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Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

STA Travel Company Marketing

Some of the activities that STA Travel Company does online with the concept of marketing mix to attract its market segment include effective use of the 7Ps that the mix provides.

Emiratisation Marketing Campaign

Thus, the main objective of the campaign will be to create awareness about the capabilities of Emirati employees. The budget and timeline for the campaign will be presented in the last part of the report.

American Organic Jam Marketing

This approach will ensure the company uses the best pricing strategy for its jam. My company will also create the best advertisements to inform more citizens about this quality product.

Glass Marketing in Turkey

This writer worked in the marketing department of the Nilufer Company in Turkey. What are the main external factors affecting the marketing of glass in Turkey?

Incoterm Definition and Concept

It is therefore important for those intending to engage in International business to understand the Incoterms of the buyer's country to avoid disappointments and misinterpretation of the rules.

Primary and Secondary Data Use

Primary data is up to date and reliable while secondary data is easily available and utilized in forecasting and analyzing primary data, but it is not a proper fit for current market research.

Blackberry Sales Increase in Qatar

The paper will also try to highlight the effects of the RIM retailers in these Middle East countries in terms of the market base, sales and consumer response to the product and also to the [...]

International Marketing Concept

This paper is a comparative marketing for China and the U.S.which provides a deeper insight of the concept of marketing as it is perceived in different regions of the world.

Market Segmentation: Advantages and Disadvantages

The first disadvantage of segmentation that companies should overcome is the disadvantage of the high cost of segmentation. The second disadvantage of segmentation that companies should overcome is the loss of focus on important markets.

Rusty’s Surfboards Product Segment

The products will have a competitive advantage as they have been made uniquely compared to the existing products in the market. In other words, size and the purpose of the boards will be considered while [...]

Nationwide Auto Insurance Product – Marketing

A successful marketing strategy driven and influenced by internal elements such as attitude, lifestyle, and motivation provide the marketer with the best components to formulate the right marketing strategy to address the marketing needs of [...]

Consumer Behavior in Insurance Positioning

The role of a positioning strategy is to prepare the mind of a consumer. Since this is not an essential product, a number of factors influence a customer's decision to buy insurance from a particular [...]

Thirstier Mineral Water – Marketing

The charges of the product will vary according to the size of the bottle as from $1. From the research, thirstier drinking water will rapidly established itself in the major Australian towns as well as [...]

Service Marketing: Food Market

The restaurant promised to solve the problem within the shortest period of time, but I was too hungry to wait for a new order, therefore, I agreed to eat what I was brought.

Franchise Fraud Models and Causes

Though there numerous advantages of using franchising concept in the business, the potential franchisors should be aware of the existing risk of buying a franchise fraud and put much effort in investigating the ways to [...]

Global Islamic Marketing System Plan

The findings indicate that the Islamic marketing system is very complex besides having the ability to improve the product visibility among the players, since it is designed to internalize the Islamic beliefs.

Global Market and Complexities in Business

These complexities or issues are some of the factors that influence the failure of global trade activities, and are therefore among the many things that companies ought to consider before venturing into global marketing.

Endeca Technologies Market Strategy

Although there was a huge market potential for the software, his strategy did not consider the capability of the market. Investors wished to adopt prices that were in the market.

Marketing Public Sector Services

The article "Marketing Public Sector Services: Concepts and Characteristics" explains how different Public Sector Organizations in the west turned to marketing professionals in order to emerge successful.

Shopping Malls in Dubai

The main objectives of this research would be as under: To know details of some major shopping malls of Dubai, To identify aspects responsible for shoppers' experience in Dubai shopping malls, To identify the significance [...]

Industries’ and Market Analysis

The goals of the groups are to reduce the poverty level among the children by the virtual of placing them in decent families, which would reduce the children's lifetime suffering.

Geo-fencing Technique Role in Marketing

However, the experts in the field of marketing state that the modern society becomes extremely consumerist, and the discussion of the issue of privacy also changes because of shifts in the consumers' views.

Internet Models of Airbnb and Uber Companies

Purpose or overview The purpose of this research paper is to establish the benefits of the internet business platform of the Uber and Airbnb, alongside their competitors such as Lyft, SideCab, HouseTrip, and Travelmob, to [...]

Global Islamic Marketing Principles

The concept of "Global Islamic Marketing" emerged as a separate discipline, which was based on the teachings and guidelines of Islam. Global Islamic marketing refers to a separate discipline, which is based on the teachings [...]

Globalization Role in International Marketing

The ten most expensive things I own and where they are made: Toyota Camry 2000- This particular model was conceptualized and manufactured in Australia Macbook Air- Manufactured in China Ipad- Made in the United States [...]

Marketing: Luxury Goods Pricing in the UAE

This discussion examines the pricing of luxury goods in the UAE and explains the nature of their market value. The prices of luxury goods like clothes, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, and bags in the UAE are [...]

Segmentation, Target Marketing and Positioning

Product Development: Information gathered from the market research will be used in research and development to find out additional features that need to be added to the product to make it more appropriate for the [...]

Student Discounts as a Marketing Tool

In the article, the benefits of student discounts to corporations are analyzed. Because student discounts can attract more students and their guardians, corporations will be able to gain several potential customers.

Advertising and Freedom of Speech

According to Liodice, the marketer should provide the best information to the targeted consumer. The duty of the marketer is to educate and inform the consumer about the unique features of his or her product.

The True Meaning of Marketing

However, it is important to keep in mind that marketing also involves dealing with a plethora of other issues that are only slightly related to the promotion process.

The Many Faces of Strategic Marketing

When it comes to practical application of marketing skills, a case study is one of the most efficient ways to solve the company's problems regarding the popularity of a specific item and the provision of [...]

Marketing Strategies Development

When doing target marketing, the company should be sensitive enough to consider the different needs of different consumer groups. The demographic trend of age, income, race, gender, and ethnicity have to be considered when a [...]

International Distribution Channels

Barratt points out that this is majorly due to the number of intermediaries, which a business opts to employ in its distribution process and the choice of a distribution channel that efficiently meets the demands [...]

Market Analysis Summary

Demand factor of the new application in the market will follows the lifecycle of technology adoption among subway users. Sub-users currently using estimated time applications will adopt the application with respect to the characteristics of [...]

Wendy’s Market Research

The economical factors include the economical status of the region where the business is to be located. The social aspects of a region determine the values of the society that in turn affect the business [...]

Market Equilibrating Process

The other concepts involved in the market equilibrating process include the production cost, market price, demand and supply, elasticity and market equilibrium.

Internet Technology, Marketing and Security

The website also gives information on initiatives made by Sony to protect the environment, improve customer relations and fortify security of customer information. In this regard, Sony has upgraded their security measures with the aim [...]

Social Media Marketing

Important Components for Consideration by a Legally Astute Social Media Marketing Manager A marketing manager must firstly understand the knowledge that relates to specific regulations, tools, and the general resources involved during the use of [...]

Retail Marketing Report: Harvey Norman

The immense success of the pair resulted in the firm going public in 1987 in the Australian Stock Exchange. In 1999, the retailer expanded its international growth further by entering the Singaporean market through a [...]

Hotel Tempus

Due to rapid growth in consumers' use of mobile and social tools for travel shopping as well as booking, the hotel will enrich its IT department with new professionals to ensure full utilization of such [...]

Oligopoly Industry Characteristics

The discussion also looks at the concept of price fixing by exploring the detergent industry especially in Europe and the economic rationale behind not fining Henkel, one of the companies which were found guilty of [...]

Apple and Brand-Customer Relationship

An established brand loyalty is important to a company since it makes it more harder for new products to gain a market share, it increases a company's ability and strength to respond to competitive threats, [...]

The Standardization vs. Adaptation Debate

Due to a single coherence in the global image of the standardization approach, the same advertising standpoint in most of the markets would grant the product, the firm and the brand as well to possess [...]

Nokia Pure View Smartphone Marketing Strategy

In order to achieve the above objectives, other key issues such as the geographical environment where the Nokia targets to market the phone, the target population and the competitors in the market will also have [...]

Marketing Plan – PPE Vendor Inc.

The definition is in context of what the PPE Vending Machine business stands for and what makes it unique because of the special offering to the market to save the customers time and money in [...]

Market Structures and Pricing Strategies

The market conditions determine the type of market structure and pricing criteria to be used in a particular firm. Ellickson, Misra and Nair also define a market structure as the number of firms in a [...]

Cadbury Dairy Milk in India

This forced the firm to reposition the product in the market to capture adults as well. For this reason, the firm decided to target the children and adults differently in order to sustain its market [...]

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Objectives and Goals The main objective and goal of this digital marketing plan is to attract the European market through the tourism website and sell tour packages to tourists who have plans of visiting the [...]

Lush Company

However, the differentiation in the case of Lush Company has been effective to the extent that it has given the company great success in its marketing.

Marketing Strategy of Rolex and McDonald

The main objective of the paper is to ascertain the gap in the marketing strategy and principles adopted by Rolex with that of the theoretical marketing framework presented by McDonald and using anatomy of world [...]