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Americas Rise to Become a Super Power Argumentative Essay

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Updated: Jan 25th, 2020


The main cause of the two world wars was the armed conflict between major powers (Andrea and Overfield 1994). International rivalries were a significant influence on the global wars while formation of allied alliances further fueled the war.

This paper will argue that the U.S. moved so quickly from being the least militarized industrial nation in the world to the most powerful military force in human history due to its successful industrialization, economic interests abroad, and the decline of Europe as the result of two world wars.

Moreover, the paper will argue that technological advancements, the decline of Europe, and the development of military-industrial complex made the transition to a permanent military state so successfully.

Industrialization era

America despite being the only country with the shortest history rose to become the greatest superpower in the 20th century. It went ahead of countries such as Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Spain, Portugal, and Holland (Andrea and Overfield 1994). One would have expected the United States to disintegrate especially considering its broken ties and economic relations with Great Britain after the independence.

Characterized by political chaos, the country managed to rise against the challenge and got rapidly industrialized. The free-market economy strategy was instrumental in rebuilding and stabilizing the ruined state. Through this policy, America was able to outdo some of the economic giants of the time like Europe. Very quickly, the US became the leading industrial power owing to the free-market economy.

The United States of America has remained the most technologically advanced nations globally. The country achieved its status of global leader in technology between the 18th and the 20th century (Randolph 1918).

It was during that period that the country migrated from an agricultural economy to a fully industrialized economy (Andrea and Overfield 1994). By this period, America had more than a third of the world’s industrial output (“The Nobel Peace Prize 1912. Elihu Root.”).

How America rapidly grew into the world’s greatest superpower

Their rapid rise to power is greatly attached to the use of Jews talents. The Americans overtook all other countries that were anti-Jews. However, the most reasonable argument as to why the Americans rapidly became the world’s superpower is the fact that while all other great countries in Europe were busy fighting, America was busy with industrial production.

America was in addition endorsed with vast industrial resources, hence reducing its cost of importation and enhancing its manufacturing and exporting power.

Immigration into the country was a boosting phenomenon to the country’s economy as immigrants provided the much-needed labor to steer the country’s growth. Notably, with the hostility in Germany, many Jewish scientists immigrated to America hence enhancing further the technological advancement.

In addition to that, it suffices to say that the great leadership that emerged in the US is also a factor that influenced the rapid growth. Nonetheless, the leadership structures put in place was efficient and laid a basis for consistent growth. With limited powers, a bad president could not have done much damage to the economy and other national systems hence the consistent growth.

This led to the military-industrial complex which is policies and monitory relationships with the legislators, state armed forces, and the defense industrial support (Andrea and Overfield 1994). These policies govern military and defense spending (Debs 1918).

The United States focused on the manufacture of military weapons and dedicated substantial financial support to pursue the same (Bass 1964). In fact, after World War II, the United States never demobilized, as it remained paranoid in the Soviet Union. By the then the two were the only remaining powers and hostility towards each other had begun to take root (Wilson 1917).

Economic advantage over Europe

During the war, Europe experienced great economic struggle and hence could not keep up with the pace set by the Americans. During this industrial era, large number of people migrated from the firms to the cities in search for jobs.

With the booming business, opportunities for financial gain came up and the economy was shooting in very high speed (Andrea and Overfield 1994). On the other hand, Europe was still a battle and economic progress was no in their list of priorities.

The growth in manufacturing industry in the united states help them achieve a great financial base to produce weapons. The steel industry came in handy and the demand was there for firearms. This further supported the economic growth in America. The decline of Europe was an added advantage for the Americans since it gave the Europeans less time to think about developing.

America took the advantage of the battle and mobilized the greatest military soldiers of the time (Andrea and Overfield 1994). The mobilization of the people to join the military further stretched the united states economy since these great armies needed financial support.

That gave the country a reason to work hard in order to sustain their military financially. However, after the war was over, America did not demobilize the military rather they maintained it. This made the US stronger even after the war hence become a superpower.

Causes of war

In 1898, America declare war on Spain. This was influenced by Americas vested political interest in Cuba which was a Spanish colony by that time. By defeating the Spanish government, the United States of America gained influence over the pacific region and possessed the Philippines.

The war against Spain and the US control over the Pacific region brew conflict between the united states and Japan. However, this was to bring out a conflict between America and Japan later. After the bombing of a US battleship by the Japanese military, the then president McKinley was under a lot of pressure from congress to declare war on Spain, which he succumbed.

By 1917, France and Britain were almost lost in the battle. These were Americans allies and the American public mounted pressure on their leaders to intervene and save their traditional allies.

In 1941, America’s isolation from war ended after Japanese warplanes launched a surprise attack on American’s military base in the Pacific (Andrea and Overfield 1994). At the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, which was where most of the US Pacific fleet was, anchored (Bass 1964).

The Japanese warplanes surprisingly destroyed hundreds of American war jets, tens of warships as well as killing thousands of military men and civilians (Bass 1964). Italy and Germany were allies with Japan and three days later, the two had declared war against America so the US was drawn into a global war (Bass 1964).

In 1915, German’s warships sunk a ship that was carrying American passengers without giving a warning (Bass 1964). An approximated 120 American citizens were reported dead following the attack (Bass 1964).

The US threatened to sever diplomatic relations with the Germans in the event that they declined to cease their submarine warfare against passengers and freight-carrying vessels (Andrea and Overfield 1994). In response, the Germans ceased it marine Warfare but in 1917, after ending their diplomatic relations with the Americans, they resumed their marine warfare.

The Germans also anticipated defeat from American retaliations tried to influence Japan and Mexico with the promise to support the two in the war (Andrea and Overfield 1994). However, these intentions reached the US and the president in 1917 declared war (Andrea and Overfield 1994).

The war declaration by President Wilson was primarily based on the submarine attacks as well as the Zimmerman’s note, which contained his intended attack on Americans (Andrea and Overfield 1994).


This essay sets out to look at the factors that influenced the world wars. The causes of the two world wars are clearly outlined within the paper as well as the factors that led to the US involvement in the two world wars. The similarities between the factors leading the United States of America to go war are established in this essay.

America is the only country among the great power to have a short history has risen to be the greatest of them all. In this essay, the reason and factors that enhanced this rapid growth have been clearly outlined. The essay shows the technological advancement that helped the Americans gain economic strength hence the military dominance as a super power.


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