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Women Studies Essay Examples and Topics

Essential Points to Keep in Mind when Writing Essays On Women Studies

With topics ranging from gender inequality to modern-day representation, there are many interesting essays on Women Studies. However, like with any academic subject, there are some things that are crucial to understand.

When writing your paper, keep in mind that you have to represent different opinions and stances. Think about how you can approach the subject from a new perspective and what literature you can use to help you create a better argument. Doing research beforehand will help you get a better understanding of your topic.

Apart from researching and creating an outline, here are some more crucial moments you should always be aware of when writing on women’s studies research topics:

  • Understand the words you are using, for example, how suffrage is different from feminism. This knowledge will help you avoid needless confusion when writing.
  • Do not forget to explain to your readers the key terms and give them a short overview of the issue you are examining. If your topic is particularly specialized, then think about integrating a subheading that deals with explaining terminology only.
  • Women’s studies essay questions should not undermine women as actors of the process of which they are participants. Remember, that women are subjects of your essay, not its objects.
  • Inequality remains a central theme in many Women’s Studies topics. You should stay both academic and respectful. “Many men sponsored the women’s rights movement” is a valid statement, “Without men, the women’s rights movement was doomed to fail” is a needless one.

The above are some of the main ideas to help you write a good essay. Need more advice? Check essay samples below!

Women and Their Achievement

There are many examples in the past and present that demonstrate the variety of women's achievements and support the idea that each woman can accomplish even more than she believes.

Role of Women in the American History

The role of these and other women in the development of the US as a powerful country cannot be overestimated. Females' dedication to their country and desire to defend their rights changed the course of [...]

Violence Against Women Over History

This was the first call for the establishment of a republic and the overthrow of the patriarchy. According to this, men, as a rule, served the society, and women were limited to the family.

Women’s Participation in African National Congress

Their extensive participation in fueling resistance in urban centers contributed to the formation of ANC Women's League. According to her: "ANC Women's League played a significant role in representing the interests of the majority of [...]

Female Sexuality in Media of the 1950s

The role and image of women in modern society have changed compared to how they were perceived in the 1950s. Marilyn Monroe is a perfect illustration of the position of women in the arts during [...]

Women in New France Lifestyle Options

However, since women were fewer in New France, women especially nun were vital individuals in the education of the locals and other migrants and hence were more involved in community activities that in France since [...]

Liberian Women’s Movement

The themes raised in the documentary are the agreement between people of different religions, the achievement of mutual understanding in the situation of an aggressive and uncontrolled conflict, the ability of love to defeat rage, [...]

Women Workers in Correctional Institutions

The paper analyses the historical chronology of trends towards the increase the number of women workers in the correctional institutions This is in addition to the Virginia experience along with the challenges to be expected [...]

Global Woman by Barbara Ehrenreich

Some of the topics contained in the book include "sex trafficking and modern day slavery," "female migration and notions of migration in Sri Lanka," and "the experience of paid caregivers of disabled people," among others.

Debate Over Women’s Rights

At times, the problem is that there is bias and discrimination about the strength of the woman and no chance has ever been given to them to prove if the allegation is wrong.

Concepts of Feminism

Sexuality is defined as the biological aspect of a person; it is defined by internal and external organs which differentiate a man and a women. It is of the opinion that the existence of perceived [...]

Women in Canadian Politics

Nonetheless, the change of the colonial policy of France and expansion of the English led to dramatic changes in the society of the First Nations.

Asian American Women and Marriage

Marriage relationships amongst the Asian American women and the European Americans have become increasingly common in the United States. The conflict between gender systems profoundly affected racial hierarchies amongst the European American men and the [...]

Women’s Suffrage Movement

The struggle for women suffrage augmented in the middle of the nineteenth century with the establishment of diverse associations. The formation of the International Council of Women occurred in the year 1888.

History: Women in Hinduism and Buddhism

For instance, one of the main problems that arise when examining the situation of women in Karimpur is the fact that there is a considerable level of disparity in the survival rates between male and [...]

American Society after WW II

This is clearly illustrated by Thistle's explanations of how social changes caused the collapse of the domestic economy and their contributions to the elimination of the unequal treatment of women and certain racial groups.

Chinese Feminism in the Early 20th Century

It is against this backdrop that this essay gives a succinct discussion of the Chinese feminism in the early 20th century, the roots of feminism in the communist women's movement, and the demand for human [...]

Women as Hero

This observation underscores the concepts of acculturation and multiculturalism, which have gained substantial national attention since the rise of African-American, Latino, and the Asian immigrants into the US and while the American public schools have [...]

Women and Feminism

The theory emerged from the imaginations of various women who sought to comprehend the nature of gender inequality through the understanding of social roles and various positions of individuals in society.

Women, Religion, and Feminism

This instruction has in turn influenced the use of hijab among the Muslim women since the piece of cloth is used to conceal a woman's beauty, particularly the face, hair, and neck as per the [...]

What Women Desire Most

During the medial time, man was viewed as superior to the woman and was the head of the household. Saint Bridget was also a mystic and a theologian in the role of women during the [...]

Women in Early Christianity

Most of the research on women in early Christianity has grown out of the contemporary debate over the ministry and priesthood of women, with the result that the literature is heavily weighted in favor of [...]

Women During the Franco Era

The women in the society were compelled to complete a set of social duties in the society thereby promoting the growth and success of the society.

Contribution of Women in the Vietnam War

Special emphasis will be given to nurses because without their contribution, so many soldiers would have lost their lives or suffered from deteriorating conditions in the War Some of the nurses in the Vietnam War [...]

Representation of the Plantation Women

Arguably, the media does not provide the correct description of the plantation women in the south because much of the ideas and characteristics given to women by the media are mythical and derived from novels [...]

Chinese Concubines

Trevor-Roper found out that she was supposed to serve the King of the Day in the fourth position as a concubine.

Cathay Williams: The Female Buffalo Soldier

In the research paper, the researcher examines the soldier's life from the time before her master shifted to Jefferson City, to her death in Trinidad. At the time the war was breaking out, the nation [...]

Cultural issues in China

One and the major factor that led to nationalism is the economic policy imposed by the colonial rulers that led to the adoption of the Western culture by the native East Asians.

The Modern Girl: the movie

In the second question, the producer of the movie wonders why the girl behaved the way she did. The first question posed by the producer seeks to criticize the behavior of the modern girl because [...]

Women in World War II

The involvement of women in the war was quite significant to the women as they were able to have a strong arguing point after the war and this made it possible for the women to [...]

Asian Studies: Suharto’s Fall

This essay will examine the impact of Suharto's fall from power and the subsequent fall of authoritarianism, corruption, and political persecution in Indonesia, and examine the subsequent protection of women's rights on Indonesian women.

The Adoption of Feminist Doctrine in Canada

Both feminist theories and the liberal democracy have a greater role to play in reference to autonomy, diversity, the enlightenment of women, and the necessity to accommodate differences in the political setup. This is itself [...]

Feminist Movement in Canada

Since historically men's position used to be superior to the one of women, feminist ideas have been brewing in the society for quite long.

First Nations Women

The status of First Nations Women is demeaning and inhumane; injustices continue to be met to these women with the main contributors of the status being: historical injustices; violence by white men, and internal discrimination [...]

The women in the New France

Once these women and the other sailors set out for the migration, they used to face very many hazards along the way, for instance the Spanish marauders, the storms and the sea sickness that used [...]

Contemporary Legend in the U.S.

The article: "Whispers in an Ice Cream Parlour: Culinary Tourism, Contemporary Legends, and the Urban Inter-zone by Bill Ellis" delves into a contemporary legend in the U.S.in 1910 that presented the notion that white women [...]

Women Liberation during the Socialist Era

A federation was started, Women's Federation, to better the status of women in the society. With this sort of confidence and the backup of the law, women were empowered to bargain even at the household [...]

Discrimination against black women

Owing to the fact that these imageries of a group to forecast and analyze the performance of people, employer's classification of black women as solitary mothers could form the ground of discrimination.

Gender inequality in Algeria

The fact that women helped to build back the ruins of society and the heroism they showed in the war efforts, was forgotten by their husbands and the government.

Women Empowerment in Modern Society

In view of the process that led to women empowerment, it is evident that people have the ability to shape their culture and traditions through social, religious, political, and economic changes in their environment.