The Handmaid's Tale Essay, Research Paper Examples

The Handmaid’s Tale vs. The Country Between Us

Introduction The destructive aspects of totalitarian regimes attracted the attention of many writers during the Cold War era. One of the main issues that they explored was the state oppression of an individual who could eventually become alienated and dehumanized. Such themes as loneliness, control, and confinement occupy a prominent place in the novels and […]

The handmaid’s tale

Introduction The handmaid’s tale is a dystopia that builds upon the dystopian imagery of feminist texts from 1970s. Atwood’s novel was written in direct reaction to the growing political power of the American religious right in the 1980s (Atwood). It projects a nightmare future in which rightwing religious extremists have established control of the government […]

The Handmaid’s Tale Literary Analysis of the Book [Essay]

The Handmaid’s Tale Book Analysis: General Information The Handmaid’s Tale is a feminist novel that highlights the perils of women in a society that has not only dehumanized their status but also made it almost criminal to be a woman. The story highlights a cruel world where women do not enjoy the freedom of choice. […]