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Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

Coffee and Media

Some of the questions to be addressed in this paper include the steps taken to evolve the products to fit the needs of the present generations and the advertising channels employed to stay on top [...]

Overview of Distribution Channels

A distribution channels are a group of people and firms involved in the transfer of title or ownership as the product moves from the producer to the ultimate consumer.

The sales force organization

The organization of the sales force helps the organization to choose the channel, which will be most appropriate in marketing the products. The organization of the sales workforce also determines the assigning of roles to [...]

Stub Hub- Ticket Scalping and online sales

The main products that the firm deals in are the sale of sports, theater and concert tickets in the country. The two founders identified a gap in the market of ticket sales following a personal [...]

The Use of Social Media in Marketing

There is every indication that social media marketing is rapidly replacing the conventional marketing platforms that have been used for a long time. The dissemination of marketing messages is the main principle behind viral marketing [...]

Product Innovation and Pricing

The product that will be introduced in the market is mobile money transfer. The range of cash that will be allowed will be between US$ 50 and a maximum of US$ 1500.

JC Penney Pricing Strategy

The fundamental objective of this strategy is to increase the customer base. Of course, the result would be a significant decline in the number of customer visits to the company stores.

Marketing in Modern Businesses

I think that it is the process that involves the creation of products, explanation of their value or promotion, and the delivery of these products to the customers.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Employee empowerment is one of the strategies that companies use to improve their competitiveness. Employee empowerment is one of the strategies that companies adopt to increase employee productivity.

Description of a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is defined as a business document prepared with the aim of giving detailed information about the current position of a business in the market and the marketing strategies it plans to employ [...]

Competitive Point-of-Difference

Since the main objective of a point of difference is to locate a benefit that differentiates the brand from others of the same type, a company has to find a feature that will motivate its [...]

Collabo Product

This is meant to cover the cost of the features and the profit margins so that the firm can be efficient in its operations.

E-Marketing For Small Businesses

The urban centers are also attractive to both the small-scale and large firms because of the purchasing power in the towns. This affects the ability of the small-scale firms to adopt e-commerce at a speed [...]

Market Failure: A Critical Analysis

A strand of economic literature demonstrates that in many situations government intervention in a free-market economy materializes from the failure of the private sector to streamline the markets, and from government urge to protect investors [...]

Marketing Mix paper

The success of a marketing strategy and subsequent marketing activities is judged by the increase in the amount of sales generated from the marketing activity.

BatesManor Furniture Marketing Plan

Goals, Aims and Objectives To establish the importance or value of marketing the company in a better way To assess the risks that may be faced while marketing the company To source additional resources that [...]

Promotional Assessment

This is because online marketing enables the customers to get more data related to the products, for example, the pieces of information concerning the prices and quality.

Industry Situation Analysis

Mills says that the ability of the Australian firms to penetrate the American markets was one of the successful story. The American market is one of the most attractive in the world.

Marketing Plan Research Group Term Project

Among the key elements integrated into the Ford Mustang marketing strategy that has favorably positioned the firm in the market include economic factors, environmental issues, marketing strategies, and the 4 Ps in the marketing of [...]

Biotech Industry

It highlights methodology to be used, methods of data collection to be applied in the research study, objectives of the proposed research, expected findings and research limitations.

Marketing Plan (Research) in the Health Sector

Marketing research is the process of collecting, investigating and interpreting the news about the market focusing on a product or service based work to be kept for market selling by considering the time events like [...]

Marketing Plan for Apple

This will help the company to maintain its domination of the market through the new Smartphone. The company will be required to emulate or exploit the strengths and weaknesses of the closest competitors as indicated [...]

Comparing the Prices of iPhone

In most cases, the marketing strategies are designed to enhance a long term plan, with tactical plan releasing enough particular actions and tasks to be achieved in a particular financial year, and the remains part [...]

Wal-Mart Financial Analysis

The growth in net sales was highest between years 2008 and 2009, followed by the year 2010-2011 periods. Net profit as a percentage of sales was highest in year 2008 as a result of low [...]

Netflix Pricing Issue

Even though the amount by which a company may increase prices of its products is decided by every individual company, the 60% increase in price by Netflix is justified due to the growing demand for [...]

Increasing occupancy rates

Sophistication and comfort in the Apartments is the main theme in all the marketing tools to be used. First, the business will use customer relationship management in order to increase the present tenant's rate of [...]

Dangers of Smoking Campaign

The effects of this activity are there for everybody to see and that is why the society needs to stand up against smoking which can be proved by the resources that are used to treat [...]

Price Fixing Charges

Price fixing occurs when market players collude to have the prices of commodities fixed at a certain point, hence circumventing the supply and demand dynamics of the market.

Lemonade stand business performance

The Lemonade case falls under fast-food restaurant and as such to evaluate its actual financial performance, it is wise to insider its performance to that of other players within the industry. The performance is shown [...]

Elements of Marketing Mix

The second element in marketing mix is place, and it entails identifying the appropriate channel of reaching the potential customer. Price is the third element and it refers to the cost of the item/service.

Cultural Dynamics in Assessing Global Markets

However, while domestic marketing poses myriad of challenges to marketers; international marketing is even more challenging owing to the fact that foreign marketers have to override numerous economic, social, legal, political and cultural barriers which [...]

Definition of Marketing

Kotler and Keller argue that the main objective of marketing is to sensitize the public about the existence of a given item or a service.

The Stock Market

The market is also referred to as equity market and it is very crucial in economic growth bearing in mind that by issuing specific percentage of their shares to investors, companies are able to raise [...]

Integrated Marketing Communication

Based on the stage of development of the product in the life-cycle of the product, the following combination of media approaches will be of great use to marketing Blizzard.

Coca-Cola Company’s Product Pricing

The article focuses on Coca-Cola company's defense of its pricing strategy that has come under heavy criticism by investors who allege that the company's pricing formula is acting as a 'spoiler' in the soft drinks [...]

Adidas and Marketing Communication

It reflects the quality of the product, acts as a sales agent and advertising In conclusion, consumers are important to an organization and Adidas Corporation has ensured that it achieves consumer satisfaction and loyalty. To [...]

Evaluating sales performance

Sales Force Automation primarily involves the use of software modules for streamlining all the activities pertaining to sales and to aid in the reduction of time that sales representatives need to spend on each of [...]

The Google Company’s Financial Strains

The provision of funds by the parties that partnered with Google Company helped in the successful establishment, development and expansion of the company to its current level at which it is a recognized multinational company.

Merger between Citicorp and travelers group

One reasons, as to why the Citicorp and travelers merger was considered important in the financial industry of the United States was because this merger would create "a financial supermarket hence increasing the economies of [...]

The Cedarville County jail

As the newly appointed CEO to the Cedarville County jail, my main objective is to make use of the existing security technology to deal with the insecurity issues and transform the administration of the facility [...]

Current Event in Marketing

The strategy is preferred due to huge number of the websites users and the high number of transactions that social network marketing generates.

Preparing an International Marketing Plan

Being the basis of the marketing, which denotes the needs and desires of customers, identifies the methods aimed at satisfying those needs and meets the organizational objectives, the international marketing performs the same actions, but [...]

Marketing and Advertising

They update the websites to inform their customers of the latest products they are advertising as well as the employees on the new programs and the activities of the company and the projects they are [...]

Hyundai Eqqus’ Marketing Description

Some of the important aspects considered are the suitability of the car for the purpose it was intended, the convenience of the car and the availability of the maintenance service to the customers.

PenAgain Marketing Analysis

The company employs an outside group, Merchant Service Organization to monitor the display of its products at Wal-Mart stores so as to ensure that the company's products are up on the shelves and that they [...]

Gold’s Effective Marketing

The yellow color of gold is also very appealing to the eye. On the right of the picture is the logo and name of the advertising company, Mustafa gold mart.

The Virgin Blue Company-Australia

One of the director in the company summarizes "all personnel are required to support the quality of Virgin Blue and to take an active role in identifying and facilitating opportunities for improvement where the ultimate [...]

Marketing in real life

Marketing is an important exercise in a company; it ensures that target customers access goods and services a company manufactures. It is through marketing that a company understands the expectations of its target market.

Peapod Groceries

Family members and friends came in to help them in the picking, packing, and delivery of the products to the customers.

Fashion Beach Export Marketing Plan

The company was established in the year 2000 to cater for the needs of fashion conscious New York population and has expanded to establish new shops in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina State and Virginia.

Marketing Plan for ‘Intelligent Ref’

The telephone rings: the phone is not inside the refrigerator, it is outside the refrigerator, somewhere inside the house. Now is the time to introduce to the world this appliance which has been the result [...]