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Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

Integrated Marketing Communication

Integration is the incorporation of a wide range of activities and functions that have influence and impact on the dynamic flow of information between the firm and the stakeholders.

Business in Amsterdam

Additionally, it is important to speak about the taxation in the Netherlands. These are the forces that contribute to the growth of businesses in Amsterdam.

Dell Corporation

In the report, the authors have clearly described the problem facing Dell, which concerns the company's abrupt loss of customers and market share to its competitors.

Starbucks in Luxembourg

However, Schneider says that before getting into a new country, it is important to conduct a research in order to understand the macro environmental factors that could impact on its operations in this country.


The company believed that this segment of coffee consumers did not prefer the original black roasted coffee of Starbucks. On this note, when the company introduces a new coffee product at relatively higher prices, coffee [...]

New Ways of Marketing Real Estate

The changing face of marketing, as a concept both in the real estate industry and beyond, can be attributed to the dynamic nature of the social and economic conditions of people as well as their [...]

Ryanair Marketing Analysis

This is because employees are also allowed to buy shares in the company and thus give them an opportunity to contribute to the running of affairs at the company.

Acquisition Marketing Analysis

Another advantage is that the organization is able to know the customer needs since it has to analyse the needs in the process of acquisition marketing. One of the major disadvantages of acquisition marketing is [...]

Morilla Estate Marketing Plan

The Estate is headed by well capable leaders who are able to see that the vision of the company is achieved and this is why the company has been growing rapidly since 1995 and has [...]

The Concept of Loyalty

The aim of the paper is to understand the effect of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty specifically in case of Starbucks.

Webvan Firm Analysis

Webvan intended to exploit the niche market that is arising from the growth in the Internet and the high rate at which consumers are purchasing products online.

Golden Boy boxing

Strengths One of the significant strengths associated with the golden boy boxing promotion company is the fact that the founder and president of the organization was a former professional boxer.

Costs and Implications for Telstra

Following the publication of an audit report of customer billing complaints which had established that Telstra had continuously overcharged a section of its customers for about six years, Moses, explains that the company immediately agreed [...]

Octone Records Report

This is helpful in influencing Octone Record's market performance because the label has a relatively inferior capital base compared to other major record labels in the market.

Marketing Planning: Red Bull Soft Drinks

In addition, the growth of the company in the market share has been remarkable. The company focus is to sustain the highest industrial values at the same time positioning itself as the energy soft drink [...]

Service Management: CNN

While the US is a single national market, CNN seeks to achieve more competition in the delivery of its news by giving all the country's regions special attention.

Vodafone – International Marketing Plan

Vodafone Limited suggested that the company is the first mobile operator of the UK, which started its journey in 1985; however, for its innovation, investment and appreciated customer service, the company has turned into the [...]

Warby Parker Marketing Plans

As at now, due to the nature of the eyeglasses they supply and their target market, the company is best placed among its competitors to emerge the top.

Health and Welfare Canada

This is important because the Health Promotion Division will be able to reach the highest number of the population in addition to the fact that the TGIF segment is the heaviest user of the illicit [...]

International Marketing Plan in Saudi Arabia

Some of the cultural habits in the country will also make the product ideal for Saudi consumers. The product qualities that will receive great emphasis in the marketing strategy are the ease of use and [...]

Frito-Lay Company: Cracker Jack

A study on the consumption rate and popularity among the US citizens revealed that the product was widely unavailable in the stores. Among the non-purchasers, over 30% of the population has never seen the advertisement [...]

Social Media Marketing Plan

In social media, monitoring refers to the method of tracking, measuring and evaluating the marketing activities of a company's on the social platform.

Recommendation Plan for American Airlines

This paper explores the events that led to the need for the merger, the market strategies the companies are employing and the recommendations that the resultant company should implement as a strategic plan to ensure [...]

The Coca Cola Case Study: Dasani’s Fiasco

The problem was in the fact that the aspect of brand recognition in the United Kingdom could not influence the customer loyalty because of shifting the focus to the product's quality, issues of credibility and [...]

Coca-Cola and Dasani in UK.

One of the most important features that Coca-Cola Company possesses is the ability to market to the right population and the product must be aligned with the people.

Instagram in Our Life

It is important for participants to possess knowledge on the strategy used by competitors in order to develop a strategy that will facilitate dominance and competition. E-business/ IT background Instagram is unique from other photo [...]

Kids Menu in Japanese Restaurant

Taking this into consideration, the best possible solution to the dilemma is to find something for the children to do in order to keep them occupied and create a restaurant environment that is appealing to [...]

Marvel Entertainment Case

By examining the profitability and financial performance of the company, it is easy to conclude that the company customers are receiving the positioning strategy adopted by the company positively.

Modern Marketing Strategy

The customer knows that he or she is getting a good product and the marketer is able to obviate the uncertainty discount Clemons According to Molesworth, Nixon & Scullion giving the example of a university [...]

New Social Media Platforms

Socl is one of the new social media sites; it is a social network from the Microsoft Company. Samsung is also on the verge of launching a social site to rival Facebook.

A Market Opportunity Analysis

Once the resource and technology have been ascertained, managers are then required to analyze the readiness of the market to the technology the company intends to introduce.

H&M Company Retail Market

In the United Kingdom, the company has numerous stores located in the UK and the main purpose of these is to take the latest fashion clothing closer to the consumer.

Corporate Brand Concepts

The brand of a corporate is extremely important in an organization; it is directly connected to alternative entities and brands. As far as success in an organization is concerned, it is important to consider the [...]

Henkel Company Marketing Strategies

Even after the introduction of different brands in new markets, there is no assurance that the company will manage to address the issue of increasing competition from its competitors.

Nike Hong Kong

In the process of marketing its sports apparel and footwear products in Hong Kong, the firm intends to achieve a number of objectives as outlined below.

Marketing Channel: Legal Issues

As a matter of fact, this plan functions on the margins of informed decision making after comprehensive research on the viability and sustainability of a new product or a modified product.

Social Media and Marketing

This report aims to address social media and brand in areas of social media and brand development, new social media and brand community, sales transformation, and ethical issues.

Marketing Analysis Tools

This tool is essential in that it helps in making the organization or the business analyst to concentrate on resources as well as the capabilities to the imminent competitive surroundings.

Marketing Plan for Harley Davidson

The Degree of Turbulence Strategic analysis of the UK environment requires the application of DOT which reveals on the stability of the industry within the current market situation.

Best Buy Co. Inc. Analysis

The company has grown over the years until the 2005 when the growth begun to decline following the introduction of the customer Centricity marketing by the company CEO.

SWOT Analysis for Harly Davenson

The UK market has various forces that would influence the performance of the firm. The name is expected to attract the youths, who make the majority of the market share in the industry.

Marketing: Sonko Mobile Games

To underpin the efficiency of market response in regard to emerging opportunities and challenges, the organization has embarked on establishing the apposite marketing mix.

“Procter & Gamble: Always Russia” Article

Now the senior management of the company in Russia is discussing the future strategy of marketing the Always brand in the country, particularly after the realization that decisions on product portfolio, price levels, and brand [...]

The Coca-Cola Brand

Marketing mix is a deliberate plan by the organization to control all the products components that is the product itself, the price, the place where the product will be found and the promotion of the [...]

Online Marketing Challenge

In this case, the Managing director of the hotel needs to understand means of optimizing the internet marketing to improve the performance of the hotel.

Private-Public Sector Partnerships

This is important because when not all the partners understand the organizational structure of the other party, it becomes easy to have cases where one acts in contrary to the principles of the other.

Brand building for Coca-cola

The product perspective is one that seeks to indicate that the most attribute of a brand is its ability to meet the expected needs of the consumers.

Black & Decker Marketing Strategies

Joseph Galli, the vice president of the marketing department, championed the effort to rescue the company. Both the company and consumers contributed to the misunderstanding of B&D's products witnessed in the market.

The Effectiveness of Loyalty Programs

The accents on the advantages in the form of rewards and discounts for customers are the direct way to contribute to the customer loyalty in relation to the definite hotel and increase the company's profits [...]