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Bellperre: Marketing Strategy Essay

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Marketing a product could be difficult especially when product being marketed, are either expensive or do not meet the customer demands. In the UAE, the marketing of electronics is that which the marketers refer to, as interesting and fulfilling careers. Notably, this is the career that uses principles, which concern specific issues of solving the marketing problems.

The marketing problems here descend from the need for need for self-actualization that characterized the post-traditional marketing era. In addition, marketing helps in creating and fostering identity about a particular product that is considered to be low in a particular economic region; therefore, it is an undertaking that calls for strict adherence to the principles of management, other than the personal perception and adherence to selling techniques.

The marketer underscored the perception that the issues relating to life changing products play an integral role in the formation of marketing identity of the sophisticated electronics such as the mobile phones.

This means that the idea of marketing is a career that creates the way of life for young and innovative marketers. In addition, it has an impact on the purchasing choices and attachment of the potential buyers.

The marketer went further to postulate that the potential buyer’s identity may post a great challenge or opportunity in the way the buyers and sellers relate during the period when they bargain for the products.

Indeed, the bargaining power is more evidenced in the struggle for a compromised deal about the product. This situation characterizes and perpetuates the cultural practices and consumer preferences about the products, which suit their daily lifestyle.

Product’s Name

The product is called BELLPERRE, a mobile phone that is hand-crafted, lavish and timeless handset designed to make life comfortable.

Use of the Product

The handset is majorly used for communication, both data and text, across boarders. Since the people’s lifestyle changes, it is important to manufacture the products with unique features, which are satisfactory to the consumers.

Product’s Organisation

The product is one of the latest models of handsets designed to meet the ever changing consumer fashions and the modern way of life (Technotalks 1). Literally, the mobile phone depicted the timeless and luxurious lifestyle in the modern Europe and the world.

In its design, the mobile phone is characteristically beautiful and minimalistic masterwork that everyone would desire. Literally, the mobile phone is designed to suit the varied taste, gender and lifestyle for the young and adult users, business and non-business class, professional and non-professional among other categories of users.

In marketing, the marketers understand that the consumers are attracted to exceptionally beautiful and stylish products and that. With BELLPERRE, its structure and design is distinct, making lavish (Technotalks 1). An undertaking that aims at selling BELLPERRE is one critical and important event that could be done at individual and group level.

For this product, team selling would be most appropriate for the organisation and its marketing team to adopt. This is because the products are complex and need coordinated effort in illustrating its use to the customers. When working as a team, the sales members and teams are able to discover the setbacks, which the mobile phone has and be able to provide solution that one person might not accomplish on his/her own.

Due planning and coordination is very important in carrying out group presentation so that they could explain everything about the phone (Technotalks 1). Moreover, all the members involved in the teams must understand the role and play those duties diligently. The person working in the team should have clear understanding the personal and group concerns that the worker has to address.

Indeed, the member’s contribution to the groups’ activity would help in influencing the group decision. However, the participants have to be all inclusive, without discrimination and prejudice. In addition, group selling helps in identifying the quiet team participants so that they too could be motivated to boost their participation.

Construction Material for the Products

The mobile phone is made using the “Finest Woods”, making it one of the most luxurious phones of its time (Technotalks 1). In addition, its wooden touch and appeal gave it a ground-breaking characteristic among the other elegant handsets of the day.

This unique feature made the phone shine among the rest thus eased its marketing among the people (Technotalks 1). It was made from an assortment of the best quality woods making it the best option for most clients. Consider the picture below for a sample presentation of the front and back cover of the mobile phone.

A sample presentation of the front and back cover of the mobile phone.

Source: Technotalks, 2009, p. 1

Other materials used in furnishing this mobile phone include yellow gold, platinum black and brushed for making the clear and smooth (Technotalks, 1). These materials are expensive, making the product to attract higher price in the market. Other materials used in making the phone, include hand-polished steel and rose gold that creates the smooth textual appeal (Technotalks 1).

Product’s Features and Benefits

Using the mobile phone has a lot of benefits. For example, first, it ability to pass information helps improve accessibility in that the user can be contacted at any time. Second, the mobile also help the users to time events due to its features such as calendars, reminders, timer among other properties. Using such feature, the mobile phone enables communication without high constraints, thus makes it easy and convenience in doing business.

Third, the mobile phones have features such as inbox, outbox, drafts, which enable the users store information, verify and retrieve such data anywhere. This makes its use convenience for a number of users, whether in a meeting, without necessarily being with print evidences of the data. This feature makes the mobile very significant in doing business, in areas such as making arrangements for meetings through text messages.

Fourth, as one of the smart phones, it enables the users to send email messages since it is GPRS enabled. This is one feature that makes the phone appeal to the uses, thus the marketers find it easier to make sales. The handset targets young people who are dynamic to change and others from the business class who are looking for efficiency.

Fifth, the mobile has a feature that enables it to receive and re-direct calls, thus being able to extend in-coming calls whenever the user is unavailable. This ensures that the user does not miss a call because the incoming calls might be diverted to other line when the mobile user is in a position where calls cannot go through.

Selling Approaches

This is mainly because the selling industry is normally concerned with varied technologically powered products and ideas. It is also important to note that selling the mobile and other electronic products is dynamic and keeps changing depending of the new inventions from the research activities that are constant.

This helps in improving quality and features of the mobile phone to make it more appealing to the users. In addition, the marketers cannot fully determine the qualities of marketing in the market simply based on an assumption of technological influence (Meilicke 9). In contrast, a good sales representative in the selling industry cannot fully rely on the inherited technological characteristics to sell the sophisticated product properly.

The technological advancement is advocated in this marketing style that is widely used in various mobile phone outlets. This is because the form of marketing will have to change with the changes in marketing scientific technological products such as this mobile phone (Manfredi 18).

Essentially, a contingency marketing theory ascertains that when a manger makes a decision, he or she should consider all the aspects of the situation at hand. This could be used in marketing the mobile phone.

The marketing should also act on the aspects which are essential to the current situation in the market. In addition, a systems marketing theory is a part of the marketing science that helps the marketer of various electronic items to understand how different features of the product operate.

The marketer should involve the services of electronic consults to help in interpreting different feature and patterns in the product, in a broader perspective (Meilicke 19). This might make it user friendly and the customers would like it.

Second is the Contingency Theory. This is a particular type of marketing theory that tends to focus on various variables that have relations to the specific type of environment that is most likely to act as a determinant to the kind of marketing style applied in that particular environment.

This theory advocates for the ideology that there is no specific type of theory that is best in any marketing situation. This basically means that success in marketing actually depends on a series of variables which include marketing style, the quality of followers as well as the nature of situation at hand.

In selling the mobile phone, the marketer has to follow a particular procedure in persuading the potential customers to purchase the products. There are specific steps, which have to be followed systematically and with an objective of winning the customer. For example, the marketer has to develop early relations with the prospective customers.

This is extremely important because through early contact, the marketer would understand the tastes and preferences of the consumer thus help in selling the products.

Once the consumer demands have been established, it would be easy for the sales team sell the products both at individual and group perspectives. The customer would also be ready to inquire for more information about the products before deciding whether to buy it or not.

In developing the relationship with the consumers, the marketers are expected to build a rapport with their clients so as to discover their intent and influence them to buy the products. This makes his work easy as the customer would not be disturbing once the product is availed.

Secondly, the marketer has to attract the customer’s full concentration so that they can explore various options available for marketing the product. Here, the consumers are given the opportunity to ask questions related to the products in terms of usability and features.

The marketer should also establish the point of change where the customer is almost convinced that the products. Indeed, the marketer should maximize on the transition period so that he/she could influence the buyer’s decision about the product.

Good marketing and marketing styles for the product are essential to the selling, though the two usually contradict each other, which is a major challenge to different electrical products offered by the organizations. Marketing can basically be described as a social process influence characterized by one person enlisting influence on others, in a bid to accomplish a common task of selling the product.

According to Manfredi, a good marketer is one who should aim at providing good and elaborate information for the intended buyers to achieve all their work goals (Manfredi 28). Some of the product marketing theories that are used in the markets include political marketing, quantitative (analytical) marketing, market driven marketing, and liberation marketing (Chaleff 45).

The proponents of the market-driven and liberation marketing theories, for instance, conceptualize and perceive the administrative marketing in various markets. However, the cultivation and fostering of the administrative marketing in the selling product, is troublesome, when analyzed in the context of liberalized and market driven marketing.

The liberalized marketing advocates for the freedom of the marketers while selling the product (Chaleff 64). The approach assumes that the marketers are responsible enough to take their duties diligently and productively without the need of a supervisor to direct them on what to do. Therefore, this marketing theories conflict with the kind of marketing required in selling the product since the marketers have to be closely guided under the marketing of a qualified and experienced marketing practitioner (Senge 22).

It has been witnessed in several occasions that some marketers administer wrong features to potential buyers. In addition, there has to be adequate research that is carried out by marketers so that they get the right information to tell their clients. Notably, all the information about the product must be justified. Therefore, liberalized marketing should be discouraged for non-competitive products in markets (Manfredi 32).

Moreover, market-driven marketing approach in the selling the mobile phone is geared towards profit maximization and cost minimization. The marketing of the product usually focuses more on reaping maximum revenue. In order, to achieve the objective of the realization of maximum benefits against the operation cost, the marketing would tend to purchase cheaper, but luxurious mobile phones to avoid spending a lot of money (Senge 29).

This could be done at the expense of the buyers, who in some cases do not get quality mobile phones and services for such electronic products. Quality mobile phones and services are only accessible to the rich who can afford to pay for the expensive phones.

Due to the numerous problems that the buyers experience in the market, it is essential to embrace a focused marketing style that advocates for quality and affordable mobile phones, which are easily accessible to everyone. However, such kind of marketing might not be used in selling the expensive product, thus contradict the profit motive of several smart phone distributers, especially in the international market (Senge 29).

Common Sales’ Objections

Throughout the process of marketing, there are agreements and disagreement, between the marketer and customer, and are majorly related to the battle for sales of the product and to the prestige and honor of using the luxurious mobile phones. The agreement is based on customer loyalty, which is the major consideration that aims to strengthen the issues of clients’ acceptance of the good (Senge 30).

The customers who are interested in such luxury products are drawn from the high economic class in the society. In this fact, what follows is for the process of price negotiation that ought to be practical and this practicability will help in better results in terms of bargain.

The price negotiation could be stopped temporarily when the client is not satisfied with the quality of the product so that the marketer could explain further the facts about the product’s features and offers justification for the final cost..

However, the main issues, which may cause contention, are the various sales objections, which form part of product marketing. Though many marketers uphold the concept of being courageous when approaching the potential buyers, the latter often obstruct them (Senge 49).

Therefore, it is very important to point out that the marketers try to outshine even on their own, in explaining irrespective of any circumstance to influence the customers. Courage helps marketer in approaching their clients and overcoming the sales objections in conducting the business.

As well, the marketers are ready to do whatever they could to improve, literally in terms of performance as the work requires in improving on uncovering the objections (Senge 51). Some of the sales objections, which marketers face in the field, and methods of uncovering are summarized in the table bellow.

Actual objection Statement Method of uncovering the Objection.
Not Interested The marketer must undertake to convince the potential buyer.
Father would not like it The researcher should find an alternative.
Already bought some items The researcher should book an appointment for future delivery.
We do not use that The researcher has to understand the buyer’s interest, taste and preference.
We don’t have enough money for it The marketer could reduce the price only to promising buyer.

Techniques for Ending the Sale

After the deal has been completed or if not completed, there are specific techniques of ending the sale. For instance, first, the marketer has to be positive. In this regard, his/her response to the intended buyer has to suggest he/she is happy about the sales or intended sales (Heifetz 87). This should be amid any possible buyer’s rejections for his/her offer. Atypical statement would be, ‘let me bring a new brand the next day’.

Secondly, the marketer should remain humorous towards the end of their sales exchanges, thus encouraging the buyers to make a possible inquiry and subsequent (Heifetz 88). A typical marketer’s statement would be, ‘this discussion has been great, and there will always be tomorrow’.

Third, the marketer should be influential. In fact, being influential at the end of the sale could make the customer be convinced to buy the product (Heifetz 89). Indeed, the marketer should not be turned down with the client’s response, but insist and influence him/her to purchase the product even at reduced price. A typical example would be, ‘how much do you have for the product?’

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