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How to Write an Outline for an Essay on Asian Studies

Writing a “talking” outline will help you write all kinds of essays on Asian Studies, not only structuring them in an easy-to-follow format but also boosting your understanding of the assigned material. A “talking” outline is a sub-heading structure that acts as your guide across your paper, quickly reminding you of your ideas. To create one:

  • Remain brief. The longer your heading, the easier it is to forget its initial meaning.
  • When appropriate, use relevant similes and metaphors to create cognitive links with topics you already know about.
  • Do not force historical inaccuracies! For example, naming a subheading on the fall of the Mongolian dynasty in China “Genghis Gone: The Rise of the Ming Empire” may not sit well with your instructor.
  • Your outline must support your argument. Your titles should be decisive and allow an educated reader to understand your claims and methods used at a glance.

Tips on What to Include

Achieve mastery over your literature by paying attention to your references.

There exists an extensive bibliography of Asian studies, and creating a personalized one beforehand will help your outline be more coherent. Additionally, use renowned journals, such as the Asian Studies Review, to make sure your information is correct and up-to-date.

Do not shy away from creating support structures for yourself within your work. Remember that Asian studies topics are often confusing because they require language proficiency.

As an essay writer, you could know the meaning behind the Chinese term “Yihetuan,” but leave your proofreaders easily confused. Thus, you may need to create a section specifically to explain key terms – for your readers’ benefit as well as your own!

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Printing Culture and the Chinese Society

Despite efforts by the Qin dynasty to limit the access of these texts to the government and aristocratic circles, the spread of intellectualism proceeded undeterred. The inability of the government to regulate the spread of [...]

The Middle East in the Age of Nasser

Under the rule of Gamal Abd al-Nasser, Egypt's administration aimed to create favorable material, moral, and ideological conditions for the development of national culture and growth through the adoption of reforms and the establishment of [...]

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This paper examines the anti-Semitism and pre-World War II Zionism movement, consequences of the Holocaust, and ignoring of the Arabs' interests as the major factors for the creation of the state of Israel.

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The Rise of the Gulf States

Some of the interesting elements in the Middle East include the modern history of the rise of the Gulf States and their evident strategic socioeconomic importance to the neighboring regions and the world.

Technological Advances in Song Dynasty

Besides, the Song dynasty invented gunpowder that marked the commencement of the production of sophisticated weapons. The desire of sailors to explore the world led to the development of the directional compass.

China’s Improvements in 1970-2012

The food demand of the majority of the world's population was met due to increased output and productivity in agriculture. Nevertheless, the country managed to improve this situation and overcome a decline in production.

Women and the first Palestinian Intifada

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Maritime China as Transitional Periods

Maritime China can be conceptualized in terms of the changes witnessed as the Chinese people went through socio-political processes explained in the following maritime Chinas: Maritime China as segment Maritime China as periphery Maritime China [...]

Maoist Regime and Elite Form of Performance

According to Liu, Red Classics constitute a body of literary and artistic works regarding the Chinese revolution before the People's Republic of China, and the massive cultural production between the 1950s and 1970s.

China’s Science, Technology, and State Changes

Seeing the international rivalry as the competition between nations, the state justified the principles of social Darwinism and eugenics as similar to the social hierarchy of the Confucian era. The reduction of homogeneity and recognition [...]

Chinese Civilization During the Han Dynasty

The history of the Han emperors, their conquering prowess, system of administration, scholars, innovators, entrepreneurs, and the common people represented emergence of a great Chinese culture. The success of the system prompted the government to [...]

Middle Eastern History in Hourani’s Views

In this context, Hourani chose to discuss such main themes in the article as the French scholars' contribution into the discussion of the Arab world's history; the possibility to discuss the Muslim people as a [...]

Hashima Islands as a World Heritage Site

This paper includes insights into the history of the island and provides a brief analysis of the significance of the site as well as the debate on the development of the human society in general [...]

The Indian Great Rebellion of 1857

The emergence of the British rule expressed a lot of optimism and the establishment of an era, which would unlock all the challenges of beliefs and traditions in South Asia, thus opening the way for [...]

Paternalist Terror in China in 1950-1953

But the multiple cases of the Chinese civilian citizens' rights violations demonstrate that the realization of the Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries and a few other campaigns by the Chinese Communist Party led to the expansion [...]

Colonial Process in Korea and Its Effects

It should be pointed out that the way the United States viewed the implementation of the new political system, and the changing of the economic environment in Asia was polar to the approaches Great Britain [...]

Syria Crisis: Causes and Effects

In March 2011, the citizens of Syria and some of the government officials began a call for both economic and social change in the administration of the ruling regime.

Ancient Chinese Contributions and Inventions

Trying to point to ten most useful inventions and contributions of the Ancient China, it was really difficult to select the most necessary ones as Ancient China is famous for its contribution into the development [...]

The China’s Struggle History

It led to the changing of the name dynasty to the Republic of China. Conclusively, the 1911 Revolution was not an alleviation of the socioeconomic standards of the Republic of China but a source of [...]

Technology in the Islamic Golden Age

In this paper, the author focused on this period to analyze the whole element of the Golden Age. In addition, the author focused on the actual technological advancements of the period.

The History of Iraq between 1945 and 2001

The claim of ownership of the waterway along the border separating Iran and Iraq poured cold water on the international relationship between the two countries, which later led to the famous Iran-Iraq war.

The Mamluks and Mongols History

Without the Mamluks and Mongols, the history of ancient empires stands to lose its meaning and impact in the Muslim and Arabian societies. The unity of the two tribes was the major factor that led [...]

Is Taiwan Part of China?

In spite of this, the Chinese government has been presenting claims that Taiwan is part of China and this government is ready to engage in a war in case any international actor holds recognition that [...]

Chinese Imperial Resurgence 6th Century

Consecutively, the construction of the Grand Canal greatly boosted the integration of the economies of northern and southern China. Although the construction of the Grand Canal was very expensive and partly entailed the use of [...]