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Politics & Government Essay Examples and Topics

Police Violence Issues

Commission on Civil Rights argues that police officers are legally entitled to use force to protect the public, apprehend criminals and avoid risking their lives.

The Spratly Islands and Maritime Conflict

It is paramount to say that the area is incredibly important because it provides populations in this region with resources and is critical from the geopolitical point of view.

American Gun Control, Limits and Background Checks

This shows that extensive limitations on gun ownership and sale can have a considerable impact on gun-related deaths within a country and supports the argument that amendments should be made on the Second Amendment.

Global Citizenship and Qatarization

The study uses multiple methods to collect data, permitting the researcher to crosscheck the validity and accuracy of the respondents' statements. In the article, the research purpose and question, which narrows the focus of the [...]

Turkey’s EU Integration Challenges

The subsequent rivalry between the nations of the Christendom and the Islamic Empire contributed to the creation of an idea that Turkey has not been part for the European Identity.

Trust in E-Government

E-government deals with the use of internet and non-internet applications in aiding the government in the delivery of the services. In the context of G2C, the business is the government while the customers are the [...]

Freedom: Definition, Meaning and Threats

The existence of freedom in the world has been one of the most controversial topics in the world. As a result, he suggests indirectly that freedom is found in the ability to think rationally.

The Queen of England and Her Role in Canada

The issue of Canada's monarchy is very controversial: the population of the country cannot come to the same conclusion whether it is fair and justified that the Queen of England remains to be the head [...]

Dubai Government Human Resources Department

It would be expected of a human resource department management to realize the importance of human resources and the potential of the ideas that they can provide; however, I have noticed that initiative is not [...]

The Application of Soft Power in Qatar

The end goals of the country would be to: Increase the amount of foreign direct investments into the country in order to improve its range of local industries Develop better relations within the region as [...]

Russia’s Uncertainty Future

Power distance reveals the extent to which a culture considers the distribution of powers in governments and organizations. The attempts to evade the uncertain circumstances require the creation of more structure.

Voting Times and Its Problems

He addresses some of the most important issues that pertain to the right of people to vote, their equal ability to do so and the government that has a responsibility before the citizens to provide [...]

Public Administration Model in the UAE

It can be assumed that the current situation concerning the threat of a culture clash and the assimilation of the UAE people to the European and American cultural standards represents the major hindrance to the [...]

Public Administration Theories in the UAE Context

Public administration theories and claims that are important to be discussed in the context of the development of the public sector in the U.A.E.are associated with privatisation or contracting out and with the improvement of [...]

Public Administration: Bertelli’s and Riggs’ Views

In this kind of oversight, members of the public, the media and other interest groups ensure that elected officials offer desirable services by constantly reporting on elements of their performance that do not meet expectations.

Culture Clash in the UAE’s Public Administration

In other words, an impressive culture clash can be observed within the realm of the UAE public administration and is to be resolved as soon as possible so that the residents of the state could [...]

UNICEF: Ethics in Organizational Culture

Being the organization with a great number of workers who have different cultural peculiarities and ethnicity, UNICEF, of course, has its own and unique organizational culture, which also helps this organization to create a tolerant [...]

The Muslim Brotherhood in the UAE

The group was founded in Egypt in the year 1928 shortly after the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire. The Muslim Brotherhood has been branded a terrorist group in the UAE, and it is under the [...]

EU Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

It was with this issue therefore that the EU resolved to introduce the Electromagnetic Compatibility directives which would be enforced and monitored to ensure that the environment was kept free of electromagnetic waste and that [...]

Assassination: Moral, Legal, Political and Practical Views

This paper intends to support the policy of assassination by evaluating the moral, legal, political and practical dimensions of assassination. The immunity theory and consequentialist approach will be revisited to espouse the political dimensions of [...]

Media and Politics’ Relationship in Singapore

The general population in Singapore is dominated by the Chinese and has a minority of the Indians and the Malays. The media in Singapore is a government tool that has been used to promote government [...]

Ferguson Unrest’s Causes and Response

The reaction of the public to the event in Ferguson supports the idea that there is an unresolved problem and a menace of the social division in the American society because of the expressed violence [...]

Arctic Sovereignty Disputes in North America

The author talks of the experiences of the Inuit living in the North and shares their troubled adventures through forced displacement and efforts to administer self-governance coupled with protecting the exploitation of the north by [...]

US Sanctions Against Iran

The response of Total Oil Company to the ongoing economic restrictions against Iran has not differed greatly from the response of other international oil firms in the region.

The Limited War Theory

The basic principle of the limited war theory is the avoidance of armed war and the mutual destruction that is brought by it.

Liberalism: History, Ideologies, Justification

As of today, liberalism-related discourses incorporate a vast variety of liberalism's definitions, which in its turn; can be explained by the fact that the very concept of liberalism never ceased being the subject of an [...]

The U.S. Diplomatic Position toward Cuba

The feud between the United States and Cuba dates back to the beginning of Fidel Castro's reign in 1959. In the beginning of the year, there was increased tension between the two nations after the [...]

Russia as a World Trade Organization Member

The biggest reason why the West has been trying to incorporate Russia into the W.T.O.has been to ensure that they control the country's trade as stipulated in the organization's articles of association.

Syria Rebel Militia

The photojournalist recorded the two main events in the video; the shooting of the unarmed man and torturing of the captured man.

“The Manifesto of the Communist Party”

The authors of this manuscript provided their own explanation of the nature of the society, the gap between classes as its ever-present historical characteristic, and the predicted development and failure of the capitalist way of [...]

Roberts Court and Its Political Relations

The supreme court of the Unites States has been the upholder of the fundamental and basic human rights; however, in recent times the decisions passed by the court has demonstrated an inclination towards the conservative [...]

Political Violence on Government

Considering the enormous impact that political violence has on a nation and its people, it would be a worthwhile endeavor to review the justifiability of political violence.

Africa in World Politics: Pan-African Movement

The majority of the nations in Africa have established constitutions based on the constitutions of the nations that governed them. International humanitarian intervention is welcome in all regions of the continent, and most of the [...]

Canada’s Access to Information Act

The main concern by the government at the time of the Act's enactment, as voiced in the Discussion Paper of 1980, was that the access to information requests would overwhelm the government and as such, [...]

Cambodia-Vietnam Border Dispute

In conclusion, it is possible to note that the dispute over the Hindu temple between Cambodia and Thailand was partially resolved in 2013.

Ukrainian Crisis in the International Relations Theory

Seeing that the conflict in question incorporates the cultural issues together with the political and economic ones, the theories of nationalism and liberalism pertain among the methods of analyzing the Ukrainian crisis, which defines the [...]

Ukrainian Crisis: Russia and the West’ Tension

This, of course, allows us to refer to the earlier mentioned Nazi-coup in Ukraine, as such that cannot be discussed outside of what happened to be the geopolitical agenda of the U.S.at the present time [...]

What Is the Point of Equality Theory?

The antagonism that seems to crop up from the two interpretations gives rise to the concept of egalitarianism that seeks to diminish the differences that arise from the understanding of liberty and equality.

European Confederation Trade

The European Union is strictly an incorporated business region irrespective of the locality inside the confederation. Governance affairs and policies of the European Union influence trade in the region.

Three Problems that Obama Should Fix

The efforts by Obama to deliver this promise has been dealt a big blow due to the problems he is encountering and which he has to fix to continue with his bid to fulfill his [...]

Pakistan-Saudi Arabia International Relations

In particular, it can contribute to the creation of safeguards that can reduce the possibility of armed conflicts between the states. This is one of the details that should be distinguished.

Pakistan’s Actions towards Saudi

In this work, he investigates the main aspects of the question of collective security, suggesting the idea that creation of new alliances is the result of the change of conditions which determine functioning of different [...]

Humanitarian Military Intervention Outcomes

The responsibility is clearly spelled out in the principle of the duty to protect. France proved that it did not intend to offer humanitarian military intervention to the people of Rwanda.

Institutional Actors of International Relations

These are mainly foreign policies, which direct relations with other states and groups in international affairs. Individuals have found that by working with global NGOs, they can contribute to global affairs and influence international relations.

Doha Debate and Turkey’s Media Freedom

He argued that the Turkish model was a work in progress that could be emulated by the Arab countries not only because of the freedom that the government gave to the press, but also the [...]

Enhancing Global Governance by Cooper et al.

With the waxing of the strength of the Cold War and, ultimately, waning, the pressure on the International Criminal Court to guide the path in protecting the concerns and the rights of global business has [...]

Dependency Theory and Complex Interdependence

In the middle of the 20th century, complex interdependence and dependency theory were introduced as the opportunities to describe how the relations between states and societies of different types may be developed.

Ethnic Group Conflict in the United States

Key issues which are tackled in the discussion include conformity, social perception and cognition and how they relate to the conflict, the effect of the conflict on the economy and human rights of the citizens [...]

American Democracy and Equality Criticism

However, the absence of even the smallest traces of 'equality' in America can be confirmed not only within the context of what accounts for the living standards, on the part of the country's rich and [...]

Ronald Reagan as a Charismatic Leader

In this paper, the actions/ behaviors that led to the conclusion that Ronald Reagan was a charismatic leader will be evaluated. Reagan used the charismatic leadership style during his tenure as the president of the [...]

Democracy in Chile: Evidence and Effects

However, with the reinstatement of elected government in the year1990, the country was once again plunged into the global limelight. The above institutions have fostered democracy in the country.