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Oil in Fueling Violent Conflicts in Libya

In this case, the essence of investigating the mechanisms that define the link between the two variables goes a long way in fostering an understanding of how oil and oil supply contribute to violent conflicts [...]

Dubai 2021 Vision and Smart Technology in Airport

It is a plan to deliver the aspirations of the city, society in order to set and achieve necessary goals for the growth of the urban environment. One of Dubai 2021 key themes is "The [...]

Masdar City Project and Creative Problem Solving

The purpose of this report is to identify, analyze, and propose solutions to a complex problem that Masdar is experiencing in the development of the Masdar City project.

US-India Intelligence Community Sharing and Partnership

The purpose of this paper is to provide the background for the emergence of the COMCASA, analyze possible benefits and threats related to the agreement, and then to synthesize a supported recommendation for the extension [...]

Management Functions in the United States Army

With full compliance to the Soldier's Manual and Trainer's Guide, issued by the Department of The Army, I have to manage organizational duties, supervisory roles, and individual skills improvement factions as part of my military [...]

American Public Opinion and Voter Behavior

In this model, when the elected leaders seek the opinion of their voters and take them seriously when elected, then they act as the agents or rather delegates of their voters and they can articulate [...]

US Intelligence Services and Security Improvement

This ability could prove highly beneficial to an intelligence service, as the availability of the information enables data gathering on other countries while also highlighting potential weaknesses of the nation and ways to mitigate them.

Noble Cause Corruption in Officer Employees

Therefore, I present this memorandum for you to be aware of the principles of ethical behavior, which are obligatory for every officer, and expect your ethically-sound conduct in the future.

Corruption in New York and Ethical Obligations

When discussing the violations of ethical principles in the case of Smith and Halloran, it is essential to mention that the established rules of ethics in political leadership are put in place to prevent classic, [...]

Legislative Matrix

In addition to that, he was appointed to "the Energy and Natural Resources Committee; the Commerce Science, and Transportation Committee; and the Special Committee on Aging".

Politics in America Between 1820 and 1850

In the same period, Africans could be involved in the voting process in only five states. The losers in the system were slaves who were relegated to the periphery in terms of economic and social [...]

International Law: Just War Theory and Use of Force

Following the rules of just war, the enemies are guided by the principles of justice: proportionality, absence of reprisals and discrimination, etc.however, the problem of just war raises ethical problems.

Should Canadian Judges Be Elected or Appointed?

Contrarily to the advantages, elective or retaining judges system creates a judiciary that concretely beholds the whim of the political and citizens' interests rather than the law.

Negotiation Between India and Pakistan

The rivalry between the two leaders was a function of the different futuristic ideologies that they had, with respect to the relationship between Hindus and Muslims in the British colony.

“How the Rich Steal from Schools” by Don Bauder

In "San Diego reader: how the rich steal from schools", availed on Wednesday, August 11 2010, Don Bauder gives readers a foretaste of the plutocracy in the San Diego administration.

Saudi Arabia’s Regime and Upheavals

However, one of the reasons for stability is the fact that rulers in Saudi Arabia use the power of money to buy loyalty.

Idealism and Materialism in Karl Marx’s Writings

German ideologists contend that the country has undergone incomparable revolution characterized with the decomposition of Hegelian philosophy, sweeping of the powers of the past, subjection of mighty empires into immediate doom, and hurling of heroes [...]

Global Humanitarian and Ecological Concerns

Humanitarian aid and development assistance should be given to the victims of the disasters. Governments should be in positions to prevent the destruction of nature and the natural resources of their nations.

Governmental Policies in the United States

In addition to this, the government has put in place policies in the health care systems in the US. In order to solve this problem, the Officer should be suspended and made to enlist the [...]

Politics and Government Promotion in Media

The peculiar feature of the state of Texas is the presence of two types of cities, "general-law" and "home-rule" and three types of political culture. What are the responsibilities of the media?

“Health for Any Race” Political Campaign

In order to create a proper political party, it is necessary to think over its name and purposes and the actions this campaign is going to take to amaze and attract people's attention.

Gulf Regional System and Its Emergence

Hostility from the people would have been the biggest threat to expel the British army from the protectorate, but that was not the case.

International Law: War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

The history of the formation of the principles and norms of international law, applicable in armed conflicts, shows that it took thousands of years for the legal provisions in question to attain the status of [...]

Chinese Perspectives on Global Governance

In the first chapter of their book, Chan et al.write about the nature, purposes, and goals of the given phenomenon and discuss the major barriers to effective international cooperation and equal distribution of welfare.

US Foreign Policy and Involvement in Haiti and Somalia

The president's power, that is accorded by the second article of the constitution, includes the power to make agreements with other nations but with the authority of the congress, the power to assign envoys to [...]

The United States Congress and Passing Legislation

The constitution of the US clearly explains that both the House of Representatives and the senate are even, but it goes ahead to accord each side its responsibilities or, in other words, the powers. First, [...]

Electoral College and Congregational Reapportionment

In the US, for instance, the electoral votes in each state are not distributed based on the popular votes cast to each candidate but the winner is taken to be the one with the popular [...]

2010 US Midterm Elections and Goals in Afghanistan

The result now means that the Republicans now control the majority of the representation in the House. Coming to the midterm elections, the focus had been on the state of the economy with much pressure [...]

Six Reasons for the United Nations’ Growth

In this respect, it is easier to adjust the laws of the country to the international requirement if a country is a member of the United Nations Organization.

India in “Power Politics” Book by Roy Arundhati

One of the central arguments that the author makes is that the forces of globalization have made India financially dependent on Western economies and that this dependence gives many loopholes for the exploitation of these [...]

International Relations: Alliances and Anarchy

The essence of this article is contained in the two hypotheses that the author describes at the onset of this discussion in which he lays the foundation that the rest of the theories are based [...]

Federalism and Government Styles in the United States

It is because the individual at the top is held accountable by the leaders of the local authorities. Top on the list is the fact that the division of power between the central government and [...]

Socialist vs. Capitalist Approach to Social Issues

Capitalism also refers to a system where the economy is independent of the state. In a Socialist economy, the intellectual property belongs to the government.

Western International Relations Theory

The main goal of this paper is to discuss the reasons that led to the dominance of the Western international relations theory.

Conservative and New Labour Approaches Comparison

As Dorling pointed out, "Given the lack of social achievement, it is likely that the New Labour's record will largely be characterised in the future as 'Thatcherism continued' or, more cruelly, as some kind of [...]

American Democratic and Republican Parties

While the democrats embarked on changing its institutional structure by strengthening the national committee, Republicans are engaging in activities that increase their ability to acquire resources and services for their candidates to enable the party's [...]

American Bankers Association as an Interest Group

ABA consists of elites and all groups of people representing the banking sector in the United States. The mission of ABA is to enable its members to make the population informed by providing financial enlightenment.

Common Core State Standards: SWOT Analysis

The decision by the federal government to allow states to develop K-12 student assessment evaluation and reform to replace the above policies is a sign that the government appreciates the dynamism in this sector.

Lobbying: Ethics, Morality and Legalities

In bribery, the objective of the bribe is clear while in lobbying, the person giving the gift may necessarily not state the reason why s/he is doing so but in mind, s/he is sure the [...]

Democracy in the Arab World

Ousting of long serving dictators in Egypt and Tunisia early this year is an attest to the growing discomfort of citizens in dictatorial states in the world.

The 2011 Canadian Federal Election

The NDP ranked second for the first time in Canadian history, the Greens party got the first parliamentary seat, more women were elected into parliament, and the Quebec Bloc and Liberal party landed humiliating defeats [...]

The Conference About the Middle East

It is necessary to point out that many people in Iran are not satisfied with the policies of the present president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Veterans With Disabilities: Integration and Employment

In this paper, the researcher looks at the main barriers to employment and integration back to the society that the veterans face, and the manner in which the existing policies can be amended to help [...]

Mindfulness in the Navy

The thesis statement below summarizes the application and relevance of mindfulness in the navy and how the process can be improved to drive performance.

Community-Based Participatory Research and Policy Advocacy

The researchers and representatives of the transgender community used the obtained data to make policy-makers change certain policies and develop programs to address the needs of this population.

Oil and War in Libya

The article by Ocakli and Scotch was a comparative analysis that looked at the looting of oil in Syria by the Islamic State and in Nigeria by MEND and found out that the problem is [...]

Rationalism and Transitology in the Current Crisis in Syria

The second phase of direct democratization is connected with some progress of the reformers and the achievement of a compromise with the moderate forces of the ruling elite regarding the constitution of the basic democratic [...]

Jurisdiction and Immunities from Jurisdiction

The doctrine of foreign state immunity originated in the 19th century as part of the general understanding that independent countries equally have the right to protect their national sovereignty. The principle of foreign state immunity [...]

Encouraging the Accommodation of the Military in Texas

Furthermore, the significance of encouraging the rest of the community members to provide the support for the members of military families should be interpreted as one of the primary areas of concern for social workers.

China’s Investment Initiative “One Belt, One Road”

Hence, the rationale for conducting the proposed study, as such that aims to provide the theoretically sound insights into the actual meaning of China's plan to reestablish the land-based/maritime Silk Road something that in its [...]

Public Administration Ethical Issues: Fire Service

In the course of the investigation, we come to the conclusion that regardless of the fact that the fire departments work and the public of administration are given significant attention, there are still such problems [...]

Propaganda: “Total” and “Time” Concepts

The fact that the most outrageous instances of propaganda are never forgotten and stay in history brings us to the next aspect of the investigated phenomenon and technique, which is the "Time".

New Technology for Contemporary Global Security

The meaning of security has been broadened to accommodate most of the events experienced in the world such as globalization, terrorism, and changing technology.

The EU-Russia Energy Relations

The literature review section examines the effectiveness of imperialism and realism theories in explaining the future of interdependence between the EU and Russia.

Syngman Rhee and Kim II Sung as Nationalists

The nationalistic ideas of the President of South Korea Syngman Rhee were reflected in his desire to make the country prosperous and create decent living conditions for the people.

Public Administration Reforms in the United Arab Emirates

From the standpoint of public administration, the adoption of e-government is now an inevitable and unquestioned objective because it signifies a shift towards a new, customer-oriented management paradigm and has the goal of reducing costs [...]

Forms of Power and Their Sources

Nevertheless, their ideas and findings are still applied in the study of the problem of power and significantly contribute to understanding this concept and the way leaders influence other people.

Leadership and National Oversight

This tendency culminated in the adoption of the Intelligence Oversight Act that required the IC to report their actions to the Congress and the Senate.

Contemporary Issues of the Army

The emergence of modern leadership styles and theories is something that will continue to transform the way different soldiers are led.

Modern Technologies and Governance in Dubai

The second research question is: How current government processes in Dubai can be redesigned and re-engineered? Also, it should not be overlooked that the current perception can be further used in the processes of redesigning [...]

Iranian Nuclear Threats

However, in the course of the development of this opposition, it became obvious that the use the nuclear weapon and its unwise production is not the option as it will result in the collapse of [...]

Quality Management Principles in the Dubai Government

The lack of leadership actions also result in the limitation of alignment with stakeholders, the absence of a change management plan, and insufficient internal and external communication plan assessment.

The Organizational Behavior Within the U.S. Army

The understanding of organizational culture helps to understand the origin of a certain type of organizational behavior. Thus, organizational identity means that the individuals share a common vision of who they are in the frames [...]

The Housing and Development Board Public Organization

Still, it is crucial to distinguish the Housing and Development Board from the government structure and improve its performance to meet the current needs of the population in the building sector.

Institute for Security Studies and Peace in Africa

ISS is an organization that contributes to the security of Africa by conducting research and analyses that are used to develop training courses and policies.

Touchpoints for Improved Happiness Index in the UAE

The study is aimed at establishing the critical success factors in quality management of service delivery charter in the UAE government institutions. Research question: What is the impact of the UAE government's touchpoints in improving [...]

Agenda Control in Congress and Party Effect

The most significant contribution made by the authors is the thorough investigation of negative agenda control in the Senate, as opposed to the majority of studies that investigate the House.

Abu Dhabi Police Self-Assessment

It is imperative that the police is able meet public expectations and bring tranquility and comfort to the citizens, residents, and guests of the country.

President’s Power and Executive Orders

This order demonstrates the original ideology of Trump's presidential campaign as it reveals the focus on national businesses and the opposition to foreign workers. According to the officials, this EO was not acting in line [...]

The United States Preparing to Future Conflicts

The degree of technological development in the United States encourages obvious and hidden adversaries to attack the country in the realm of cyberspace to disrupt the operations of financial institutions, government websites, or law enforcement [...]

Military Cyberspace as a New Technology

The present paper will seek to argue that attacks on military cyberspace are an emerging technology that will change the character of war and that the United States can deter the threat by improving the [...]

The United Nations’ Objectives and Principles

After World War II, the then president of the US, Franklin Roosevelt, drafted the Declaration of the United Nations, alongside the British Prime Minister and the leader of the Soviet Union, as an attempt to [...]

The United Nations’ Secretary-General and His Role

In particular, the Charter of the UN requires the Secretary-General to inform the Security Council about any issue that is perceived to threaten the maintenance of global tranquility and security. The position of the UN [...]

Ethical Factors in Trump Campaign Funding

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was not the first US selection of a businessperson as president, but it was the first of its kind of scale wherein the business was not relinquished after [...]

Ethics in Public Administration

The most convincing argument that proves that the new public management model does not pose a direct threat to the integrity of organizations deals with corruption.

Leadership Styles: Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler

The human qualities of a leader are in many ways more revealing regarding his or her success, the respect of the people, and the appreciation of descendants than education and professionalism.

Australian Social Policy and Child Protection

The social policy of Australia considers the protection of children and the quality of their lives a central concern. The initiative of the policy is to change the way Australian child protection agencies approach the [...]

Chinese Public Sector Managers Leadership

The selected article presents a study that was conducted to monitor the roles and effectiveness of different leaders and mangers in Chinese public organizations.

Sheikh Mohammed’s Leadership in Dubai History

In retrospect, the western context that the sheikh inherited served as the platform for altering the very nature in which the residents of the city build their relationships with the rest of the community members [...]

Emirati Happiness in National Agenda and Vision 2030

Using evidence from the existing literature, this report argues that the examination of touchpoints will help promote the objective of making the UAE the happiest nation across the world.

Touchpoints in UAE Government Customer Service Delivery

A recent report published in the article by Ahmed indicates that the United Arab Emirates is ranked in the 21st position globally and the leading country in the Arab world in terms of citizens' level [...]

Touchpoints in UAE Government’s Happiness Initiatives

This paper aims at conducting a literature review on the concept of touchpoints with the objective of developing a sound argument regarding the extent to which they can effectively help the UAE to achieve remarkable [...]

Nuclear Weapons in International Law System

The International System has contributed to the reconsideration of the use of nuclear weapons as a deterrence mechanism. Thus, it can be assumed that the International System has contributed extensively to the change of perceived [...]

The United States’ Political Landscape

For instance, when defining the policies that can be used to encourage the further development of the stated, the U.S.government must take the provisions of the Constitution into account and ensure that every single population [...]

Airpower Tenets and Instruments Relationship

Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to present an analysis of the relationship between the concept of airpower and its tenets and the instruments of power, and then explain two specific implications of this [...]

Ethica Behavior and Trust in Public Administration

The hierarchy of ethics refers to a set of principles that govern decision-making and operations in the public sector. The administrators have to guarantee that they safeguard public property and exercise their powers in line [...]

Diplomacy: Two Level Games and Bargaining Outcomes

Nevertheless, the paper selected for the investigation delves into the results of the U.S.- Japan Structural Impediments Initiative and makes a case for the analysis of Putnams theory as a model that could be applied [...]

Revolutionary War in Modern Theorists’ Views

1 According to the opinions of the great political leaders such as the father of the People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong, or the main revolutionary figure in Cuba, Che Guevara, a revolution is a [...]

Stanford University’s vs. Facebook Inc.’s Administration

The term "public administration" refers to the implementation of appropriate policies that can meet citizens' needs. In public organizations, the term "external culture" can be used to refer to the environment served.

Saudi Women Driving Policy for Cars Market

One of the outstanding policies that have attracted the attention of many countries focuses on the empowerment of Saudi Arabian women and allowing them to drive.

Seychelles People Defense Force’s Performance Management

To analyze the application of this indicator, the Seychelles people defense force will be considered as a structural unit where the quality of performed work largely depends on the effectiveness of control and the involvement [...]

North Korea as the Greatest Threat to the United States

Thus, a successfully launched EMP nuke by North Korea into the US would rewind the American time machine to the eighteenth century in a matter of milliseconds. The North Korea's cyber power is a threat [...]

UAE Government’s Initiatives for National Identity

In spite of the fact that the UAE's government has focused on developing initiatives to preserve and protect the national identity in the country, specific steps to address the problem should be completed: the promotion [...]

The Impact of Emiratisation on Knowledge Transfer

The concept of Emiratization essentially emerged as a governmental policy for nationalization of workplaces aimed to remedy the imbalance in employment and ensure increased participation of local citizens in the UAE economy. The antecedents of [...]

Foundation of Army Leadership

This paper examines the foundation of Army leadership, focusing on its levels and leaders’ characteristic features.

Krehbiel’s Pivotal Politics Theory in Lawmaking

In this regard, it is evident that the election of presidents is largely dependent on the preferences of the electorate, and some policies that were subject to gridlock may be eliminated and changed.

Corruption Shaping Democracies in Latin America

This research paper gives a detailed analysis of the nature of this problem and how it affects the welfare of different communities, regions, and citizens.

The Irish Republican Army History

The formation of nationhood and its evolution is associated with the attempts to protect its culture, mentality, and independence from the expansionistic ambitions of neighboring countries trying to grasp new territories and increase their power.

Police Accountability and Vollmer’s Reform

Accountability is included in the form of a commitment to protect the rights of the people, partnerships and collaborations with communities, and the impartial enforcement of law.
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