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Solar Power Revolution Essay


Nowadays, many citizens and politicians of the most developed countries in the world consider changing their industrial energy sources to various ecological technologies. The method of extracting electricity from solar panels is much more efficient than running hydroelectric or even atomic power stations. The following paper will discuss the benefits of the solar power revolution that is intending to change the entire world, its population’s lifestyle, economics, ecology, and many other important factors influencing the environment.


To begin with, it would be proper to state that solar panels or batteries have been expanding rapidly all over the vast fields of Germany within the past thirty years. However, this technology was first implemented approximately fifty years ago in the territories of the leading European country. Nowadays, other states try to adopt the technology of gathering solar energy and transforming it into electricity. Moreover, the cost per one megawatt has decreased by approximately ninety percent within the past ten years.

Germany remains one of the most developed countries regarding its alternative sources of power. Not only the government invests its financial means in the construction of solar panel blocks, but it also installs windmills outside living areas to provide the state’s population with permanent and cheap electricity. Some scholars and businesspeople claim that the discussed industry is going to change the entire world because the use of natural resources will become more efficient for the environment, economics, people’s health, and other essential aspects that lower individuals’ living standards at the present moment.

It is a well-known fact that citizens of many countries prefer driving electrically powered vehicles to other transport means with combustion engines. Also, the solar revolution is going to reduce the number of electric stations all over the planet. Not only this old method of power production is more expensive than new technologies, but it also adversely impacts the environment people live in on a daily basis. Therefore, the installation of solar fields is a necessary investment for every modern Commonwealth.

Some people argue that the production of solar power requires more area than traditional methods. Nevertheless, it is estimated that occupying only one-third of the Sahara desert’s territories will meet the electricity needs of both Africa and Europe. Moreover, the government of the United Arab Emirates develops projects of building human-made islands with solar batteries in the state’s water bodies to reduce the amount of space needed for the same goals on its drylands. It would be proper to mention that the solar energy gathered in an open sea is twice as more powerful than the corresponding indicator in Sahara. Nevertheless, this method requires more investment than the installation of solar devices on the outskirts of big cities.

Energy market analysts claim that the industry of electricity collected with the help of alternative sources of power will expand rapidly within the next five years. Perhaps, people will not have to use the services provided by non-ecological power stations at that time. It is evident that the method discussed above will become prevalent all over the world and might put all inefficient factories out of business.


Germany is the first country in the world regarding its developed industry of using natural resources for electricity extractions. Other states also install solar panels in their territories as they want to reduce the prices of electricity that their populations cover every month. Researchers and businesspeople stress that this method of power production will become dominant all over the planet within the next five years.

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