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United States Essay Examples and Topics

The United States as a Policeman of the World

The United States' military interventions observed during the past five years demonstrated the necessity of developing the position of the world "policeman" for the nation because the U.S.role is to prevent the progress of extremism, [...]

Contraception in the United States Before 1860

In times of agricultural society, when men were farmers and their wives milked cows, which their children then drove to pasture, most families believed that "the more children, the better". Therefore, birth control and contraception [...]

The Progressive Era Significance

The progressives also considered the minimal salaries for females, provided the industrial accident insurance and created the limitations for the child labor at the state level.

The “Big Businesses” History in the US

The industrialization of the US has caused a radical change in all the aspects of the country's life. The cities of the US, therefore, reflected the change that the country was subjected to in the [...]

The Wagner Act and Strikes in America

Apart from providing the workers with the essential rights, the Act mitigated the violence that had characterized the previous strikes, for example, and the railroad strikes of 1877, the Homestead strike, and the Ludlow strike [...]

Immigration in USA

The Irish population has had a significant effect on the culture and social life of the United States, as they greatly contributed in arts, more particularly folk music, traditions of their homeland and participation in [...]

The Reconstruction Era History and Aspects

However, the new President did not gather the Congress, opting for issuing his own proclamations that granted the amnesty to all the southern people except for those in the position of power or exceptionally rich [...]

The Progressive Era in the US

It is possible to single out a number of persons who can be regarded as symbols of the Progressive Era, symbols that contributed into development of particular areas in the US society.

American Frontier Myth and the Cowboy

The pioneers first settled on the East and they set out to conquer and establish settlements in the west of the country. In the minds of many Americans, the cowboy embodies the virtues of the [...]

Industrialization After the American Civil War

Industrialization that occurred in the USA in the 19th-20th centuries changed the face of the country. At the same time, development of business, unfair practices of entrepreneurs and various deadly accidents led to creation of [...]

US Anti-Communism in “Memories of the Red Decade”

The intended audience of the article includes historians and scholars interested in this subject, ideological sympathizers of the author, and the students of History Departments willing to study the inside of Communist moods and movements [...]

The United States People During 1920-2000

While orienting to gaining the material resources and economic benefits and to stating the position of the superpower in the world, it is possible to shift the attention from the moral norms to the economic [...]

Cities in the United States’ History

A key-value associated with the historic preservation of the American urban landscape was to meet the preservation challenges that hampered the promotion, protection, and development of a sustainable urban environment with cultural picturesque.

Old-New World Exchanges and Influences on Peoples

Despite being uncertain and risky, the discovery of America is of a high significance and contributed to the development of the world trade, globalization, and innovation by introducing new products, starting the colonization period, acquiring [...]

Watergate Scandal: Nixon’s Critics and Defense

The author disagrees with that conclusion because in his opinion, the President was trying to explore different avenues in order to find out the truth regarding the Watergate scandal. The author of the article protects [...]

Industrial Revolution in the United States

The paper will look into the development of the industrial revolution in the United States, the changes that were caused by the revolution, and the reactions that Americans had towards the industrial revolution.

The Story of American Freedom

The unique nature of the United States traces its history to the formation of political institutions between 1776 and 1789, the American Revolution between 1776 and 1783 and the declaration of independence in 1776. Additionally, [...]

Chesapeake Colonization and Development

The animosity between the various groups of people in Chesapeake started to develop, leading to the development of social classes. The colonizers were in control of the labor market and the economy.

Inter-Community Wars: Formation of the United States

The narrative explores the various instances where the conflicts worked against the wellbeing of the minority groups. Finally, the American Civil War between the Union and the Confederacy is another battle that ultimately resulted in [...]

Industrialization Influence on American Workers

In the articles presented by DiLorenzo, Dubofsky, and Blackmon, the focus is on defining the impact of industrialization on the American workers in terms of labor conditions, wages, machinery, and standards of living.

Invisible Network of Demand and Supply

The student believes strongly that the interdependence led to the establishment of new classes and societies. Many individuals from the countryside visited different cities in order to buy various commodities.

Justice of Immigration in the United States

The debate on the legalization of immigration is considered a racial justice issue because opponents argue that giving immigrants the citizenship would lead to the rise in the crime rates, overpopulation/urban sprawl, and national insecurity.

Colonies Living in Massachusetts

To facilitate the immigration of the Puritan community, the Massachusetts Bay Company was formed by a number of Puritan businessmen. The first English colonists to reach the shores of Massachusetts Bay were able to clear [...]

Liberties of New Englishmen

Referring to these provisions, it is possible to state that the authorities in Massachusetts guaranteed the protection from unjust punishment for all persons, including inhabitants and foreigners.

Booker Washington and Du Bois Approaches

As the product of a much more integrated community, and the cradle of the American Revolution, DuBois chafed at the delay in full recognition of civil rights and helped to establish the NAACP.

The Progressive Era in the United States

The inequity and the deep class conflict were a result of monopolization, total domination of major businesses in the political life of the country, and their interpenetration with the government.

Mesoamerica’s Conquest by Europeans

The Aztec civilization was not solely conquered by sophisticated arms and the best technology; the Spanish army introduced deadly diseases that weakened the Aztecs and made it easier to conquer them.

American History: Constitutional Convention

During the convention, the main arguments were about the formation and structure of the Senate, the election and terms of office of the president, proportional representation, and the division of executive power.

Colonial Cities in America

I agree with Smith and Chudacoff because most of the American cities were critical to the justification and timing of the American Revolution.

America as a Policeman of the World

The two events are: the operations of the US soldiers in Haiti in 2010 and in Jordan in 2013. However, the citizens of both Haiti and the US accused the US government of colonizing Haiti.

Industrialisation after the Civil War

In other words, industrialisation shaped political and economic aspects in the country, as the country's leadership was forced to allow some openness in the way public affairs were conducted.

Was the Civil War Inevitable?

The Civil War in the United States continues to attract the interest of many historians who want to discuss the underlying causes of this conflict and its effects.

American History: Facts and Interpretation

American history is one of the difficult topics for discussion: on the one hand, it is impossible to change or avoid the facts, and, on the other hand, it is interesting to share personal opinions [...]

Indentured Servitude in Colonial America

Indentured servitude is a complex and controversial phenomenon, which appears to be essentially barbaric to the modern public, primarily because of the fact that the servants were denied a number of rights and were considered [...]

Great Depression – American History

However, though the thicket of sarcasm and irony, one can see despair and disbelief in the power of art, as well as the doubt if art can actually be produced under the name of Hollywood: [...]

Los Angeles – the City That Never Sleeps

One of the first ideas that cross one's mind after reading the article is that the development of the state was actually started with the settlement of the Black people and the establishment of the [...]

The Great Depression and the New Deal Phenomenon

With time, due to the highly unequal distribution of income, as well as to the depression in farming regions, the buying capacity of Americans decreased significantly; this led to the inability to purchase the goods [...]

Roaring 1920’s in the USA

The productivity increased accordingly, and because of that, the changes in the work management were required. The cultural changes provoked the emergence of new concepts and the shifts in public views and opinions.

The American Revolution

As a result, British Government Pursued policies of the kind embodied in the proclamation of the 1763 and the Quebec act that gave Quebec the right to many Indian lands claimed by the American colonists [...]

Women Status after the American Revolution

This revolution enabled women to show men that females could participate in the social life of the society. Clearly, in the end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth century women were given only [...]

American Revolution of 1774

First of all, one of the main causes of the conflict and the following confrontation between the British power and the colonies was the disagreement about the way these colonies should be treated and viewed.

Slavery and the Abolition of Slave Trade

To a great extent, this outcome can be attributed to such factors to the influence of racist attitudes, the fear of violence or rebellion, and economic interests of many people who perceived the abolition of [...]

Confederation Articles and 1787 Constitution

The article created slack independent states giving limited powers to the overall central government, the major weakness with this part of the article was that each state possessed a single vote in the house of [...]

The Salem Witchcraft Trials

These thoughts enforced the belief in the existence of witchcraft in New England. The people of New England were in the middle of a war with the Indians.