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Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

City Branding of Dubai

Unlike a product, the face value of a city lies in the eyes of the investors and the citizens. According to the author, the product is the cutting edge that determines the initial attitude of [...]

The Saudi British Bank

There are a number of political parties, but most of them are in alliance under two major parties one is from the liberation forces that lead the county to the independence and the other is [...]

BMW Entry Plan into International Market

6% in 2012 and GDP per capita was $547 in 2010; however, income from exports contributed 50% of the national GDP; however, the next table shows more information: 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 GDP Annual [...]

Taiwan Taxi System: Cloud Computing

Research Question: Efficacy of Cloud Computing for Organisation and Security of Business Processes In what way can cloud computing assist the Taiwan Taxi Company in improving the quality of its services and the efficacy of [...]

Marketing Principles at Tip-Top Accessories

Given the proclivity of the business environment to lean towards the conception of assimilation of knowledge, market strategists have to expand their scope to meet the growing demands in the market to keep the business [...]

Essentials of Service Marketing

The choice of the concepts is dependent on the product under sale and the organizational objectives. The company adheres to selling and product marketing concepts of promotion as it focuses on the product's quality and [...]

Keys to Success in Cross-Border Marketing

When planning to move to the international market, the marketing unit of Donia Allegue must realize that the international market may require different approaches in order to ensure that the operations of the firm are [...]

Marketing Strategy for a Shopping Mall

In any business marketing action, the variables of an effective marketing are the human capital, the product of the business, finance aspect of the business, the promotional techniques, the pricing strategy, and the marketing channels [...]

Global Integrated Marketing Communication

Development of Global International Marketing Communication According to Lee and Park, one of the factors that led to the development of GIMC was reduced credibility and impact of marketing messages in the global markets.

Concept of Route-to-market

With these considerations, it is important to examine the available options for the MS Technologies Limited and determine the RTM options that will fit the company's products, size and industry in the target markets.

A New “Joe” On the Block

In this context, Joe must consider three factors that include assessing the reliance of the previous research, requirements of a primary research and reliability of both secondary and primary research methods. The objective of the [...]

DuPont Analysis

The DuPont analysis is a method of evaluating the effect of three components of the return on equity on a single equation.

The Case of Mekanism in Engineering Viral Marketing

The main point is that through the chart representation of the sample campaigns, which it conducted on numerous multinational corporations between 2007 and 2010, the company realized the importance of targeting to ensure evenness in [...]

Tips From Former Smokers (Campaign)

Over the years, the campaigns have led to both the increase and the decrease of smoking all over the world. The second type of anti-smoking campaign employed was the use of celebrities to encourage people [...]

Marketing Plan for Galaxy S6

The last part of the plan will highlight the marketing strategies that will be used to launch the smartphone. The threat of new entrants is low because of the high cost of joining and operating [...]

Efficient Markets

In regards to the semi-strong version of the hypothesis, both the existing and new public information affect the prices of stocks.

Marketing Plan: Star Inc.

The market analysis is highly significant since it will help the firm to establish the customer expectations and needs; hence, it will guide the firm to align the production specifications with the market needs with [...]

Marketing Plan for a Sports Drink

In order to design effective marketing strategies or plan for the above product, it is crucial to take into account the desired company's goals, available resources and capacity of the firm to meet the demand [...]

Effectiveness of Complete Care Division

The research will aim at providing informed solutions to the problems highlighted, explore the truancy of the stated problems in regard to the business activities, and assess the possibility of refining the established routines.

Swiss Chocolate

The existence of varieties of chocolate results from the fact that many chocolate manufacturers use different ratios of chocolate ingredients. For the case of the Swiss chocolate, its ingredients include a considerable amount of milk.

Marketing Analysis of 3D Printing

3D Systems is currently a South Carolina based corporation focused on manufacturing and design of one of the most discussed and popular innovations of the modern world - 3D printers.

New Product Development: Stew Leonard’s

In order to improve the ability of the new product to provide customers with the needed energy within a short duration after consumption, it is imperative for the firm to ensure that the snack product [...]

Limit and Stop Orders

On the other hand, a higher price or the sell limit order price is the only one applicable when implementing a sell limit order.

Brief Description of Nike, Inc

This paper focuses on the kind of market structure that Nike, Inc.belongs to, the price elasticity of its demands, the price elasticity of its products, the company's closest competitors, the substitutes or subsidiaries of Nike, [...]

BlackBerry Management Perspectives

Moon attributed the huge loss in the BlackBerry's market segment to the fast expanding deals of Samsung and HTC android phones, which are slowly replacing the BlackBerry in the market.

Yorktown Technologies

The firm requires a powerful marketing strategy in order to get the best outcomes. The company should also use online marketing in order to attract more customers.

Traditional Marketing

Even though the two types of marketing are different, it is possible for an organization to use both and create a win-win relationship with customers.

Louis Vuitton in Japan

Overall, although Japan accounts for most of Louis Vuitton's profit, the company could benefit from adopting new strategies to improve its dominance in this market.

Feasibility Study: Shake Burgers

The industry's growth has been stimulated by a number of factors, which include an increase in the consumers' purchasing power, especially amongst the young generation, and a rise in the level of inbound tourism.

Novel PR Company

The website content will be in the form of the text used on the corporate or business website of a company.

World’s Expos 2020

The next expo will be facilitated in the year 2020 in Dubai after the latter won the bid. Although real estate market will be one of the beneficiaries of Expo 2020, the hospitality industry is [...]

Evaluation of World Markets

The competition for market share is not as stiff as it is in other markets because India is an emerging market; hence, the British company in question has the ability to develop a successful company [...]

Good Hotel: Doing Good, Doing Well?

The managers at the hotel also use the best ideas and practices in order to support its immediate community. The first alternative is continuing the good concept of the hotel.

Whole Foods Market Input Analysis

Essentially, the firm's resources are highly utilized to increase the performance of the strategy. Essentially, the firm's environmental resources are highly congruent to its strategy.

The Tata Simulation

Thus, at the point of intersection, the marginal cost of the product equals the revenue. We will analyze the importance of the simulation exercise in the oligopoly market structure.

Odd and Even Pricing

The effectiveness of odd-end pricing arises from the view that this pricing strategy is effective in communicating a positive image regarding the price of the product to consumers.

Primark’s Entry into the Brazilian Market

In the final section, a step-by-step approach to the implementation of the proposed strategy is discussed, followed by an analysis of the benefits and potential barriers to successful implementation and evaluation of the market entry [...]

Primark’s Market Entry

According to Dunning, the concept entails the managerial and financial capabilities of the firm to survive in the given foreign market.

Mobile Social Media Marketing

The advancements in the service sector, therefore, have occasioned the increased attention to the modern implementation of the mobile social constructs as better ways for companies to develop and enhance the global marketing trends.

New Product Development (NDP)

The paper also conducts interviews on customers and company employees about the reception of Google China's new products with the aim of developing an understanding on the effectiveness of NPD practices of the company.

Strategic Marketing Issues for Virgin

From the findings, it is clear that Virgin has a lot of strengths and opportunities, but needs to develop strategies to deal with brand dilution and intense competition in the marketplace.

Pepsi’s Advertising Campaign

The advertising campaign does not consider the best strategies in order to differentiate its product from the competition. The company uses the best distribution networks and campaigns in order to promote the product.

Marketing System as a Product Intake and Retention

Marketing system communication is comprised of the elements which are proactive in increasing product visibility and sustainable communication It is imperative for businesses to establish the link between product performance and the natures of a [...]

Scottish Routes Company

The main objective and goal of the Scottish Routes Company's digital marketing strategy is to attract the European market through the tour website and sell tour packages to tourists who have plans of visiting Scotland.

Walt Disney Company

Concerning the place, the company uses the Walt Disney Company TV channel to keep in touch with the target segment. The company uses the elements of affordable pricing, advertisement, and product uniqueness to attract customers.

McDonald’s Company Analysis

In addition, the firm needs to understand issues related to the quality of service it offers that need to be improved to help it attain its objectives in the industry.

Analysis of POX

Albeit the stealth-playing feature appeared to be the most significant value-addition feature for the product, the ability of players to create their POX feature also stood out as an important value additional feature of the [...]

Marketing for Managers

The aim of marketing management is to collect information relating to the tastes and preferences of consumers and creating goods that satisfy their needs.

“How to Fight a Price War” by Rao et al

In their critical discussion, Rao et al outline the strategies that managers may want to use to fight the price war as follows: taking inventory by understanding the causes and characteristics of the price war [...]

A New Organic Chocolate in the Market

In case of the Countline Healthy Chocolate Bars, socio-cultural factors would have a great influence on the business, and the marketer would make sure that the contents of the product do not contain anything that [...]

The Electronics Industry

According to Ferrell, one of the most powerful tools that a firm has in the market is the ability to reach out for the customers with the desired message in the best way possible.

Marketing Business Plan

The organization's strategy will thus be tailored in such a way so as to offer the needed services to the mass market. This will enhance the ability of the organization to extend its operations to [...]

Explanation of Marketing Campaigns

The plan should be able to deliver the objectives of the institution and improve performance. This is due to the techniques cost implications that exceed the cost of internet and TV advertisement programs.

Marketing Strategy of Volkswagen

The company added that the appropriate utilization of competitive advantages provided the company huge opportunity to uphold its ecological principles, brand image, introduction of attractive vehicle models with low emissions targets, strong position in the [...]

Importance of Marketing Objectives

New market objectives include introduction of new products to existing customers, introduction of existing commodities to new customers or introduction of new products to new customers.

ARAMARK’s Database Marketing Project

Based on this difference of consumers of the products of ARAMARK, the primary objective of this project is to deploy the data warehouse of the company especially pertaining to the past purchases of consumers in [...]

Starbucks Corporation’s Finances

In its objective of serving the best available coffee, the company sources its coffee purchases of the best quality from around the world in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Factors Affecting Marketing Strategy

The checklist is also meant to help the company to effectively service the requirements of the target market. In other words, target market is the group of individuals and businesses that are targeted for sales [...]

Critical Marketing

In terms of marketing processes, critical theory covers the ideology and assumptions underlying the fundamental marketing theories, the methods and models of doing marketing, and the relevance of various marketing ideas and concepts.

Stakeholders for Toyota

In Toyota's case, the company had to address the needs of their customers and employees to prevent future occurrence of the problem.

Hospitality Service in Asia

Current announcements from Hilton Hotels and resorts show their strong commitment to grow aggressively in the Asia Pacific region and redevelopment of their hospitality brands across the globe.

Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

The assets that the company intends to acquire and own include tools used for the moulding of the metallic jewellery, engraving tools, brushes, cameras, protective clothing, land for setting up the business, and a warehouse [...]

Global Business Study – The Hofstede Study

Therefore the problems that Azure Sky Tea will face in its endeavor to expand business are as follows: The differences in the core culture between the national cultures The difference between the corporate culture induced [...]