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Britvic: Creating a Brand flavor Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Dec 4th, 2019

The Benefits of Gatorade

Gatorade is the brand name for the non-carbonated sports drink bottled by Britvic plc under the license of PepsiCo. Gatorade is the drink of choice for persons undertaking physical activities particularly strenuous sports games and long workouts that require a lot of energy and water.

As a result, Gatorade is formulated to provide quick re-hydration of the body, and replace the expended carbohydrates and lost electrolytes. Therefore, there are many benefits associated with Gatorade. For example, Gatorade is an effective beverage in occasions where fluid, carbohydrate, and electrolyte replenishment is desirable (Rovell 202).

Here, it is worth noting that Gatorade contains adequate amounts of carbohydrates, water, and minerals, which aid in the production of the much-needed energy, provision of sodium and potassium ions, and rehydrating the body during physical activities.

Furthermore, the sodium ions in the beverage are important in terms of giving Gatorade a favorable taste that encourages people to continue drinking, and thus, complete fluid retention in the body is achieved after consuming Gatorade. And as a result of increased fluid retention, the physiological functions of the body are maintained at an optimal level (Holland 67).

Furthermore, Gatorade enables individuals to avoid various problems associated with physical activities including dehydration, fainting, heat cramps, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion. Conversely, besides carbohydrates in Gatorade speeding up re-hydration, the formulation also avails expendable energy (carbohydrates) to active muscles, and thus, speeding up physical performance (Rovell 202-205).

Moreover, Gatorade consists of some sucrose and fructose, which add sweetness to the beverage besides stimulating fluid absorption and availing energy to working muscles. Overall, despite that Gatorade is recommended for physically active individuals, any person including diabetics and children can consume the drink because it has proven to be effective in terms of providing expendable energy, electrolytes, and water for people to stay active and hydrated at all times (Holland 69).

Sources of Brand Equity for Gatorade

Studies note that when a company offers certain competitive advantages for one of its brands, the profits or benefits that accrue from this exercise are known to as brand equity. As a result, there are many techniques through which companies achieve brand equity for their products.

Conversely, sources of brand equity can be categorized into product familiarity, product attributes, product availability, and corporate image (Navarro 104). Hence, Gatorade achieves brand equity because it is a familiar brand internationally.

Furthermore, the brand is produced and marketed by companies that have earned global recognition in terms of producing quality soft drinks. However, a notable source of Gatorade’s familiarity entails the brand’s association with characters and celebrities in the sports arena.

Here, the brand has attracted a huge crowd of adults and kids who idolize sport-persons such as Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Peylon Manning, Kevin Garnett, and Dwyane Wade. This phenomenon is known as source credibility in advertising, and thus, sportsmen like Michael Jordan have helped in terms of familiarizing the Gatorade brand (Navarro 106).

Market Targeting and Positioning for Gatorade

Gatorade faces competition from other soft drink brands such as Powerade whose target market entails young people in the age of 18-24 years and the trendier types of individuals. Therefore, there is the need for the Gatorade brand to cast its net wider and target people of all ages particularly those involved in activities that require one to stay alert and awake for long (Loudon et al. 174).

Here, the target market should include school children, individuals sitting in offices for long hours, and coaches. Furthermore, there is the need to give coaches who purchase the beverage in bulk certain discounts in order to encourage them to buy more next time. On the other hand, it is worth noting that there are many soft drinks in the market, which offer the same benefits as Gatorade.

Therefore, the brand will do well if it includes an ingredient that offers additional energy and hydrates the body for long (Loudon et al. 175). Furthermore, the brand should also include a vitamin-enhanced hydrator so that it can compete with other brands such as Vitamin Water, which commands a large proposition of Gatorade’s target market. Overall, marketing should aim at familiarizing the brand to all types of sports including the upcoming forms of entertainment such as Mixed Marital Arts (MMA).

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