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Finish Dishwater Tablets 25 Pack Research Paper

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Updated: May 17th, 2018

Introduction of the Company

The company involved in the manufacturing of the “finish dishwater tablets 25 pack” is a soap and detergent company. The main aim of this product is to satisfy consumers’ need for an efficient tablet they could use for treating water used in cleaning utensils and other household materials. However, consumers look at several features before settling on a particular brand. The company is one of the largest soap manufacturing companies in the region.

The product is currently being marketed in several countries all over the world. The company has got several employees and representatives within its manufacturing plants in three continents which include Europe, Africa and America. The success of the company can be attributed to highly motivated sales representatives and good marketing strategies. The company’s interest is mainly on human hygiene and personal care.

It operates under strategic business units which include consumer care division and the health division. The products in these units undergo thorough research to ensure high quality and complete satisfaction of the consumer needs. The detergent company utilizes natural wealth as its raw material to manufacture its products. This ensures continuous stability and sustenance of the product base (Anderson, 1982).

Target market Analysis

The product targets households, offices and institutions. In the soap and detergent industry it is realised that majority of the retailers prefer the use of in-store promotions to sell the products during difficult economic times. This is because they perceive it to adapt more readily to the external environment and posses less financial risks (Blattberg and Golanty, 1978, pp 192- 202).

The findings reveal that most high profile retailers who stock “finish dishwater tablet 25 pack” put much emphasis on the quality and product image which is not favoured by in-store displays.

On retailing strategies in-store promotions and personal selling are the most preferred communication techniques amongst the retailers (Anderson, 1982).

Retailing strategies are used to classify small stores retailers, those that operate in groups tend to adopt various sales promotion strategies that put into account information dissemination methods, size of incentives, the objectives and the shelf life of the products.

The value added promotions are applied in cases where the focus is on building the image and retaining clients. Whereas value increasing promotions are used to fulfil short-term goals such as increase in sales. The value added promotion technique is applied in highly competitive market places.

It was found that sales promotion may not be cost effective to market “finish dishwater tablets 25 pack” on small retail chains since they do not emphasize much on promotion campaigns (Chandon et al, 2000, pp 65-81).

Product range, price emphasis, image of the retail shop and the customer behaviours all characterizes the marketing strategy used. The level of sales in a particular location is determined by the time, the number of retail shops within the region and the number employed to undertake the sales promotion process (Blattberg and Golanty, 1978, pp 192- 202).

Marketing Strategy

The marketing concept adopted by this Company focuses on identifying customer needs within various market segments. The company ensures provision of “finish dishwater tablets 25 pack” to individuals and groups of different classes at affordable prices.

Before the product is sold market research is done followed by product planning after which the product is sold through promotion activities. These processes ensure that there is no value of the product lost before it reaches the consumers (Wills and Jacobs, 1991).

For the company to realise high sales, they should concentrate more on personal selling and in-store promotions. The brand image can be improved only by promotional tools that focus on the customer satisfaction. Profitability of the product depends solely on the level of sales produced by promotional activities. The best method to use in competitive markets to improve on sales is price promotion.

More attention should be paid on individual consumer effects and the level of its impact on current and future trends. Personal interview and multiple regression approaches were employed for the testing of the research hypotheses and exploratory propositions. The use of Price-off has a positive effect on consumer buying habits and frequency.

This sends a clear suggestion that in order to increase consumer spending on “finish dishwater tablets 25 pack” and repeat visits, the retail stores stocking the product should invest more in the tools that promote the use of price-off. However, the research revealed that some sales promotion tools such as coupons and sweepstake do not create an impact or contribute majorly on consumer spending and repeat visits (Blattberg and Golanty, 1978, pp 192- 202)

Establishment of short-term actions help in knowing the right marketing principle to apply. The marketing strategies to be applied must be tested by use of selected measures in order to establish on their effectiveness. Every activity within the company depends on the goals that are already set.

The controls enable establishment of company’s progress and proper implementations of right plans that promotes the sale of “finish dishwater tablets 25 pack”. The knowledge about current customers reveals preferences and buying patterns together with customer’s physical contacts which include phones numbers. These details enable the company marketers to easily reach the desired customer with the right products (Kondrat, 2010).

This facilitates close relationship enabling easy satisfaction of customer needs. The issue of differentiating consumers enables the marketers to know the purchasing power of the customers making identification of customers by their needs possible. Selection of the best customers enables effective communication and reinforces the relationship between marketers and the customers. Then finally there is the issue of improving on the quality of goods in accordance with consumer preferences (Kondrat, 2010).

Marketing Mix – the 4 P’s of “finish dishwater tablets 25 pack”.


The product in this case is “finish dishwater tablet 25 pack” which serves as one of the most visible element of the marketing mix. The company also provides bigger range of other healthcare products. “Finish dishwater tablet 25 pack” is produced in different flavours to serve varied consumer tastes.

The company products have undergone re-launching and brand extensions that has helped the company to serve well the available market needs on the household hygiene. The brands are divided into some categories which include; health care, home care and personal care. Finish dishwater tablet falls under home care products and is an effective and economical dish washing product.

The company plans to improve on the product by developing brands of natural descent which will facilitate the exploitation of growth opportunities within new segments. The company plans to increase its revenues by introducing to the market new skincare and hair care products which will help consumers move towards healthy lifestyles.

Finish dishwater tablet is a form of detergent used for the purposes of cleaning. It contains some properties that allow the product to be used for cleaning purposes. Not all soaps have got the ability to clean up. The product contains certain properties that enables it to remove stains and easy to use as an abrasive substance.

It has got the properties that softens water and breaks down the organic compounds hence offering stability to foaming properties. Its ingredients improve the aesthetic properties of the surfaces it is applied on.


This is expressed in monetary terms and is total reflection of the value of the product. Pricing of finish dishwater tablets considers the cost of production, competition within the market place and nature of demand of the product. The cost covers the variable and fixed costs which tend to recover all costs used in the processes of manufacturing and delivering the product to consumers.

The Company product faces competition from other related products; this has significantly reduced the pricing freedom therefore the product price falls in line with market price. One of the strongest competitors of the company products is Unilever limited. The demand of the product depends on the nature of the population within specific market environment (Blair and London, 1981, p 88).

Some alternative approaches that could be used to price “finish dishwater tablets 25 pack” in the international markets include the following; performance-based, reward based on level of risk and customer-value based.


Performance-based strategy offers good alternative to pricing the product since it presents greater value to customers and high levels of profitability. This presents a situation whereby those selling the product are rewarded based on the level of performance of products and services within the market. The more the seller provides the higher the reward depending on the measurable results of the product (Pinto, 2008).

The reward based on level of risk

This is a situation whereby the value price of the product rendered is set before the beginning of manufacturing processes. In this case the profit is established before product delivery while at the same time the customer is made to pay for all costs (Pinto, 2008).

Customer-value based

This is where the company determines the worth of the products to the consumers. In this the company has got the ability set prices that are affordable to the customers in relation to the value of the product. However, within the competitive global market the pricing based on costs is vulnerable to some fraudulent activities, and may present consumers with huge losses.

Performance-based pricing is the recommendable alternative since it values quality and consumer interests. This pricing method ensures that there is good relationship between the company and customers based on charges. The buyer has the opportunity of paying only for the level of performance that is given which must be measurable (Pinto, 2008).


This encompasses the set of channels to be followed to ensure the product is available for purchase and consumption. The channels taken by finish dish water tablets to reach the consumer are developed to ensure that the product reaches the intended consumer at the right time and having the original quantity and value.

The distribution network forms one of the key strengths of the company since it reinforces the product brand amongst the consumers. From manufacturing plant the products are channelled through clearing and forwarding agents who works on contract basis, to distributors then retailers who finally sales the goods to customers.

The management of the supply chain starts with the processes undertaken in raw material procurement. This is followed by manufacturing process that converts the raw materials into finished products and finally availing the products to different destinations. Organized supply chain assists in the identification of potential middlemen who contributes towards the improvement of company’s growth. The company operates several manufacturing plants within every region of its operations.


This process is used as means of informing the consumers about the value and benefits of using “finish dishwater tablets”. This is preceded by efficient distribution and affordable pricing of the products. It acts as a communication means between the company, middlemen and the consumers and helps in achieving the company’s goals and objectives.

The company utilizes advertising to persuade customers to purchase more of “finish dish water tablets”, this also helps in reinforcing the products image and customer loyalty. Advertisement of the product is done through various media channels.

The product is sold through sales promotion by reducing its prices on seasonal basis, offering free samples and gifts to potential customers. These are known to have direct impact on sales since they encourage consumers to purchase more of the product. Good process innovation is required to ensure unique and quality production of “finish dish water tablets”. This helps in marketing the product to the consumers and also provides new ways of selling and distributing the products (Belch and Belch, 2001).

According to the research sales promotion is preferred by retailers since its influence tend to directly affect the consumers. Its ability to induce the customers to buy gives an immediate response to sales in the market. The techniques applied in the consumer sales promotion have since proved significant due to their ability to determine important levels of purchasing. The researches further revealed that majority of consumers do not focus on the brand but base their decision to buy on prices.

The only method that can be used to effectively differentiate between retailers in a competitive market is sales promotion (Chardon et al, 2000, pp 65-81). The analysis reveal that the use of price-off increases the customers’ awareness and help in developing attractiveness towards customers and at the same time developing a positive attitude amongst the prospective buyers (Blair and London, 1981, pp 83-93).


Therefore we can conclude that if a brand was to increase its demand and market share it should concentrate on providing special features. The market analysis results revealed that the market share of finish dishwater tablets was very low. It was found out that the use of the tablets as the preferred brand was lower than the use of other detergents. On generalizing, it was revealed that the market share within the population was on the decline since consumers preferred using other alternative products.

The success of “finish dishwater tablets 25 pack”, can realized through employees efforts concerning management issues. The keen understanding of production processes and the marketing principles can contribute towards tremendous expansion of the Company.

Strategically the company should focus on the activities that contribute towards lowering of the cost of production. These include efficient integration of the production and supply channels, re-designing of packaging processes and good relationship with the distributors.

There is also need to develop workable theories that incorporate developments within market environments and relationship with customers. There is also need of using appropriate technology in production supported by efficient mission statement and objectives to enhance on the value of the product.

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