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Tips for Writing Essays on Biographical Studies

Since you are conducting a study on a person’s biography, your focus should be on them and their life.

Make sure you not only cover your protagonist’s life but also evaluate it, demonstrating your understanding of the biographical essay format. Keeping in mind these few tricks below will help you achieve better structure and give you more ideas!

Tip #1

When writing essays on biographical studies, you should be using many types of sources.

This requirement means that your paper should reference books, autobiographical evidence, and maybe even paintings and voice recordings. Having supporting information on the history of the period that you are studying is also essential.

Tip #2

Sources of a personal nature, such as a person’s letters, memoirs, and diaries, are valuable, and you should use them in your essay. However, you must also be aware that they may be biased, portraying the person writing them in a much better light.

Do not be afraid to be critical of what you read and, if other trusted authors support your concerns, voice them in your essay. An excellent example of a biography essay is one that does not mindlessly praise their subject.

Tip #3

Covering biographical studies topics requires using sources that may give your subject a negative evaluation. Having titles in your bibliography that oppose the character you are writing about makes your essay well rounded and comprehensive.

Taking the many personalities of the female suffrage movement in the USA as a sample topic, you could use books on both sides of the votes for women argument.

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Burt Rutan Biographical Studies

Through his company, he designed several planes that have left a legacy in the aviation industry. The success is a major achievement in the aviation industry, especially for the private industry and the rejuvenation of [...]

Marcus Garvey: Afro-American Political Leader

Being the enthusiast of the capitalistic ideas, he was convinced that the Afro-Americans, as well as other black people all over the world, had to combine their efforts for a creation of such institutions that [...]

George McClellan, The US General and Leader

The very persona of General McClellan is often viewed as controversial due to his infamous retreat in the course of the Peninsula Campaign and his role in the Civil War; however, he still should be [...]

Mao Zedong: Oppressor of China

The destiny of the country was about to change after the end of the Chinese Civil War and the establishment of the People's Republic of China by Mao Zedong.

Adolf Hitler Life and Strategies

This research paper critically analyses the life of Hitler as the president of Germany and the extent he went to conquer the whole world which he sought to do.

Prominent African People: Kofi Annan

The figure of Kofi Annan remains the synonym of the notion of world peace for many people all round the globe because of the significant contribution of this person to the improvement of the situation [...]

Muammar Gaddafi Death: Aspects and Publicity

The revolution was in a series of attacks witnessed in Arab and African countries in the recent past. In September, the UN replaced Gaddafi's recognition as the representative of Libya with that of the national [...]

George Patton: General and Military Innovator

In order to analyze George Patton's activities during the Battle of Bastogne, one should mention that he was able to understand what kind of actions should be taken to stop the possible offensive of the [...]

Sun Tzu’s Leadership Strategies

As a military leader, Sun Tzu's leadership approach had a number of similarities and differences to the leadership strategies used by great military leaders throughout history.

Albert Einstein Biography: Life and Career

Newton was one of the key pioneers in the transition from astrology to astronomy and he formulated scientific laws that assisted scientists and ordinary people to understand the intricacies of planetary motions and how objects [...]

Bertrand Russell’s Biography: Life and Work

Russell's understanding of feelings and soul are evident in the following: "nothing can penetrate it except the highest intensity of the sort of love that religious teachers have preached; whatever does not spring from this [...]

Queen Victoria Biography

The objective of this biography research paper is to research and clarify the most important points and events of the life of Queen Victoria, from examining her ancestry and youth, analyzing her reign and adult [...]

Cleopatra – the Queen of Egypt

The queen wanted the assistance of Caesar, and thus she found a way of going to the Regal citadel to speak to Caesar and request for her cause for action.

Karl Marx Life History

However, the Prussian authorities censored the newspaper that he was an editor, after his continued attacks on the Prussian leadership, forcing him to relocate to Paris in 1843.

Albert Einstein’s Biography

During the period around the First World War, Einstein was among the individuals that were against the usage of violence in resolution of conflicts.

Zora Neale Hurston’ Biography

The "greatness" of Zora as a proficient American folklorist, anthropologist, and writer is evident when he became one of the writers at the center of the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s.

Nelson Mandela: Biography and Influences

Mandela had one big ambition in life; to make the life of black South Africans oppression- free. With such opportunities, Mandela still decided to make the most practical and life-changing application of his career.

Life and Carrier of Dmitry Medvedev

If a student wants to know the way to success and recognition, one of the possible and the most effective options is to observe and analyze the life of Dmitry Medvedev.

Fatima Bint Muhammad’ Biography

Her position in Islam was reaffirmed by the Prophet who considered Fatima as one of the most significant women in Islam alongside the Pharaoh's wife Asiya, Mary the mother of Jesus, and the Prophet's wife, [...]

Michael Jackson Biography

His father was a guitarist and he wanted his children to succeed in the music industry that served as an inspiration to the young Michael.

Erich Hartmann’s Biography

As the book's name implies, it contains the biographical account of the life and career of the highest-scoring ace of all times a German fighter-pilot Erich Hartmann, who, ever since 1942, when he joined the [...]

Pablo Escobar Is a Robin Hood or a Villain

Specifically, the paper focuses on Pablo Escobar as a noble bandit who retaliates against the Colombian and American government through his involvement in the trafficking of cocaine and how he uses his wealth to benefit [...]

Chinese History – Empress Wu Zhao

2 This essay focuses on discussing the social and political life of Empress Wu Zhao, as the first Chinese empress in the Chinese history and her special contribution to the Tang Dynasty and the uprising [...]

Anne Hutchinson’s Biography

Hutchinson was a key personality in the controversy that surrounded the antinomy. The feminist command of Hutchinson was contributed by a number of factors.

Abraham Lincoln’s Public Appearance

Upon the election of Abraham Lincoln as the president, several states in the south voiced the intent to break up from the American union. The Gettysburg Address is among the famous speeches in the history [...]

Biographical Studies: Bill Gates

The article is very instrumental, as it explains the crucial role that Bill Gates has played in Africa to improve the quality of life and minimize the effects of food shortage.

Bill Gates Biography and Career

To have a clear indication of what the other part of the world needed, the couple toured Africa in 1995, and they resolved to donate part of their wealth to help the poor Africans.

Andrew Jackson Biography

He was the seventh president of the USA between the years 1829 and 1837. The southern region mainly practiced farming and became the producers of raw material for the northern frontier that was industrialized.

Eli Whitney Life and Influence

On the whole, he demonstrated the importance of the scientific method for the progress of the country. This is one of the reasons why the slave economy of the South was in decline at the [...]

Abraham Lincoln’s Historical Influence

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth President of the United States of America. However, Lincoln believed in the unity of the United States and that saving the union was an embodiment in the principles of democracy.

Cleopatra’s Biography

Cleopatra was the only female ruler in prehistoric times to customarily govern autonomously- not simply as an heir to her late husband- but to a great extent; she attempted to rescue and save a dying [...]

Andre Rieu’s Biography

The paper discusses the life of violinist called Andre Rieu with interest laid on the effects he had in the world and people, qualities of his life and the difficulties he encountered in his life.

Christopher Columbus Biography

Columbus' entrepreneurial family initiated him into the world of seafaring, however it was the expansion of the Turkish Empire that fired up his imagination with regards to testing the claim that the earth is round [...]

Fidel Castro Biography

As a result, he became conversant with the political opinions of the university and went ahead to join one of the gangs.

Dwight Eisenhower’ Biography and Career

Dwight Eisenhower was the 34th president of the United States born in 1890 in Denison, Texas. Dwight Eisenhower served as the president of the United States at a time when achieving tranquility and affluence was [...]

John Pierpont Morgan Biography

Morgan to be one of the greatest men who made financial decisions, which helped in sustaining America's economy and that of the world in general.

Isocrates Panegyricus

This he does by teaching them the art and creativity of speech for the sole purpose of getting advantage over their peers. He was a proponent of multiculturalism who invited the barbarians and the Greek [...]

Julius Caesar an Iconic Roman

This was highly unexpected, as Caesar, a declared dictator, had the support of all the people of Rome, and his death resulted in administrative imbalances.

“Long Walk to Freedom” by Nelson Mandela

In the fast developing world, advances and progress move countries and nations forward but at the same time, some things are left behind and become a burden for the people and evolution to better life [...]

Three names of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela's first name reveals the way the people of South Africa cherished their tribal traditions in the beginning of the twentieth century.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Leadership

This report is an analysis of the behaviour and leadership style of Ghandi, the transactional and transformative aspects of his leadership and the way he used the power he had to help India gain Independence.

James Dyson’s Claim

The bag that was supposed to act as a catcher for all the dust that the vacuum sucked up kept on getting clogged up with dust making it necessary to stop the vacuum every once [...]

Life of Abdur Rahman

Other sources are presented in the form of a historical and political analysis of the period under consideration and Rahman's place in the transformation of the Afghan government.

Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi

Bagdad brightened the world at that time with its brilliance, and the intellectual dominance of the Arab civilization influenced the Western Europe to a great extent.

Abbas Ibn Firnas Biography

Ibn Firnas created a workshop in which he performed various experiments. In the field of astronomy, Ibn Firnas created various instruments that he applied in studying the sky.

Adolf Hitler: From Patriotism to Racism

He was also forced to live and work in the city and it is was the cultural and social shock that he experienced as he transferred from the rural to the urban that changed the [...]

Schwarzkopf and his Leadership Style

On the other hand, there was also a trace of the interactive style of leadership in his repertoire, because of his capability to work with others. I will look for leaders that were able to [...]

Biography of Harold Cardinal

Specific attention deserves such works as The Unjust Society: The Tragedy of Canada's Indians written in 1969 and The Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian, which is also famous as the White Paper.

The Movie “Into the Storm”

The movie, Into the Storm, shows the lives of Churchill and his wife in the period between 1940 and 1945 when Churchill was the Britain's Prime Minister.

Genghis Khan and the Modern World

The main opponents of the Mongol Empire were the Naiman tribe located in the western part of Mongolia, the Merkits who were found in the northern part of Mongolia, the Tanguts found in the south [...]

Zora Neale Hurston

As Hurston later glorifies in her literary works, the town was the first to offer African Americans the chance to live freely and independent of the Whites, as they desired.

Last Night I dreamed of Peace

She also makes her decision to move to South Vietnam because of her spirited heart of humanity and love and long for an end of the war and the sufferings and pains subjected to the [...]

Ned Kelly as an Iconic Figure

The life of Ned Kelly continuously attracts the attention of Australian historians, anthropologists and even sociologists, because to a large extent, this person has become a part of the national culture.

The Life and Legacy of John Wesley

Wesley was not like any other minister of the gospel but he was a courageous and spirit-filled minister of the gospel who preached under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, impacting millions of people.

Confessions by St. Augustine

The religion described the universe as the struggle between a good spiritual world of light and a material world of darkness governed by the evil.