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Corporate Social Responsibility of DU Company Report

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Updated: Jun 18th, 2019

DU Company was first established in 2006. It deals with the connection of mobiles and fixed telephones for individuals, businesses and homes. Five years after its opening, the company experienced a big improvement of about five million people and about forty thousand businesses using their services. These individuals and businesses eventually became their customers.

It has over two thousand working staff to ensure good and timely service delivery. People who use their services come from over sixty countries, they therefore they offer services in various languages so as to reach their customers. Half of the senior management and customer servicing staff are UEA nationals.

They are very committed in providing quality services to the customers. Its corporate governance structure is based on three brand values; friendly, confidence and honesty. It also argues that its workers should not only consider profits or dividends, but should also consider short term and long term effects of its operations to the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, has so many definitions, which depend on the context in which it is being used. For instance, in this context it can be defined as the way a company manages its businesses in order to impact the society in a good way.

That is, how the business can impact the society with the kind of results it obtains, and how the business is committed to improving economic development while improving the living standards of its workforce.

The various definitions of CSR raise a challenge in considering cases for and against CSR. The human rights case for CSR highlights the management by using stakeholder approach as hindering shareholders from getting their property rights. Through CSR, corporations give out money which do not belong to them but rather rightfully belong to the shareholders.

CSR is an act that a company takes to establish good relationship with its customers and to maintain its staff members. Studies show that real men do not do CSR, for instance, Bill Gates of Microsoft, which has obtained a high profile in the recent market and gained substantial dominance.

Gates has however proved to be able to give out a lot of money by his own choice. However, very few businesses operate plainly; some companies have been successful in their social responsibility activities. For example, the Coca Cola Company has achieved more because of its good corporate social responsibility.

Some corporations argue that they do not have time in doing it and prefer going out to sell and make their profit. However, it is meaningless to take consider short term profits. What is important is the long term profitability of the company, which can be achieved through substantial responsibility towards the society and the environment.

So many times the society views companies as bodies which are out there to take advantage of the poor in the society in order to make huge profits for themselves. This can be solved by recognizing CSR as a business framework of creating good for society, and looking into the performance to ensure that its customers are well taken care of so as to improve the quality of its services.

In DU company, the existing shares are owned by various share holders; UEA government owns about thirty nine percent, Abu Dhabi government and Dubai holding own about nineteen percent each, while the rest of the percentage is owned by individual shareholders who are either UEA nationals or non-UEA. The main purpose of the corporation is to maximize the returns of the shareholders (DU, 2012).

Since it is a customer based company with various targets, it makes it their priority to provide sponsorships and events to the society.

There are so many benefits in getting involved with the company, for example; reduced cost, increased business leads, increased reputation, increased staff motivation and development of their skills, better relationships with the community and its environs, management of the risks that might happen to the company and innovations carried out on services, products and processes.

Because of these various benefits, CSR is becoming a major part of all the business processes, and thus it has been incorporated into the company (DU, 2012).

The commitments that this company has include; ensuring that their employees get a chance to exercise their potential; they aim at providing career opportunities rather than just providing a jobs. They take the responsibility of giving back to society thorough providing sponsorships of important events. They also take good care of the environment by minimizing waste output.

The company’s major policy is to seek to be a good corporate citizen in every activity they perform. They ensure that they bring various existing operating principles into a single framework (DU, 2012). In ensuring that every activity they perform is in a corporate manner, they face challenges.

This is because the management requires consultations from all the shareholders, which may take more time to come to a common ground. It therefore becomes a drawback to the company in that, it fails to compete with the government organizations where major decisions are made by the politicians and they little or no say in the decisions that have been made.


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