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Canada Essay Examples and Topics

Tips for Writing Essays on Canadian Studies

You should understand that assigned essays on Canadian Studies go beyond studying the history of Canada, its politics, and even its government. Here are some ideas to write a good paper on Canada:

  • Understand the multicultural makeup of Canadian society. Canada has an extensive history of South-East Asian migration, many indigenous peoples, for example, the First Nations, and varied black, Latino, and Arab communities.
  • You can and should use Canadian literature. While most titles are published in French, there are almost as many books written in or translated to English. Using them lets you gain an insider’s perspective on the country’s history.
  • Research Canadian Studies essay topics that are similar to yours. As a historical essay, there is a good chance that many of the issues interconnect with each other. The more cognitive links you establish – the better the quality of your essay!

However, there are also things you should avoid doing when writing a Canadian studies essay. For example:

  • You should not use terms in which you are not confident. While this goes for any research topic, you must remember the multiethnic makeup of Canadian society and the negative connotations terms, such as “visible minority,” may have.
  • Avoid using French books if you are not a francophone. You can easily undermine your essay’s credibility by quoting from sources, which you do not understand. You can find an English version to avoid academic embarrassment.
  • On the topic of francophone literature, you should know that plagiarism is still a punishable offense if you translate from French to English with no reference. If you are unsure whether something needs a link to a source, it is better to reference the material than accidentally plagiarize.

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In the article from the Globe and Mail, the main argument is that Canada, as an ally of the United States and the United Nations was inclined to support military activity in Korea during the [...]

Potlatch Ban and Eurocentrism in Canada

The rank of the party hosting the ceremony was established based on the quantity of the gifts they gave away; the more the gifts the host gave, the higher his rank in the Native Canadian [...]

Canadian Material Culture

It is important to note that objects of material culture change over time due to the intermingling of communities, and this influences the way people lead their lives.

Canadian Social Democracy Historical Evolution

The thesis will be developed by explaining the dynamics in the nature of social democracy with respect to the changes of capitalism in response to economic instabilities during the war and the stability regained in [...]

The Indian Folklore in Canada

In spite of the fact that the Indian folklore in Canada can be characterized with references to the main features typical for the North American Indians' oral tradition and folklore, such basic elements of the [...]

History: The British Mi’kmaq War

The intensity of the conflict heightened and the British undertook genocide against the Mi'kmaq. The British and the Mi'kmaq had several conflicts during the period of 1756.

Atlantic Canada’s History

After the discovery of the Americas, the accounts and the chronicles by the men who discovered the New World amazed the Europeans of the 16th and 17th centuries.

History: the Rights of First Nation People

It is the duty of the Crown to make all the necessary consultations with the First Nation people. Social justice can only be propagated when the basic treaties between the aboriginal people and the government [...]

History: the First Nation People

It is prudent for the Crown to get back to the roots of the challenges facing the First Nation people instead of merely relying on the legislative agenda of the Canadian parliament.

What kind of Canada did the stores help to create?

The book, 'Retail Nation: Department Stores and the Making of Modern Canada' retrospectively views the transformation of Canada from the era during which time monopolized department stores such as Eaton's committed themselves to strengthening the [...]

The War of 1812

The War of 1812 was fought between the United States of America and the provinces of the British North America, especially the Upper Canada, Lower Canada, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Cape [...]

When the State Trembled

Business autocrats and the ruling class in society formed the committee to check the influence of workers in the industrial sector.

When the State Trembled by Reinhold Kramer

The citizen's committee foresaw loss of property and lives which would have disrupted the lives and businesses of many individuals and they organized to meet with the ministers of labour and justice and told them [...]

The History of Jamaicans Immigration to Canada

The final section examines and discusses the migration of Jamaicans to Canada from 1960s to the financial year 2000. Despite the importation, the Maroons who in 1976 migrated to Halifax became the earliest Jamaicans to [...]