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Code of Ethics: Apex Inc. Descriptive Essay

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Updated: May 31st, 2019

Apex Inc. is an information technologies company that develops software solutions for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. In particular, the products of this organization are used for such purposes as telemedicine, knowledge management, electronic transfer of patients’ data, and other purposes.

The main users of our products are medical workers. The following code of ethics regulates the actions of this organization and its employees.

Integrity and relationship with customers

  1. Our company will disclose information about the possible advantages and disadvantages of our products, because our customers rely on the accuracy of data that we provide to them.
  2. The customer of Apex Inc. will not have to face any hidden costs that can be related to the development of software solutions.
  3. The products developed by Apex Inc. will be aimed at meeting the needs of users, in particular medical workers. Moreover, we will not attempt to reduce the cost of development at the expense of patients’ wellbeing.
  4. Apex Inc will ensure the confidentiality of our clients, their financial performance, or any other data that be used against hospitals or their patients.
  5. Our company will attempt to meet the deadlines and requirements that our clients will set and warn them about the possible challenges.

Corporate social responsibility and HR policies

  1. Apex Inc. will promote diversity in their workplace. In particular, the organizational policies of the company will prohibit every form of discrimination against employees that can be based on gender, race, disability, religion or any other criteria that are irrelevant to the performance of a worker.
  2. The company will introduce accurate and objective performance appraisal methods that take into account the contribution of each worker.
  3. The managers of the company will be obliged to justify the reasons for the termination of employee’s contract or the promotion of a worker.
  4. The employees of Apex Inc. are obliged inform the superiors or HR managers about the violation of legal or ethical rules. People, who do it, may choose to remain anonymous, if they want to.
  5. Apex Inc. is responsible to preventing any form of discrimination against whistleblowers or people who inform governmental agencies about possible malpractices.

The interaction with governmental and non-governmental organization

  1. The company will be obliged to disclose any kind of information that can be required by law-enforcement agencies of the United States.
  2. Apex Inc. will develop software solutions and information technologies that pose minimum threat to the environment and to the users of our products.
  3. The company will not object to the unionization of their employees. Moreover, it will establish close partnership with environmental agencies, consumer associations, and trade unions.
  4. Apex Inc. will fully disclose information that is related to the financial performance of the company.

Business partners

  1. Contractors and business partners of Apex Inc. are expected to reach the same ethical standards that the company sets for its employees or executive officers.
  2. Provided that the contractors or consultants of Apex Inc become engaged in unethical practices, the company will terminate the relations with these organizations or individuals.

So, this code of ethics is related to different elements of corporate social responsibility, for example, integrity in relationship with clients, adequate compensation of workers, and the promotion of equality in the workplace. Moreover, this document explains how the company should interact with governmental and non-governmental organizations like environmental agencies or trade unions.

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