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Politics & Government Essay Examples and Topics

Thailand-US International Trade and Labor Laws

From the foregoing analysis in the Bangkok Post, the labour considerations apparent in the texts suggest aspects of calculated exploitation, and submission concerning enduring political ties between the United States and Thailand.

American Police Officers’ Ethics and Professionalism

The gravity of failing to follow the existing ethical principles is typically detailed to the future members of the law enforcement departments, yet the issue of police misconduct remains drastic in the United States, especially [...]

Policing in a Diverse Society: Issues to Address

Since the members of the police are supposed to safeguard the community and represent its interests as far as the security issues are concerned, it is crucial to make sure that the law enforcement units [...]

Authoritarian Propaganda in Education and Madia

The question that people often ask themselves is, 'how do authoritarian regimes get away with violence, torture, and oppression?' Most of the citizens in countries led by authoritarians often seem to be in agreement with [...]

The History of E-Transformation in the UAE

The purpose of the tool was to substitute for the conventional modes of charging for the services rendered by the government. The role of the leadership in shifting to e-government is definitive.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program in the US

The Children's Health Insurance Program is one of the current and robust healthcare policies targeting children in the United States. The main goal of the Children's Health Insurance Program is to offer medical insurance coverage [...]

Nigerian Poor Governance and Leadership

In the paper under consideration, we will examine the concepts of the good governance and leadership, the problems concerning the implementation of these concepts in the Nigerian government; then we will investigate the history of [...]

Blue Wall of Silence in Police Subculture

Nevertheless, the problem remains topical, and it is necessary to resolve the issue so that the members of the LA department could accomplish their tasks and, at the same time, make sure that the representatives [...]

Intelligence and Strategic Management

According to Hill and Jones, strategic management refers to "the formulation and implementation of the major goals and initiatives taken by an organization's top management on behalf of owners, based on consideration of resources and [...]

Policies in Education

The real-life problem that contributes to those controversies is the multicultural genuineness of the community that was exposed to the federal and state standard reforms that transpired throughout the last ten years.

Advocacy and Policy-Related Projects Evaluation

I propose this research as it will be able to summarize the results of the implementation of orphan care programs and the perceptions of orphans themselves, and it will be possible to use the results [...]

Indian Modernization and Westernization

The societal changes in India can be approached from a number of perspectives including Sanskritization, westernization, Little/Great Traditions, and the dialectical concept.

National Dialogue in Tunisia: Aims and Perspective

The National Dialogue is represented by the core associates: the Tunisian General Labour Union, the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, the Trade and Handicrafts, the Tunisian Human Rights League, and the Tunisian Order of Lawyers.

Policy Priority Issue: Dangerous and Vicious Dogs

In this paper, the researcher will look at the existing policies put in place by the state government of Illinois to guide the ownership and management of dangerous and vicious dogs and provide evidence-based suggestions [...]

US Intelligence and Private Business Collaboration

Particularly, the measures taken to prevent and address the incidences of terrorism, maintain the homeland security levels high, and promote the development of state intelligence need to be listed among the primary areas of concern [...]

Action Research in Public Organization Development

These are the importance of context understanding, the quality of collaboration between researchers and employees, the quality of the process itself, and the development of collaboration from learning by practice.

Civil Society Activities in the Arab World

From this review, we argue that the failure to understand the cultural and religious dynamics of Arabs obscures our understanding of the real actions and place of civil society in the Middle East.

Maritime Security and Pirate Activity

The issue of the decline of maritime security has resurfaced as a major concern in recent years, primarily due to the increase in pirate activity in some regions, such as the Gulf of Aden.

Youth Leadership Development

However, the exclusion of certain groups of people from the democratic process does not contribute to the flourishment of a system that hinges on the belief that "the operation and ownership of power" are essential [...]

Constructivism as International Relations Theory

At the same time, the end of the Cold War set the state for constructivism to spread as its major proponents called for a reevaluation of the debates surrounding international relations.

Intelligence Problem in the Trump Administration

As the majority whip in the Senate, Senator John Cornyn has the responsibility of leading other senators in coming up with pieces of legislation that will help the new administration deal with some of the [...]

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

To improve the effectiveness of the response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis, the UNOCHA was founded. The UNOCHA pursues the same goals as the Department of Humanitarian Affairs and the Office of the United Nations [...]

Neighborhood Meeting for Urban Development

The actual participation of citizens in solving the acute problems of the city, for instance, through local meetings is the key to the sustainable development of the country.

Police Officers’ Morale and Resources Availability

To check the hypothesis, it is essential to ensure the conceptualization and operationalization of the major variables of the study. To conceptualize such terms as the availability of personnel, resources, and equipment, it is necessary [...]

Risk Issues: AbSub and Its “Middle East” Agent

Further, under certain circumstances, the laws of Azerbaijan must be applied irrespective of the choice of law in the contract where there is a contradiction between the laws of the contract and the laws of [...]

European Trade Law

In this critical analysis and discussion paper, the focus is on the contribution made by the Court of Justice of the European Union case law regarding Article 36 TFEU to the achievement and maintenance of [...]

Capital Punishment and Unusual Punishment

The issue of capital punishment has always been on the radar of the Supreme Court of the United States. The key question that should be answered is the future of capital punishment and unusual punishment [...]

The United States Army’s Change Management

Beginning with the introduction of the theme, the paper proceeds with the specification of the challenges that need to be addressed by defense leaders, including such issues as external and internal contexts.

Syrians’ Protection by International Community

The international community should take measures to protect the Syrian population and to stop the violation of human rights of Syrian citizens by applying the Responsibility to Protect norm that is based on three principles: [...]

International Criminal Justice and Atrocity

The end of the Second World War saw the establishment of international structures such as the United Nations and the International Court of Justice that aimed at safeguarding the rights of all individuals and ensuring [...]

The UAE’s Relationships with Pakistan and India

Two-way trade constituted the core of the relations between India and the Emirates for centuries, but the new twist in the interstate relationship began with the establishment of the UAE Embassy in the Indian capital [...]

“What Syria Needs Now?” by David Miliband

The article considers the crisis in Syria, including the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the refugee issue and the problems of the Syrian population still residing in the country.

Oklahoma City’s Capital Budget and Expenditure

This paper will analyze the payroll of the Oklahoma City public workers, analyze the trend of expenditure, forecast the future of the expenditures, and give a brief overview of capital budgeting.

Kuwaiti Youth Activities and Sociopolitical Role

The youth account for a significant portion of the Kuwaiti population and in their development, activities, and advancement, they play a significant role in the long-term growth of Kuwait.

Humanitarian Actions and the Evidence Base

Evidence, or lack of it, directly influences the effectiveness of a humanitarian effort, as without information the participating organizations cannot devise a coherent and adequate strategy, which would address the critical aspects of a situation.

The Boutros Electoral Law in Lebanon

The country has never had a system where the entire population feels that they are effectively represented, which is why a number of regimes have in the past formed various commissions to address the concerning [...]

Youth Activities in Kuwait

It is assumed that the research paper will contribute to the further development of the Kuwaiti youth and society in general.

Conflict in South Sudan and Its Influence

Being one of the leading countries tends to guarantee the involvement of the United States in the majority of modern political affairs, to support its image and secure the preservation of its leading position.

Public Policy: the Issue of Drunk Driving

The Government puts a great amount of effort into the DUI policy to minimize the number of impaired drivers getting behind the wheel and mitigating the consequences of such conduct.

Egypt and the GCC Countries Relationship

The thesis of the paper is that the financial support availed by the GCC to Abdel Fattah was a clear indication that the countries were against any form of leadership led by the Muslim Brotherhood. [...]

The Nature of Emiratisation and Its Factors

To defend the pro-realist position in the ontological debate regarding the social concept of Emiratization, it is important to give substantial evidence that the notion exists in reality and that it is accessible regardless of [...]

New York City’s Financial Plan for 2012-2016

Revenue is public finance, and it is the economic effect of public expenditure. A summary of its revenue and expenditure are predicted for the year 2016 and a budget justification proposal is necessary.

Myth-Based Education Policies

Media, political agendas, and myths influence the public and policy-makers, resulting in the formulation of ineffective education policies. One of the sets of values attributed to political culture is social relations and authority.

Military Career: Human Resource Certification

Earning a professional human resource certification is one of the marvelous opportunities for improving professional development because the enhancement of civilian skills may be valuable for improving military career.

Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia

The foremost aspect of these definitions is the fact that they stress out the insurgency's actual goal as such that is being primarily concerned with the insurgents' intention to take over the political power, "Insurgency [...]

Police Technology: Development and Progress

For the modern police departments and officers, the technologies are just as crucial as for the rest of the world as they significantly increase the efficiency of their day to day work and ensure a [...]

Censorship in China: History and Controlling

This is especially so when the government or a dominant religious denomination in a country is of the view that the proliferation of a certain religious dogma threatens the stability of the country or the [...]

Karl Marx: Critique of Capitalism

His point of view was that the globalization would inevitably lead to the concentration of wealth in the hands of relatively small groups of economic actors, and that will entail the emergence of the economic [...]

Public Policies and Legitimacy in Virtual Communities

In the summary of the article, it is important to mention that the researcher drew upon the institutional theory as the conceptual framework; the theory suggested that institutions were understood as resilient social structures that [...]

US Policy Towards Rogue States and Regime Change

Despite the fact, the position of the USA was active during the three decades of developing the policy, the level of the state's participation in resolving the question of the rogue states' global isolation was [...]

State-Building Process and Its Components

In this respect, the aspect of good governance is one of the essentials in strengthening the capacity of public institutions. This is the reason why some countries are run by economic cartels that benefit from [...]