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Tesla Company’s Marketing Analysis Case Study

Most important force in Tesla’s current marketing macro environment and explain why you think is the most important

The Macro environment of marketing plays a vital role in shaping potential advantages of Tesla in manufacturing and adopting of new technology. Various marketing factors that are affected are the balance in trade, employment, government policies and health hazards. “The new technologies create new products and new processes; Technology can reduce costs, improve quality and lead to innovation. These developments can benefit consumers as well as the organizations providing the products” (PESTEL Analysis of the Macro-Environment, 2007).

These factors are found very important due to the impact they create among the marketing environment and within the minds of people.

As the macro factors of the Tesla Company are considered, the technological factor plays an important role in making the company much reputed and profitable.

As the technological factors are concerned, the hiring of technology is found much appreciable, and Tesla’s is the prime user of lithium-ion battery the Electronic vehicle manufacturing, which claims to be more than 250 kilo meters per charge. It offers a right hand drive. The model accelerate 0 to 58 mph (97 km/h) in 4 seconds, The engine manufacture is in such a way that It contributes much to the fuel efficiency of the company and claims twice the efficiency than the Toyota Pirus.The company also provide 3 battery pack option, for almost 450 kilometers.

As part of latest technology, the vehicle depend on the least emission of the waste products and “As electric vehicles grow to be a larger proportion of the U.S. light-vehicle fleet, the airborne pollution stemming from motor vehicle operation declines significantly” (Becker & Sidhu, 2009, p. 23).

Most important forces in Tesla’s current marketing micro environment. Also, explain why you think is the most important

The micro environment in the marketing company is very important in the development of the company. “Micro-marketing refers to the activities performed by the individual providers of goods and services within a macro-marketing system. Where they use various marketing techniques to accomplish objectives related to profits, market share, and cash flow” (Marketing, 2012, par. 6). If acts as the backbone of the company in contributing to its success in the market. “The first is the organization’s internal environment its several departments and management levels, the second component includes the marketing channel firms and the third component consists of the five types of markets in which the organization can sell.” (Principles of Marketing: Marketing Micro Environment, 2008).

The important microenvironment factors are the manufacturers itself; the company has taken much effort for bringing the company in the public. The 2003 merger gives a good example for the keen efforts for the merger. The company aims to sell the EV’s to the customers at the reasonable prices.

The company considered them as pioneers in the manufacturing of the electronic vehicle and they claim to be the leading supplier of the fuel efficient vehicle than Toyota and Hyundai. The main aim of the company is to provide electronic vehicle to mass market and the company from the very start had wide expansion in countries like Australia, UK and Singapore. The total investment of the company is found to be more than $106 millions. Tesla Motors upholds relationships with many of the suppliers for spare parts of the car. The Power train’s manufactures are done in California.

Provide one SPECFIC MARKETING recommendation to Tesla for its future development and explain why the recommendation

The company has to implemented a marketing campaign for their newly develop model.

To facilitate promotional campaign through advertising in electronic and print media as well as to also provide the online media publicity through sites like You Tube and other navigator videos. This will help to provide an online reach for the company, to make use of the brand community and to edify the current models to the customers through the websites, and through other social networking sites. “Ensuring a thorough knowledge of the consumer is vital for successful marketing planning. Use the primary and secondary (first and second hand) market research information at your disposal to describe your customer” (Marketing Plan – How to Write, n.d.).

To provide experience with the vehicle and to make the customers use the vehicle, test drives should be made available, good message should be given to the people as a watch word, which should be attractive, and eye catching while viewing the advertisement.

“The main purpose of a marketing program at most companies are to increase the number of leads, or speed up sales conversions, or otherwise improve the sales process. Click on the small chart to the right to see where marketing techniques overlap in the sales process” (Brown, 2009, para. 1).

In-depth training should be provided to the staffs and the marketing team about various technological and economical advantage of the vehicle, so as to provide a better orientation to the customers. Good and attractive prizes and offers should be given to the customers during the fests.

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