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American History’s Events in the Period from 1492 to 1865 Essay

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American history consists of intensely many events. From the years 1492 to 1865, lots of these events took place. For example, there was civil wars and slavery. The American history covers even the most famous people who played significant roles in society. These are some of those events that happened during those past days.

Civil wars

Slavery was a significant contribution to civil war. Civil war was as a result of fights between slave states and non-slave state proponents. When America started expanding, they wanted to know whether the new states would admit to the union of slavery or free. Then Missouri made a rule that prohibited slavery from the surrounding states.

Wilton then proposed that slavery would be banned in the new lands. Tension increased during Kansas-Nebraska act that created two territories that would either choose to be free or slave. The issue became complicated when Missourians came into the state and tried to force it to be a slave. These problems brought about violence, and there was a massive fight at Lawrence Kansas.

Growth of the abolition movement is a substantial contribution to civil wars. There came sympathies which were against slavery and slaveholders. The northerners were against slavery. They passed the fugitive slave act that took action against those individuals who were responsible for slavery. In addition, the election of Abraham Lincoln caused civil wars. People from south believed that he was supporting anti-slavery and favoured the Northern interests. Therefore, the war started even before he became the president of the state.

State versus federal rights

State versus federal rights was another cause for civil war. There were two groups that argued differently. Some argued that the state had absolute rights while others argued that the federal government would be the one that would have more control. This resulted to the formation of a loose confederation with an extremely weak federal government.

Then they came together at a constitutional convection and created the United States constitution in secret. The federal government denied the state the right to rule federal acts unconstitutional. The states felt that they got no respect any more. The fight started when the two did not come into an agreement with one another (Muzzey 324).

Important people in American history

Many individuals worked to shape the past of America. For example, presidents in America played significant roles in society. Agricola is a man who was a Roman statesman. He was a soldier and later became a governor. He also was successful when he attempted to become the Emperor of Rome. Then he was appointed as the Roman Legion commander of Britain.

Alexander the Great was a man who had one hand only. Nevertheless, he was able to conquer half of the world in less than a decade. He was an educated man. He was able to conquer even the unconquerable empire. He fought and emerged the winner of the battle of Gaugamela. Alexander did all thess when he was just twenty five years. He conquered many cities, and became one prominent military genius who could not be compared with another man.

Mohammed represented the Islamic religion. He worked on restoring people’s faith. Also, he eliminated social evils and set up a just society. Christopher Columbus is an explorer who sailed in the open sea and brought the world closer to it. He helped in bringing exploration to the northern and southern America. On the other hand, he was responsible for spreading infections to the indigenous people of America.

Ayatollah is a person who played a significant role in the American history. He made Iran the world’s first Islamic republic. He preached against American influence. This led to the militant students who fought the American embassy.

After the civil war, several historical events took place in the United States of America. Americans did not want to participate in the war. Entry into this war would lead to The Greatest Generation of Isolation. Hiroshima is the one that ended this war. Civil war helped in shaping the United States.

Countries and human beings could not be independent as they are today, were it for the winning by the South in the battle. There would be no black people holding power anywhere in the whole world if this war did not happen. Every person’s life changed since the occurrence of civil war in those past days. The world war three caused problems like death due to bombing. Its end brought back peace in the world. This gave human beings another chance to live in a peaceful environment.

American Revolution

American Revolution is also one of the most significant events that took place in the United States’ history. American Revolution started in form of a conflict with the thirteen colonies and the British Empire. French and Indian cause the Revolution. This led to the defeat of Britain in serious debt and high demand for revenue.

Prohibition of 1763 was a contribution of the American Revolution. It prohibited Americans from settling beyond the Appalachian Mountains. The United States could not be the way it is before the American Revolution occurrence. It led to the establishment of a new constitution and a new foundation which started the state. America struggled for independence.

Great depression

The US is a country that had serious problems. For example, people in United States received assistance from government food stamp. This is because many of citizens have enough food for their families. Empires decline as a result of many reasons. For America, China’s threats are the ones that caused its empire’s decline.

Decline in the economy

Civil wars caused a lot of problems like decline in the growth of the economy. Consequences that resulted from the war were; lack of education, lack of food, deaths and many others. The state did not have enough workers due to lack of education. Therefore, the economy declined due to unattended work.

Food became a serious issue that led to a decline in the growth of the economy. In this situation, the demand for food became exceptionally high, but the food was very little. The price of the food rose at an exceedingly high rate. People ended up working extremely hard to get an extra dollar to afford buying food.

When it comes to death, the state lost workers including the government’s servants. Through this, some tasks especially in the government did not have anyone to attend. As a result, the government ended up ruling the state poorly. This led to rising of some virtues like theft. It was because of lack of government to enforce the law to those who broke it. These were a few examples of causes of decline in the economy.

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