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Contemporary History Essay Examples and Topics

Cold War Origins in American and Russian Views

The studies of the Cold War era are experiencing rejuvenation in the latest decade, mainly thanks to the availability of the previously classified documents. The book Debating the Origins of the Cold War: American and [...]

Rwanda Genocide: Process and Outcomes

It will describe the Tutsi-favored political system and land distribution system that contributed to the occurrence of the Genocide. The Europeans were of the opinion that the Tutsi did not originate from the region.

The Problem of East Timor Genocide

To understand the peculiarities of genocide against the native people at the territories of East Timor, it is necessary to focus on examining such aspects as the causes for the genocide, the techniques used by [...]

The History of the Genocide in the Rwandan

The Rwandan civil war led to the signing of the Arusha Accord that compelled the Rwandan government, which Hutu dominated, to form a government of national unity by incorporating marginalized Tutsi and the Hutu who [...]

Achievements of Nelson Mandela

During these elections, the Africa National Congress won with a landslide and, as the leader of the party, Nelson Mandela was installed as South Africa's first Black President on 10 May 1994.

History of Linux

In fact, the people who first developed major components of the Linux operating system: Linus Torvalds who developed the kernel, and Richard Stallman who had developed utilities and programs that were used in Linux, shared [...]

Sierra Leone’s 1991 Civil War

According to Zack-Williams, the political turmoil experienced prior to the start of the civil war was very important in pointing out the rot in the government and its degenerative monolithic rule which were the fueling [...]

Syria and the Revolution

The government used extreme force on the protestors and the demonstrations spread rapidly to various other parts of the country. The ethnic divisions in Syria further complicate the conflict since the county's elite and Assad's [...]

Post Modern World

Postmodernism is the word used by sociologists and other scholars to refer to a the intelligence that has developed in the western world.

Apartheid in South Africa

This essay gives a detailed coverage of the issue of apartheid in South Africa and its impact to the economy, politics and social life of South Africans.

Peace and Justice

Revolving around a prominent hotel in Kigali, George features Don Cheadle as the manager of the hotel and a representative of the majority Hutus, the wealthy tribe that enjoys majority of the country's resources.

Disease in The News

The article then focuses on the relationship between the experiences of the Cairo consensus and the population narrative and the response to AIDS.

The Syrian Conflict

While the crisis is taking place in Syria, some spillover of the war has been witnessed in the neighboring countries. Some of the minority Christians supported the President in the past because they saw it [...]

Nelson Mandela’s Use of Power

Nelson Mandela did not use his power to benefit himself; instead, he devoted his presidency in serving the republic of South Africa and its citizens.

Darfur Genocide

Indicatively, this was before the period of the start of the Darfur genocide. Particularly, this relates to the development of the war within the area.

Rwandan Students, Ethnic Tensions Lurk

The larger debate that arises in Kron's article is on the moral dilemma with regard to civic responsibilities of both the government and the citizens, as well as the role that ethnicity plays in this [...]

History of Somalia

In the late 19th century, during the years of the European scramble for Africa, Somalia - officially the Republic of Somalia and formerly known as the Somali Democratic Republic, located in the Horn of Africa [...]

Vietnam’s History in 20th Century

This kind of growth, which is one of the highest in the world, according to the statistics, could only be realized with minimal government control of the economy.