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Taking a Responsibility Essay

Introduction: When “Responsibility” Is More than Just a Word

There are different ways to define the phenomenon of responsibility. Some call it the recognition of the basic needs (Evans 8), others consider it the process of rethinking one’s set of values. As for me, responsibility is what stands for the challenge.

Responsibilities in My Life: The Reason to Wake up in the Morning

As for now, my basic responsibilities are studying well and learning to take care of myself. However, these ones are quite hard as well. In a completely new environment, I sometimes feel like these responsibilities are rather solid. However, digging a bit deeper, one can possibly say that there are a lot of small-scale responsibilities in my life which I hardly even notice. Performed every day mechanically, without actually thinking of what I am doing and why these small responsibilities result from my relationships with the people around me and the culture and traditions of the country which I live in. For example, I also have such responsibilities as shopping taking care of my pet dog, trimming a Christmas tree, taking part in various social events, etc.

How Far My Feeling of Responsibility Stretches: Learning to Say “No”

There is no secret that having a responsibility presupposes the necessity to take account of the results of certain actions. Being the reverse side of the coin, the given peculiarity of the phenomenon makes it even more difficult to do what I am supposed to. Indeed, as Cote explains, “Although many people welcome the ability of choice, they may not be so happy with having to assume the responsibility for the outcome of those choices” (Cote 2). Therefore, I must admit that when knowing that I will not be able to handle the possible negative results, I prefer not to take additional responsibility. Although having one might seem more complicated, it is in fact even harder to say “No” when someone presses me into having a responsibility. Perhaps, it is the pride for having an important issue to tackle that makes one accept an unreasonable challenge.

Without a Care in the World: Shaking off the Weight

On the one hand, it is quite clear that all these responsibilities are exactly what I need to become a reliable and strong-willed person. However, when I feel completely exhausted, I do wish that my responsibilities could take a holiday while I enjoy some rest. That is exactly what the following idea crosses my mind: what if I had no responsibilities at all? And the next question I ask myself is whether it is possible to have no responsibilities whatsoever.

At first glance, the idea is completely brilliant. Indeed, life becomes easier when there is little to care about. However, if considering this idea closer, one will inevitably come to the conclusion that responsibilities fill people’s lives with meaning. Hence, with nothing or no one to care about, one’s life will become meaningless.

Conclusion: There Are Still a Lot of Things Left to Take Care of

Therefore, even if I had an opportunity to become a person without a care in the world, I would never want to. Even though the pressure of responsibilities which I have at present can sometimes get too tight, it is still better than a dull life without anything or anyone to be responsible for.

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