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Bravo’s Team and Elevation of Burberry Brand Report

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Updated: May 27th, 2020


Rose Marie bravo became the CEO of Burberry Company in 1997 and introduced tremendous changes in the company. Before the arrival of Rose Bravo, the company was experiencing low sales volume and faced various challenges related to marketing and competition. After her arrival, Bravo assembled a team of individuals, who were competent, qualified, and knew customer requirements.

Moreover, Bravo selected a team that understood what it took to steer the company to its success. A significant number of individuals hired by Bravo were employees, who worked with the company, and thus, did not require much training or orientation before embarking on the mission of steering the company towards success.

Therefore, the report examines the strategies such as rebranding and diversification, increased distribution and enhanced awareness creation, and improved quality of products, which Bravo’s team used in elevating the status of the company.

Rebranding and Diversification

To increase the appeal of the company, Bravo’s team rebranded the organization and diversified its products. Some of the products that the company introduced into the market are men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, accessories, and prorsum. The main objective of diversification is to increase customer base and widen the level of potential customers that the company aims to satisfy (Moon, 2004).

As opposed to the initial role of the company, which was the distribution of limited products and licensing, the new products increased the amount of consumers, who were willing to purchase its products.

The Bravo’s team aimed at transforming the company by providing innovative and trendy luxury products to target customers. Therefore, the role of diversification was to increase the appeal that the company’s products had on its potential clients.

By rebranding the company and giving it a new name, from Burberry’s to Burberry, the team hired by Bravo wanted to change the initial perception of customers that the company was old and instill the perception of a newly rebranded company.

Through rebranding, the appeal to diverse products such as men’s wear, women’s wear, accessories, and children’s wear increased, and thus, led to a corresponding amplification in the level of products purchased from the company. To increase its appeal in the market, the company worked hard to satisfy the needs of customers from all demographics like the children, adults, men, and women.

According to Moon (2004), the company aimed to meet the needs of the young and the newly employed individuals, as well as satisfy the needs of older people, who were no longer trendy or dynamic. The company also used celebrities like Madonna to market its products to various potential clients, an element that increased the level of purchases in its stores.

Increased Distribution and Awareness Creation

Company owned stores, which played an instrumental role in distributing the products from manufacturing site to the potential consumers and creating awareness in their minds. The stores highlighted the vision of the company and advertised, which increased awareness of products. The stores also acted as a testing ground for new designs and products of the company.

After diversification and collaboration with successful firms, the company developed its stores in strategic points where its target consumers were located (Moon, 2004). The company used the stores to showcase its products to potential and new clients, who stopped at the shop with the intention of buying products or doing window-shopping.

New products introduced by the company were also availed in the stores for customers to see and experience them. The reaction of the customers after checking on the new products determined whether the product would continue to commercialization level or undergo further modifications. Moreover, the stores acted as points where the company’s vision was highlighted through products and services rendered by its employees.

Improvement of Product Quality

To elevate the overall status of the company, Bravo’s team emphasized on product quality using technology-oriented equipments. In addition, the company collaborated with other companies licensed to operate in the industry, and thus, increased its sales and product quality. Consequently, improved product quality augmented its customer base and sales volume in the market.

The company differentiates itself from its competitors like Armani, Gucci, and Polo (Moon, 2004). One of the components used by the company to distinguish itself from its competitors was the inspirational nature of its products that incorporated functionality.

For instance, the trench coat that cuts across several generations demonstrated the component of function and inspiration through its ability to satisfy clients, who require warmth, while maintaining their dynamic requirements. It is imperative to understand that improvement of product quality was achievable through management of distribution points.

Acquisition of new distribution points, termination of unproductive relationships, and renegotiation of contracts were some of the strategies used in the management of distribution points and improvement of product quality. Therefore, it is conclusive to highlight that improvement of product quality played an integral role in the enhancement of the company’s reputation.


Rose Marie Bravo was very instrumental in developing a team that transformed Burberry from a tired and old company into a new luxury and technology-oriented firm. Through her effective team, Bravo managed to rebrand and diversify the products and increase the sales volume of the company.

Rebranding and diversification of the company’s products broadened the spectrum served as it increased the amount of products it supplied into the market.

Modifications such as changes in the product line, diversification, awareness creation, and packaging of products focused on improvement of product quality and alteration of perceptions held by potential clients concerning the company. Fundamentally, Bravo’s team played a significant role in the transformation of the company to achieve its goals.


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