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Politics & Government Essay Examples and Topics

The “Long War” and US National Defense Strategy

The National Command Authority faces a challenge of fighting hard to reduce the harm of Al-Qaeda to the United States. This poses a challenge since some countries can be against the United States and, thus, [...]

Post-Apartheid Restorative Justice Reconciliation

Asmal suggests that restorative justice and reconciliation were chosen out of a strong desire to end the illegitimate and violent governance of the old regime while ensuring that the nature of governance changes under the [...]

Dubai Government: Smart Transportation

In general, the functioning of transport and the possibilities of the infrastructure determine the potential of the city, affect the formation of economic activity, and affect the happiness of people.

Iraq Problem from Different Perspectives

The key feature of the analysis resides in the fact that they treat the US intervention reservedly, putting the main emphasis on the intervention of the neighboring countries.

Homelessness and School Readiness Evaluation

Rog expected to define and underline the necessities of homeless families and their mechanisms of coping with the situation, review the correlation between homelessness in families, child and domestic abuse, and incidents of rape, and [...]

Disabled People and US Legislation History

The legislation was referred to as the National Defense Act, which permitted the soldiers to be integrated in the society. In particular, Section 504 was critical to the lives of people with disabilities.

Gulf Cooperation Council’s Security Threats

The disjointed nature of the terroristic assault means that any country in the region is vulnerable to attack, and thus causes threat to the entire region. The security threats facing the GCC states include terrorism, [...]

Quality Management Techniques in the Public Sector

The skeptics of the public sector's quality management techniques cite the political interference and the bureaucracy in the public sector as the main challenges limiting the operation of the quality management techniques in the sector.

American Marriage Trends and Government Measures

The US government should intervene and employ the most effective measures to promote the institution of marriage. This can still lead to a reduction in divorce cases, and instill marriage values among the US citizens.

The Soviet Union Missiles Deployment in Cuba

According to Nathan, the deployment of the missiles by the USSR in Cuba represented an essential and triumphant retort to the vital interests of the Americans in Cuba that caused challenges to the Soviet Union.

Soliciting Funds for Non-Profit Organizations

The goal of instructional design as a learning solution is to communicate knowledge, the skills, and attitudes needed to solicit funds for a non-profit organization to the learner in the most simple and meaningful way.

Democratic Consolidation Definition

Starting the analysis of the given issue, it is vital to outline the background of the growth of democracy in various states and conditions that had a great impact on these processes.

Leader Selection in Liberal Democratic Minimalism

On the other hand, the deliberative model of democracy is one that promotes the importance of consensus and authentic agreements among individuals living in a particular state. Also, the model outlines the essence of power [...]

Government Duties in Cyberspace Securing

Thus, the government is the primary body that is responsible for addressing the strategic disadvantages of cyberspace and making sure that the country along with its citizens can use the full range of resources offered [...]

The United Arab Emirates-Argentina Trade Relations

Some of the regions that have attracted the interest of the UAE include Latin America. A research done by the Geological Survey explains that the Latin American region is the largest producer of minerals consumed [...]

Native Americans, Colonial Militia and US Military

The Native American Timeline shows how the Native Americans suffered in the hands of both the American colonialists in the 1600s before the country gained independence and in the hands of the United States military [...]

US Militia System Evolution to US Military

The United States military evolved from the early militia system that helped in bringing independence to the country to the modern advanced military system that is currently considered the best military system in the world.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in the UAE

The general objective of this paper was to understand the relationship between the smart government transformation index for the whole government on the one side and the factors of planning, infrastructure and support, and training [...]

Public Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

The UAE and the Dubai governments embarked on robust public sector reforms that covered a shift from e-government to the smart government to improve the quality of services to the public, performance management by regular [...]

Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Leadership

Among his achievements is the establishment of a permanent scheme of catastrophic planning, which allows for stabilizing the impact of a disaster within three days, and the implementation of the informal Waffle House Index used [...]

Mohammed Abdulla AlGergawi’s Leadership

Currently, Mohammed AlGergawi holds various economic positions in the Emirate of Dubai and the federal government of the United Arab Emirates."His Excellency Mohammad AlGergawi is the Chairman of Dubai Holding that has started working for [...]

Drug Traffickers Arrest: Intelligence Cycle

The case study about the arrest of 7 drug traffickers by Drug Enforcement Agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Homeland Security Investigations agents is a perfect case that required collection of information, processing it to [...]

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia was formed in 1964 with the aim of being the military supporter for the Colombian party and it is the first and biggest military of Latin America, they are most [...]

Political Competition and Transparency in Iran

Iran Guardian Council is part of a council in the Iranian constitution that has the right to provide changes in the constitution and "examine if the laws passed by the Majlis comply with the Iranian [...]

Public Policy and National Service in the UAE

A literature review is done to analyze the underlying issues that triggered the formulation of the policy before investigating the various aspects of the policy with respect to its implications for the Emirati citizens.

Hillary Clinton’ Education Policy

The policy will also support more teachers to provide quality education. However, the policy will improve the quality of education availed to every American learner.

Central Asian Countries in Global Politics

In the article, Collins presents a clan-centric view that is in sharp contrast to Jones Luong's regional view. In general, Collins observes that the power of clans and pacts is stronger in the region than [...]

The Dangers of Korean Unification

In conclusion, it is possible to note that the unification of South and North Korea is possible but it is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future.

The Current Political Problems of Sudan

The war led to the declaration of Southern Sudan's independence from North Sudan. The role of this authority was to help the government in managing both the citizens and resources at the local level.

North American Environmental Transnational Activism

Unlike in the past where scholars of international relations viewed the state-system as the fundamental focus of scholarly and practical attention, contemporary researchers are increasingly focussing on transnational activism as a major hub of influence [...]

Diversity in the American Armed Forces

In this paper, we will review the reasons why diversity is important for the U.S.military, discuss the steps that the military leadership has taken to promote diversity and talk about what recommendations were provided for [...]

Public Policy Formulation and Analysis in UAE

In order to understand the bureaucratic growth of this country and the number of employees working in the public sector since independence, the researcher will use a comparative analysis approach. In the same year, the [...]

Ukraine-Russian Crisis’ Evaluation

The Western powers intend to promote democracy, President Putin views the conflict as a violation of the rights of the population of the East of Ukraine and compares the revolutionary overthrowing of the legitimate President [...]

Karl Marx: How Class Struggle Is Shaping the World?

One of the most important aspects that should not be disregarded is that many scholars believe that some of the theories that were suggested by the philosopher are reasonable and can be applied to modern [...]

Palestinian-Israeli Crisis and It Causes

Therefore, the study examines the case study of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and discusses the cause, type of the conflict, effects of the conflict, crisis management process, and offer recommendations.

Law Enforcement Cultural Group: Detectives

This difference is important because it signals the work that the two groups do: police officers prevent crimes, so they need to be easily identifiable, but detectives investigate crimes so they need to look approachable [...]

To What Extent Is Burma Democracy?

This paper, therefore, examines the extent of democracy in Burma with the reference to the political engagement of pro-democratic leaders, the Burma political system, political history, political instability, the influence of the military on the [...]

Electronic Government in United Arab Emirates

Some of the government websites in the UAE are interactive; hence, it has been possible for people to obtain a host of services through the internet platform. Generally, The UAE has implemented a range of [...]