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Christianity in “the Avengers” Essay

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The Avengers is an American superhero film that was produced by Marvel studios in the year 2012 (Surrell 30). The movie includes several seasoned actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Chris Evans, and Clark Gregg among others. It revolves around a team of heroes created in order to stop an evil force that tries to vanquish the earth. Certain scenes in the movie show some members of the rescue team sacrificing themselves in order to save everyone else and stop the evil force from subjugating the earth (White 100).

The movie gives the viewer a graspable series of action, good absurdity, and regulated intricacy. Studies have established that over the last couple of years, the focus on heroes by different cultures across the United States of America has increased significantly (Miller 20). Before the movie was released, a number of similar movies such as the Lord of the Rings were already in theatres and were receiving good ratings.

When Walt Disney studios released the movie in 2012, it became an instant hit at the box office with most people describing it as one of the liveliest superhero movie in the United States (Surrell 39). The movie received a rating of 92% from rotten tomatoes based on more than 300 reviews (Darowski 65).

Majority of the people who reviewed it identified its plot that revolves around a mission to save the world as the most captivating element. The movie portrays a number of themes, one of which is sacrifice (White 109). From a Christian perspective, there are a several things that viewers can take and relate with from the movie that can strengthen their religious beliefs and practices.

Themes and values portrayed in the movie

Christians can learn a lot from the various themes and concepts developed in the movie. First, the title of the movie is based on the theme of vengeance. Scenes in the movie show that the world is facing a threat from an alien force that wants to crush it (White 114). The demigod attacks the world because people interfered with something that they shouldn’t have bothered with in the first place.

This prompts the alien force to take revenge by harming people in retaliation for the harm caused. Every Christian who watches this movie realizes that the world needs someone to rescue it from this demigod (Darowski 67). Everyone needs someone to offer emotional support. This theme relates a lot to the Christian life, which is characterized by constant temptations because of the sinful nature of human beings (Miller 29).

Christians too need a hero to save them from Satan and take away the pain endured while suffering due to their own sins. Jesus Christ is the hero that every Christian turns to whenever they are in trouble. Human beings are weak and highly vulnerable and as such need to rely on Jesus for his ability to give them second chances. The theme of vengeance in the movie echoes profoundly with the teachings of Christianity (Darowski 74).

Another theme portrayed in the movie is that of unity among human beings. According to experts, a common misconception about humanity is that people are feeble and highly susceptible to attacks, which overcome them because of their frailty (White 122). However, the events of the movie clearly demonstrate that human beings can unite to form a powerful force to fight any form of aggression.

In addition, the scenes show that people have hidden powers that enable them to respond effectively especially when exposed to danger (Surrell 48). Human beings live in a world characterized by good and bad things. This theme echoes the Christian precept of morality. According to Christianity, human beings always have God’s company because He watches and protects them at all times.

In addition, Christianity teaches that the world is full of different powers that come from angels, good people, and evil characters that coexist in society (Miller 37). Amidst all these powers, there is a supreme God who cannot be defeated. At the same time, there will always be cases of evil powers that harbor intentions of demoralizing God’s plans (White 130).

The movie plays a crucial role in helping Christians understand the need to believe in God and call for his help every time they encounter difficult situations. It also helps Christians develop good characters because God always accompanies them wherever they go and sees everything they do.

One of the greatest values of Christianity portrayed in the movie is the belief in one God (Darowski 88). Christians strongly believe that there is only one God, whom they have never met or seen but have an imaginary picture of the way He looks. This concept has been strongly emphasized in the movie especially in the scene where Captain America meets Thor, the demigod planning to subdue the world (Surrell 71).

Although Thor has special abilities such as playing with lightening, Captain America still believes that he cannot match the powerful abilities of the one true God. He told Thor that “There is only one God, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that” (Miller 49). From a Christian perspective, this concept plays a crucial role in understanding the value of suggesting human characteristics for animals with reference to God. Christians have different imaginary representations of the way God looks (Miller 50).

It is interesting to notice how Captain America insists that Thor is a demigod because the real God is beyond and outside the ordinary range of human understanding. Captain America argues that Thor was dressed in a very ordinary way. A Christian’s imagery of God is more complicated than that portrayed by Thor (White 142).

This is also the reason why Captain America’s team managed to defeat Thor. Only God possesses the power to subjugate human power. This concept helps to emphasize the beliefs and teachings of Christianity about the existence of only one God. All the others are demigods that have evil plans of demoralizing God and trying to subdue his powers (Darowski 101).

Another Christianity value portrayed in the movie is perseverance (Darowski 111). In the movie, the rescue team led by Captain America showcases the journey of superheroes, starting with a promise that they believe will be eventually fulfilled. The promise is born when the rescue team is created and the members believe in each other’s ability to form a good team that will fulfill its promise. In the end, the rescue team manages to deliver the promise despite numerous sufferings, major sacrifices, and the ultimate liberation (Surrell 82).

There is always a superhero who gives everything to deliver on a promise. Christians can relate to this movie because it clearly brings out the value of sacrifice. Christians believe that Jesus Christ endured a lot of suffering and died on the cross in order to fulfill God’s promise of human redemption sin. Jesus Christ delivered the promise to Christians and became superhero.

Christians have the ability to overcome obstacles and subdue evil because they have access to the power that comes from Christ (Darowski 119). In the same way the people in this movie could not accomplish much without the intervention of the rescue team comprising superheroes, Christians cannot accomplish much without the backing of Jesus Christ who empowers them.


The Avengers is a good superhero movie that explores numerous Christian values and themes. It is a movie that every Christian should watch because it makes several references to the Bible and religious teachings. Some of the Christian themes and values explored in the movie include sacrifice, perseverance in the promise of redemption, belief in one God, and the truth about God accompanying people at all times. The movie also provides a number of lessons that Christians can use to strengthen their faith.

One such lesson is the need to believe in God and avoid giving Satan a chance to tempt one with earthly possessions that do not have spiritual value. Another lesson is the importance of believing in the power of God to redeem his people every time they are faced with difficulties. Jesus Christ is the hero that every Christian needs in his or her life. The Avengers echoes the teachings of Christianity profoundly.

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