themes of racial discrimination, poverty, and crime in the story. When Malcolm […]

The Life and History of A. Philip Randolph

Introduction The road to the achievement of civil rights by the African-Americans was not an easy one. Discrimination was a normal day to day phenomenon for them. They were not offered jobs, not allowed in the military, government and even academic institutions (McCarthy 1). The Americans made sure that the Africans living in the United […]