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United States Essay Examples and Topics

The Era of Reconstruction to 1920

At the onset of the Era of Reconstruction, the issue of freedom became dominant in the United States. The depowered groups of the population in the United States during the time of Reconstruction and the [...]

The Reconstruction Period History

The American society went from the period of Reconstruction after the civil war in the Gilded Age, which is considered to be the epoch of intense economic and demographic growth by the progressive era because [...]

The US Foreign Politics Evolution

The ties that the country kept with the rest of the world were mostly economic, based on exports and imports. The first major experience of the USA in global foreign politics came with the beginning [...]

The Course of the US History

The course of the history of the United States was changed many times due to the efforts of different activists. The main goal of this paper is to demonstrate how their actions, decisions, and leadership [...]

Unraveling of America

The stark contrast between the fundamental visions and ideologies of the Soviet Union and the United States caused a distrust between the two giants and facilitated the fear of each other's military strength.

America During the Cold War

One of such pages was the Cold War - the period of geopolitical tension that started after the World War II between the US and the Soviet Union.

United States’ Chronology of Education

As the economy of the state was not stable enough at that time, the system proposed by Jefferson consisted of three years of free education followed by the opportunity to continue for a fee.

Roosevelt’s Camapign for Japanese Americans

Once President Roosevelt had occupied the main position in the American government, he issued an announcement that ordered to free all representatives of the Asian nation from internment camps in the territory of the USA.

Harada House in Japanese American History

Taking into account that the California Alien Land Law was a serious barrier to the provision of immigrants' rights, it is essential to explore the case associated with Harada House in detail, focusing on the [...]

Policemen of the World: U.S. Military Force

Thesis statement: Even though the U.S.military force positions itself as the "policemen of the world", there is major controversy existing around the U.S.military forces participating in military conflicts abroad, namely Syria and Cameroon.

American Military Involvement in Haiti

In 2001, the US funded and trained over 650 paramilitary army of anti-Aristide in the Dominican Republic. Three weeks later, the rebel group that was believed to be trained by the US marched in Haiti [...]

The Union in Peril

For both whites, the main issue of concern was the future of the West. The motive behind the Wilmot Proviso was to do away with slavery in the newly acquired lands after the Mexican War [...]

American Constitutional Debates in 1787

The two major groups at the Constitutional Convention were the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. Where the founding dread of the Federalists was a failure, the original fear of the Anti-Federalists was a loss.

Sexism and the Founding Fathers

The doubts based on the founders' wording of the constitution are based on the notion that women had to fight for their rights two centuries prior to the drafting of the constitution.

The Age of a Suffering Nation

Franklin pointed out that there was a need to watch every word of individualism in America if the change was anticipated to take place any time in the vicinity."...so began, in American political life, the [...]

Empire of Cotton: Making Cotton Global

The same chain can be perceived in the cotton empire cotton is grown in the USA using extensive slave labor, then it is shipped to Liverpool and used to create cotton fabrics, after which these [...]

American Economic History in 1790-1860

Hamilton stood for the development of the American economy as the centralized and highly industrialized one while Jefferson was the proponent of the republic with strong decentralization and the agrarian sector of the economic development.

American Great Depression and New Deal Reforms

What is definitely certain is that many factors like the shifting of the economy, unstable credit and financial system, poor government decisions, and the fact that the international economy was still recovering from ruinous effects [...]

Lewis and Clark Expedition and Its Consequences

While it is clear that the political and economic achievements were made both on long-term and short-term basis, the social impact of the European American entry into the native west is largely arguable, especially due [...]

American Imperialism and Global Identity

The entry of America into imperialism was orchestrated through the military and economic approach. This implies that imperialism was a remedy for the lawlessness happening around the world.

Progressivism in the American Reform Period

Additionally, each of the aforementioned factors related differently to the progressivism movement, therefore, an evaluation of these relationships is important in enhancing the understanding of progressivism.

Weber on Separation of Church and State in the US

In the United States, the 'separation of state and the church' policy was strictly observed. Perhaps aware of the corrupt and unscrupulous members of the guild, the seller explicitly expresses his optimism with the sect [...]

The Gilded Age by Mark Twain and Charles Warner

Such events as monopolization of oil industry by Rockefeller and steel industry by Carnegie and the concentration of enormous wealth in the hands of several people illustrate the spirit of acquisition of the Gilded Age [...]

Early American Republic and Founding Brothers

Later in the course of events the conflict took form of the opposition between the Federalists and the newly emerged Republicans, which is illustrated best by the gradual distancing of the former friends and companions, [...]

English Colonies in Chesapeake vs. New England

In this case, settlements in Plymouth and Jamestown had dissimilar reasons for the formation of the colonies, as the first one occurred due to the cultural factors while the settlers of Virginia wanted to ensure [...]

The United States as a Policeman of the World

The United States' military interventions observed during the past five years demonstrated the necessity of developing the position of the world "policeman" for the nation because the U.S.role is to prevent the progress of extremism, [...]

Contraception in the United States Before 1860

In times of agricultural society, when men were farmers and their wives milked cows, which their children then drove to pasture, most families believed that "the more children, the better". Therefore, birth control and contraception [...]

The Progressive Era Significance

The progressives also considered the minimal salaries for females, provided the industrial accident insurance and created the limitations for the child labor at the state level.

The “Big Businesses” History in the US

The industrialization of the US has caused a radical change in all the aspects of the country's life. The cities of the US, therefore, reflected the change that the country was subjected to in the [...]

The Wagner Act and Strikes in America

Apart from providing the workers with the essential rights, the Act mitigated the violence that had characterized the previous strikes, for example, and the railroad strikes of 1877, the Homestead strike, and the Ludlow strike [...]

Immigration in USA

The Irish population has had a significant effect on the culture and social life of the United States, as they greatly contributed in arts, more particularly folk music, traditions of their homeland and participation in [...]

The Reconstruction Era History and Aspects

However, the new President did not gather the Congress, opting for issuing his own proclamations that granted the amnesty to all the southern people except for those in the position of power or exceptionally rich [...]

The Progressive Era in the US

It is possible to single out a number of persons who can be regarded as symbols of the Progressive Era, symbols that contributed into development of particular areas in the US society.