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Swiss Chocolate Compare and Contrast Essay

Have you ever tasted something so enticing such that your knees became so weak, or you were left with your eyes rolling back and forth, with a little moan of “this is it?’’.

How about a taste that is so overwhelming such that you need some breaks in between your bites in order to prevent your system from shutting? Such is the exact feeling you get when you have a bite of a delicious Swiss chocolate.

Upon opening a box containing the Swiss chocolate, the smell that wafts to your nose along with the sight is mouthwatering. Swiss chocolate comes in an expertly packaged pack that is both romantic and enticing to look at.

Both the package and the chocolate itself offer a perfect combination making it suitable for yourself, as well as a gift to a loved one. 1All types of Swiss chocolate are tailored to meet the unique demands of every person when considered that they will leave you with a delicious and mouthwatering experience upon a bite.

I had thought that Swiss chocolates were meant for women only, however, at the taste of Swiss chocolate I was reassured that this type of chocolate is not female eaten only; male can also eat it.

The existence of varieties of chocolate results from the fact that many chocolate manufacturers use different ratios of chocolate ingredients. For example, some brands would tend to vary their ratios of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, and milk content.

In the same context, a number of other companies would prefer the use of cocoa butter and seeds without any milk content. However, even though there are various types of chocolate, what matters most is the ultimate taste. Is the chocolate delicious or bittersweet? Does it meet the consumer needs?

For the case of the Swiss chocolate, its ingredients include a considerable amount of milk. As such, the Swiss chocolate is very rich, comforting as well as smooth and delicious. The Swiss chocolate come with additives that are responsible for its incredible taste.

Comparison between Swiss chocolate and Dark Chocolate

There are several differences that exist between Swiss chocolate and other common dark chocolates. To begin with, many people know Swiss chocolate due to its nationality and delicious taste. In Europe, Swiss chocolate is termed as the master of all other chocolates. 2The idea of adding cocoa butter to chocolates started with Swiss people.

As such, milk chocolates are what are commonly referred to as Swiss chocolate. Due to its ingredients that are added to make tastier, this type of chocolate’s texture is quite smoother in comparison to the dark chocolate. In addition, when compared to the dark chocolate, one can notice the difference in cream content.

The Swiss chocolate is highly creamy because of the high milk content. While the dark chocolate contains cocoa butter and solid cocoa, the Swiss chocolate comprise of sugar, milk, butter, cocoa solids and a considerable amount of condensed milk. The difference in ingredient composition is what brings in the ultimate difference in taste.

For example, the dark chocolate is bittersweet while the Swiss chocolate is highly delicious and sweet. 3However, there are benefits that come with the intake of dark chocolate. It is believed that dark chocolate reduces chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Perhaps anybody would be having interest in any fine detail about the origin of Swiss chocolate. Outlined below is a description of the origin of Swiss chocolate.

A mouthwatering experience on chocolate tastes was never known until the emergence of the Swiss chocolate in about 1819. 4The origin of the Swiss chocolate dates back to a time when Heinrich Escher got news about the manufacture of chocolates from Brussels.

However, the process of making Swiss chocolate did not take effect immediately until Francois-Louis Cailler gained enough knowledge on all the involved process. For this reason, the first Swiss factory was started in Vevey at a former mill.

After several years of trying to learn all included processes and procedures, Daniel Peter produced the first milk chocolate in 1875. Later, approximately four years after the manufacture of the first milk chocolate, Rodolphe Lindt produced a type of chocolate that could melt on one’s tongue.

These two kinds of chocolates were the openers of a variety of mouthwatering Swiss chocolate later to come. For this reason, a couple of delicious Swiss chocolate that holds a world’s reputation for delicacy and taste owes much to Henri Nestle, Daniel Peter, Philippe Suchard and Rodolphe Lindt.

These were the pioneers of Swiss chocolate. Safely, I can articulate that chocolate, or the least mouthwatering, delicious and smooth confection that many people love and know nowadays had its invention in Switzerland.

The availability of many varieties of Swiss chocolate in Switzerland has made the country increase its per capita rate as far as the consumption of chocolate is concerned. 5The country produces in average 150,000 tons of chocolate on a yearly basis.

Most of the chocolate produced in Switzerland has market within the borders of Switzerland. In any of the trips and hikes with friends such as exploring the Jungfrau, Eiger to Matterhorn, and Haute Route, it is a requirement that the guides include a stash of delicious Swiss chocolate.

As such, while hiking in the comfortable and cool weather of the mountains, a bite of the mouthwatering Swiss chocolate adds energy to the hike. Outlined below is a list containing a number of types of Swiss chocolate that I find favorable.

Lindt & Sprugli

This brand of Swiss chocolate is also referred to as the Lindt. It is a Swiss premium chocolate, and its confectionary company has the headquarters in Kilchberg. As a company, Lindt acquired Ghirardelli, which was an American chocolatier. The Lindt chocolates are one of a type that will leave your mouth watering upon a bite.

This brand of chocolate melts in one’s mouth immediately after a bite, sending sensational shivers all over the body. This type of chocolate has a lasting impact. Usually, it has a tendency to make one long for more every time they have one piece.

The Cailler Chocolates

The Cailler stands as one of the oldest manufacturers of chocolate in Switzerland. It has earned itself a name among the world’s chocolates that are known in terms of fineness. It covers a number of delicious brands such as the Cailler and Frigor.

However, a significant percentage of the produced Cailler brands are consumed locally, unlike the Lindt, which is exported to international markets. Nevertheless, the brand prides in its touch of fineness.

One of the facts that distinguish Cailler chocolates from a number of other chocolate brands is that its milk chocolate comes from milk that has undergone condensation. Such is different from what other milk chocolate brands use. Other brands usually make use of powdered milk.


Emil Baumann and Theodor Tobler created the Toblerone in the year 1908. Their milk chocolate includes a mixture of honey, almonds, and nougat. This delicious combination is shaped in the form of a triangle.

Toblerone produces a brand that they call the portmanteau. A bite of portmanteau will leave your mouth watering since its taste is out of this world.


Dolf Teuscher started the Teuscher in 1940s. Years later, this brand of chocolate was popular among many people all over the world owing to its far-flung network as well as delicious chocolates. The Teuscher chocolates are available in more than 100 varieties.

The main difference that is found in this brand of chocolate is that, its manufacturer uses natural ingredients. For this reason, the Teuscher is the best types of Swiss chocolates that I have come across. They contain no preservatives, additives or additional chemicals; just natural ingredients.

Many people from different parts of the globe fancy the Teuscher chocolates because they are delicious, and the ingredients used are naturally available and thus no cases of side effects upon consumption.

Over the recent years, Swiss chocolates have become highly common among people from all parts of the world. 6The reason for such popularly can be attributed to the fact that these chocolates have the right proportions in terms of ingredients composition.

In addition, the Swiss chocolates are tailored to meet the needs of the final consumer in terms of taste and preference. Unlike most other brands, and manufacturers of chocolates, the content composition in Switzerland for chocolate is highly valued.

Usually, the use of the right proportions of ingredients such as condensed milk, cocoa butter, and cocoa seeds, brings in the taste for Swiss chocolates. From the previously stated, it suffices that Swiss chocolate have earned worldly recognition for its various brands of chocolate.

Such credit is attributable to the fact that the Swiss chocolates are manufactured in different tastes to cater for various taste difference among people from diverse backgrounds. Are you in need of a delicious and tasty chocolate that will leave your mouth watering with the urge for more?

Look around and get yourself any of the different brands of delicious Swiss chocolate.


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