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Coca-Cola’s The Super Bowl Advert Coursework

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Updated: May 30th, 2022

The Super Bowl Advert

This advert attempts to promote Coca-Cola’s consumption in the United States of America, since it is specifically tailored for Americans, especially the super bowl lovers. The advert’s strengths are that it appeals to diversity among the American people as well as their undying support for super bowl, since it seeks to instil a sense of patriotism by showing different Americans representing diverse cultures saying “America is beautiful” in their respective languages.

The weakness of the advert is that it only targets the seven groups of communities represented by the languages and thus other people definitely feel discriminated. The fact that the advert takes place during an NFL super bowl also limits its audience, since individuals who do not have interest in the game will not find it appealing.

The advert should improve in terms of the scope of the target audience as well as the geographical location. Coca-Cola is an international brand and it should try as much as possible to accommodate each and every person’s ideals (Coca-Cola: America is Beautiful).

The Coca-Cola Grandpa Advert

The advert promotes Coca-Cola by using the example of our forefathers’ lifestyles. It has a very strong message that makes it favourable to every individual, since most people want to be healthy, thus, depicting Coca-Cola as a drink that can be used to make life seem easy, while at the same time achieving our daily dreams and aspirations without fear that the drink is not healthy (Coca-Cola: Grandpa Advert).

The weakness of the advert is that its message is so narrow, that is, eat well, move more and take it easy. Thus, such a message cannot be appealing to a critic who believes that the drink contains more than enough sugar or individuals who were not lucky enough to see their grandparents.

The advert needs improvement to accommodate critics and people that do not value taking life easy. Hence, it should concentrate more on the health bit and try to educate the public that the amount of calories present in the drink is not harmful.


In comparison, I find the first advert superior, since it touches on the very core of our difference as human beings, which is diversity. The advert makes people, who somehow feel that they do not belong to America, find a sense of belonging. On the other hand, the second advert is limited to perspective, since it is not a fact that our grandparents used to take Coca-Cola in order to make life easy after their hard work. Furthermore, some people cannot relate to the advert, since they did not find their grandparents alive.

Another reason for choosing the first advert over the second one is the fact that it appeals to a large number of people, which include the representatives of different cultures as well as the super bowl fans. Thus, it has a specific audience that is diverse but connected with a common bond, which is their culture and love for the game. However, the second advert is more general and does not target a specific audience, although form the advert the target group seems to be the working middle class. The fact is that most people do not have time to lead the lifestyles of our grandparents, since the world today is more like a rat race.


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