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Sicko by Michael Moore Film Analysis Essay (Movie Review)


The solution to the problems of the healthcare system is important for every country because it is the sphere the quality of which directly influences the life span of people and the quality of their life. The much-talked-of film Sicko by Michael Moore touches upon the issues of the American healthcare system. Moore brings up the questions of the effectiveness of the current healthcare system in the US and tries to look at its functioning from a critical point of view.

The Issues of the Healthcare System in Sicko

The premier of the film took place on 19 May 2007 when it gave rise to the debates on the real situation in the healthcare system in the United Sates. In particular, the discussions of public healthcare and the system of medical insurance are still urgent in society.

The analysis of the situation requires a comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of the current system. The statistics show that the United States takes a leading place in the world ratings on the investments in the healthcare system and medical R&D. However, such crucial measures as the life expectancy level and the infant mortality rate show that the US takes a worse position in the world rating than many smaller and less developed countries.

Cuba is the bright example of the country leaving the United States behind in these measures. In his film, Michael Moore makes us think about the roots of such gap focusing our attention on the weaknesses of the American healthcare system. In particular, he stresses that although the current system is characterized by the well-equipped hospitals, high level of medical personnel qualification and the wide drug-stores networks, a lot of ordinary Americans cannot afford these benefits due to the price of medical insurance.

Besides, the offered medical insurance schemes often assume the covering of costs of only certain expenditures on healthcare. The majority of them exclude the coverage of the cost of psychiatrist consultation, services of pediatrician, ocular and of certain other specialists. This clearly shows that the treatment of the most widely spread diseases is unavailable to many Americans whose income does not allow them buying the “all inclusive” insurance coverage. Michael Moore supports this fact with the statistical data showing that almost every fifth citizen of the United States does not have medical insurance.

Moore refers to Cuba example in his film again indicating to the low cost of medical treatment in the country, though the island has been in isolation from the external world for decades and experienced the political pressure from the United States. The difference in the cost of medical treatment is shocking with hundreds of dollars have to be spent on it in the US and only few cents in Cuba.

The situation in the American healthcare system can be described as the dominance of large corporations aiming at earning more and more profits regardless of the social problems. The insurance companies develop the coverage schemes beneficial for them and actually, they are careless about the health of the nation.

The Influence of the Film on My Personal Opinion

The film Sicko influenced my view on the American healthcare system to a large extent. The ineffectiveness is obvious taking into consideration the facts and evidence given by Michael Moore. However, I still think that the system has its strengths as well. For example, the American hospitals and clinics are often equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

I guess this fact yet shows the strength of the system. It would be far worse if the people were financially unable to pay for all medical services and, at the same time, were given a bad treatment for the services they afford to pay for. Probably, the film made by Michael Moore lacks the many-sided analysis of the situation. Nevertheless, the critical and unprejudiced approach of the film creator is, undoubtedly, makes Sicko stand out in modern movie making.

From my own experience, I should say that the weaknesses of the American healthcare system are clear and the majority of the Americans suffer from them. Particularly, the cost of the medicines is very high and medical insurance does not really cover all the cost of the necessary treatment.

That is why the film only persuaded me in the overall ineffectiveness of the healthcare system. I realized that it is not only my individual problem or the problem of my family and friends. It is the urgent problem of our society the solving of which requires the relevant actions of the government and medical organizations.


In order to sum up all the above mentioned, it should be mentioned that the film Sicko by Michael Moore represents one of the most sensational films of the last decades. The author of the film touched upon the urgent problem of the American healthcare system clearly showing its overall ineffectiveness and inability to provide qualitative healthcare to people. Although the problems of the system have been obvious for me, the film has given to me a broader vision to the situation. I recommend this film to everyone who values the alternative and unbiased views on social issues.

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