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The Film “Doctor Strange” Essay


Doctor Strange is a film that appeared on the screens this year and attracted enormous attention. It is based on a story of the superhero character that appears in Marvel Comics that is why its audience mainly includes those people who are fond of commixes and fantastic events. In addition to that, the main character is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who has numerous fans due to his role in popular TV-series Sherlock. As a result, many people came to the cinema to see him. The film was screened during the whole say, but while booking a ticket, I noticed that the audience prefers to come in the evening. Teenagers and young adults gathered to meet a prominent neurosurgeon, Stephen Strange, who lost his ability to work after a car accident and entered the world of magic in his search for healing. Even though I went to the cinema when the film had already been screened for a while, it was crowded. As far as I noticed, all seats were occupied, which proves that many people waited for it.

Critics and Finances

Of course, it is impossible to appeal to everyone, but Doctor Strange managed to receive the dominant majority of positive comments. The reporter of The Guardian mentioned that this film appealed to the audience and critics due to the excellent work of its director and casting. She stated that it impressed the public with its sharp wit and is “the most brain-meltingly effective piece of psychedelic cinema since Peter Fonda got himself comprehensively wigged out in The Trip” (Ide par. 1). Financial information supports such claim, as with the production budget of $165 million, the film has received more than $215 million in the USA and more than $635 million worldwide for one month (“Doctor Strange”).

Marketing and Advertising

Doctor Strange was advertised in different ways. At first, two posters and the first trailer appeared on the Internet approximately at the same time. They were followed by a special banner and a series of character posters. Then the second trailer appeared. The official website was also created. Much information was available on social media, and the cast would speak about the film on different shows. I saw several big posters in the cinema and also watched trailers as previews that are shown before other films that are already screened. There were several different posters in the lobby as well, so that it was impossible to miss it.

Personal Impressions and Analysis

Personally, I enjoyed the film because I like fantasy stories. My friends who came with me to the cinema were also positively impressed. This movie is a combination of several genres, such as action, adventure, fantasy, and Sci-Fi, which gives it an opportunity to appeal to the diverse audience (“Doctor Strange (2016)”). What is more critical, it was produced by Marvel Studios, just like many other films about superheroes that appealed to me. Actually, this fact convinced me to watch the movie.

The origin story is of high quality just like other works of Marvel Comics. This movie is already the second adaptation, as there was a series of animated films. The plot that was co-written by the director, Scott Derrickson, is also impressive. It includes lots of humor and makes the audience sympathize with the characters. The actors played their roles naturally and were not confused even in the graphically changed enrolment. Visual quality was great, and it seemed that Cumberbatch really had an opportunity to interact with a magic cloak because it did not differ from other objects. The audio was appropriately selected. It appealed to people’s emotions and did not interfere with them. Visual and audio quality in the theater screening room was appropriate, but sometimes the music was too loud. The editing style and pacing appealed to me. I was able to grasp the characters’ facial expressions and observe their group interactions. All in all, I believe this film to be of good quality, and I am totally satisfied with it.

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