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Marketing Strategies for Laundry Detergent “Finish Dishwater Tablets 25 Pack” Essay

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Updated: Aug 20th, 2019

Definition of Marketing

Marketing could be defined as the art of connecting the consumer market with products and services for the purposes of satisfying their needs as well as company’s profitability.


The product is “Finish dishwater tablets 25 Pack” which is a laundry detergent manufactured for consumer use. The product has the capabilities of treating water for cleaning utensils and other household materials. The detergent contains unique properties which enable removal of stains hence easily used as an abrasive substance. Its properties has got the capability of softening water by breaking down the organic compounds hence offering stability to foaming properties and also improve the aesthetic properties of various surfaces.

Market Analysis

Situation Analysis

The Company’s success within various market segments is dependent on their broad assessment concerning the needs and preferences of the targeted consumers. Segmentation has the ability of presenting the company with great opportunity of identifying specific consumer needs hence appropriate measure taken (Andruss, 2010). Geographic segmentation would be based on typical attributes of the targeted market. The regional segment would be assessed based on consumer tastes on the detergent within a particular region.

This would also include prevailing climatic conditions and the effects it has on the product. Targeting metropolitan areas would require the company to classify consumers based on their value beliefs as per their various backgrounds. Demographic segmentation would be based on social class; household as well as ethnic background (Keegan & Green, 2002). Such method enables easy differentiation of consumers’ hence purchasing power of consumers and their needs directly established (Andruss, 2010).

Target Market

“Finish dishwater tablet” falls under home care products and is an effective and economical dish washing product. The target market consists of household consumers desiring to have detergent products of stronger quality, capable of removing stubborn stains as well as killing germs. The product will be supplied to wholesalers and retailers within every market segment.

Product Analysis


Finish dishwasher tablet could be classified in the category of convenience goods. One of the considerations made within such category of products is their portability nature. This calls for downsizing of the materials used in packaging and improving on the quality of the detergent. Besides reducing the packaging material for the purposes of reducing the product to smaller affordable quantities considerations should also be made on the percentage of concentration.

Marketing Strategies

Product features

The product differs from other brands in terms of packaging, cost, availability and popularity based on its value to consumers. The detergent is packed in affordable quantities since most of the consumers’ base their purchases on price which in many occasions encourages repeated sales. Most consumers are inclined to use “Finish Dishwater Tablets” owing to its ability to remove stains hence applied as an abrasive substance. Also the detergent’s ability to soften and break down organic compounds within water reinforces its stability in foaming hence customer friendly.

Pricing Strategy

Penetration pricing method will be adopted in marketing Finish Dishwasher Detergent. This kind of pricing method works well with intensive distribution channel adopted by the company (Kotler and Keller, 2007).

Distribution Channels

Due to the rise and improvement in technology, the company will utilize the art of direct marketing through the internet. Consumers will be approached through the social sites, email and the company’s website. At later stages the company would more so use actionable data which include sales database, customer information databases, inventory control databases as well as database used to track product returns. This would easily help the company to identify customers closely associated with the detergent, hence facilitating easy delivery to the target market. Multi-channel marketing system would be preferred because in the current world individual consumers have resorted to using variety of channels through which they order their purchases (ACNielsen, 2010).

Integrated Marketing Communications Mix

Marketing of products is normally done by the marketing executives from various companies. The executives are endowed with the responsibility of resource allocations which are crucial in promoting product sales. Marketing involves activities such as public relations, advertising and sales promotions.

Products are basically marketed based on the research done on the targeted areas which would guarantee some level of cooperation between the consumers and the company products. Advertising as one of the tools used for communication is normally used to draw public attention towards brand qualities of specific company products (Kotler and Keller, 2007).

Overview of Integrated Marketing Communications Mix

Integrated marketing communication mix comprises of different elements which includes personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing.

Integrated marketing communications requires the support of modern information technology which has had great impact within the market segments. The application of integrated marketing mix incorporates various blends of promotional elements. The effectiveness of integrated marketing lays in effective complementation of various communication methods (Lane et al, 2008).

Promotion mix strategy

Explanations on the use of push and pull strategies

The company will use the combination various promotional elements such as advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations as well as direct marketing tools. Push and Pull approaches would be applied where by the push strategy will be used in the process of positioning the product at suitable places where the need of detergents is high.

The push model would help in equipping the chosen channels of distribution hence helping in delivering products to right locations at the right time. However, the use of push strategy in promotional mix demands that all decisions concerning consumers are made from the company’s management team (Kotler and Keller, 2007).

Pull strategy on the other hand will be used in the processes of improving on the marketing strategies geared towards satisfying the needs of the target population. The pull model would help marketers of the detergent to come up with innovative ideas capable of meeting the market demand on the detergent. The Pull strategy utilizes arising opportunities of marketing and making the products available to consumers at convenient shopping centres (Kotler and Keller, 2007).

Message Strategy used across all promotion tools

The nature of design the company uses on its various marketing tools determines a lot on the strength of its image brand. The design of the company’s packaging material, business cards and website contributes a big percentage on the level of attraction towards the product.

The message on the product would be “achieving high volume of quality wash with less quantity” which is very much consistent with the company’s product identity. The image used on the packing material and the company’s website reflects the nature of quality wash from laundry to utensils and other household goods.

In this case the target market is the household comprising of families from different backgrounds. The target market would be familiarized with the product through the use of awareness campaigns owing to the fact that the detergent is new in the market and at the same time competing against strongly established brands such as Unilever (Drewniany and Jewler, 2008).

The product message was designed based on the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) model which is a tool used to outline types of communication used in creating product awareness within the market set-up. The model helped in designing the product message to focus on the quality of the detergent and its multipurpose capabilities of leaving the wash clean and appealing to the users (Kotler and Keller, 2007).

Discussion on Three Promotional Tools

Sales promotion would be used in marketing Finish Dishwasher Detergent. This is since the product is still new in the market, hence consumers need to be first of all attracted and persuaded to purchase the detergent. Promotion strategy to be used is buying two getting one free and at the same time the company will utilize the use of price-offs.

Promotion would help in dealing with the high level of competition within the soap and detergent industry. The message on the product would be conveyed through the use of coupons and direct mails on the loyal customers to improve the level of repeat sales.

The use of public relations would also suit the sale of the detergent within the market. Public relations would help in building good relations between the company and consumers through the product offered. Consumers would be more attracted in the product brand hence helping in building the company’s image.

Public relations would assist in the process of exposing the product through the media. Direct marketing of Finish Dishwasher Detergent would utilize the use of direct mail and telemarketing in dealing with consumer attitudes and awareness (Kotler and Keller, 2007).

Advertising through the media could be utilized for the purposes of familiarizing the market concerning the detergent. In this case an advertising agency would be contracted to help in accomplishing the company’s advertising objectives through effective planning and implementation. The adverts would be made through magazines and radios for the start (Drewniany and Jewler, 2008).


According to the discussion public relations stands out as one of the tools with the capability of creating stronger impact on public awareness of the detergent with less costs incurred. PR could be utilized in building and improving the brand of the detergent on sale through adequate publicity. On the other hand sales promotion could be utilized by the company to improve sales within the segments that experience low sales.


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