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Video Report “China’s Capitalist Revolution” Essay (Movie Review)

Chairman Deng Xiaoping is the one who succeeded Mao after his death in 1976. After Deng Xiaoping became the Chairman of China, he has resisted the use of force in capitalist revolution for four months. He said that it was true that they needed democracy, but they had to ask for it in a calm manner. In the 17th of May, he agreed but was then reluctant to send troops to the capital city of China.

He asked his Prime Minister, Li Peng, to hold a last statement meeting with the school leaders to talk to their students to stop being violent. This did not work since the students refused to move from the Square until their conditions were met. The people’s liberation army was sent to the capital city on the following day.

However, pathways and roads were blocked by a large group of Beijing citizens. Most of them were demonstrators while others were army troops who gave up their uniforms and joined the demonstrations.

One of business leaders in China pleaded with the students to back off the demonstrations, but this did not work. The students were very angry. After the hunger strike, it became very difficult to organize things. It was beyond the control of the party leaders. The army and the demonstrators faced one another in a tense scandal.

However, the party of leaders made up again and was focused to end the crisis. By the end of the day, Deng had already ordered the army to clear the Square in the capital. An extremely large number of soldiers were gathered at the central of Beijing. Deng kept on telling the citizens of Beijing to stay in their houses.

He argued that democracy changes slowly by slowly. This is when the army troops started sending demonstrators back to their homes violently since they could not return peacefully. Some of them did not fear the army troops. Those who were on the front line of the demonstrators even mocked the troops telling them to go home and leave them alone.

These are the people who forced Deng to order the setting of fire in the streets. The work of ending the crisis was a serious event that caused death to a number of citizens. However, this was the only way that Deng could do to end the chaos in Beijing. In his exercise of power, farmers had started working in their farms that were returned to them as he only way to provide food to their families.

There was corruption, inflation, and hardships. In addition, democracy was also an issue that led to demonstrations in China. All these caused the strike of workers, students, and other people of China. They confronted the government together with the Army. The army killed approximately two thousand people. This forced Deng to give the order on fire in the streets in order to stop the demonstrations.

According to the movie, in the nineteenth century, Chinese economy had deteriorated completely. This was contributed by very many factors. Maoism is the one that significantly contributed to this problem in China. There was poor leadership by Chairman Mao. Hunger was a disaster that seriously faced the Chinese citizens.

This was caused by taking away peasant farmers’ plots for farming. Therefore, Deng first dealt with this issue. He ordered the return of peasant farmers’ lands so that they could cultivate them and get food and money to cater for their families. Through this, he helped in reducing hunger in China.

This contributed to lack of relying on external relief for food in China. Therefore, he raised the economy of China and has been one of the greatest economies worldwide today. Hence, China’s today’s economy was initiated by Deng and is still there.

Despite the deaths that occurred during the elimination of crisis of demonstrations, the efforts have led to a well up economy where there is no hunger, lack of employment, no denial of rights to citizens, and many other issues that are found in a poor economy. Deng’s capitalist revolution has made China one of the most developed countries in the world.

The way Deng acted in dealing with demonstrators is a good way since he first pleaded with the citizens before he took the violent action to deal with the crisis. In his argument, when he told Beijing citizens to go back to their homes, he said that democracy is a thing that comes slowly by slowly. This is an event that clearly indicated his character of hard work and determination in reforms that have made the economy of China a great one until today.

The clearance of the army troops in the capital is a revolution that has brought a good change in Beijing until today. The students in Beijing did the right thing when they demonstrated violently. This made the government think on the issue of democracy in Beijing and start changing the way of exercising power to the citizens.

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