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“The Heart” Movie’s Poster Analysis Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Jul 4th, 2021


The promotion of every movie is a complex process that includes different elements, images, posters, trailers, interviews, and advertising campaigns. The central aim of all these tools is to attract viewers attention to a new product by appealing to their feelings, emotions and creating particular associations that will arise while looking at one of the phenomena mentioned above. In such a way, the creation of these visual aids becomes a difficult process, as specialists should consider the existing stereotypes and concepts popular among the target audience. For this reason, every product related to an upcoming movie should have several layers and inclinations to appeal to viewers on the subconscious level. Regarding the fact that images are one of the most frequently used tools to popularize different films and interest the audience, the given paper delves into the investigation of the poster devoted to the movie The Heart and analysis of imagery, shapes, fonts, symbols, and colors.

First Impression

First of all, the general impression that appears while looking at this image should be mentioned. The viewers might associate it with drama, thriller, or scary movie with violent acts or other problematic issues. The given poster does not contain numerous elements or objects; however, it remains informative as it manages to create a particular atmosphere that might be the part of the advertising campaign aimed at the attraction of a particular category of viewers. The fact is that admirers of dramas or horrors will apparently notice the given dark poster that promises a fascinating story with conflict and blood. The given effect is achieved by the combination of numerous elements such as colors, shades, themes, objects, and fonts. In such a way, the poster appeals to some stereotypic beliefs about the meanings of color and symbolic character of particular objects to create the needed atmosphere and make individuals wait for the upcoming movie.


As it has already been stated, the use of color impacts the overall image and helps to convey a particular message. That is why the given poster is dark and morose. All shades of red color are prevalent. Starting with the bright spot in the middle of the image (the heart) and ending with the top of the picture, viewers can see how it shades off and turns into black. The given approach reflects the mood of the upcoming movie. Traditionally, the red color is associated with blood. For this reason, designers prefer to create red gamma to contribute to the appearance of particular expectations from the movie and its plot. Additionally, the black color stands for fear, troubles, murder, horror, and other negative notions. In such a way, combining these two colors, the designers manage to create a stressful atmosphere and attract admirers of a particular genre of movies. Looking at the background, a viewer might associate it with blood splashes that are vaguely seen because of darkness.


There are only two distinct objects depicted in the image. These are a hand and a heart. However, the given minimalism contributes to the creation of a particular atmosphere and helps to convey a certain message. The heart is the brightest spot in the poster, and it is the first thing to attract the viewers attention. The blood-red organ indicates anxiety, horror, panic, and death. However, its image hides some other smaller figures. In the top part of the heart, its blood vessels are made in the shape of arms making fists. The given discovery exerts a powerful impact on viewers as it can be associated with feelings of pain, agony, struggle, tension, and fear. At the same time, the heart is squeezed by the female hand with blood-red nails. It empowers the previous effect, introducing new feelings of danger and threat. In such a way, the existence of only two objects in the poser can be considered a critical element of an advertising campaign aimed at the cultivation of a particular atmosphere and appealing to viewers consciousness.

Second Layer

Looking at the poster attentively, a viewer might see the second layer behind other objects. It is introduced with the primary aim to amplify the effect promoted by the pictures of the heart and hand and add feelings of helplessness and despair. There are numerous scratches on the wall that can hardly be seen at the first gaze. The given approach copies stereotypical patterns peculiar to horror stories or thrillers. It might make viewers think about a trap and forced imprisonment. Additionally, the introduction of the additional layer might help to impact individuals conscience as they might notice it, not even understanding the fact that their brains have already noted this phenomenon. In such a way, the introduction of the additional layer is one of the methods utilized during the advertising program aimed at the creation of a particular effect and attraction of a significant number of viewers to cinemas.

The Font

Another critical element of imagery is the font. All inscriptions are made in white to create the contrast between the dark objects and colors. Additionally, the use of light shades helps readers to see the title of the movie better and remember it. Therefore, the font of the title differs from the font used for all other inscriptions. It is another way to attract viewers attention to the movie. The big and unusual (if to compare with other parts of the poster) title placed in the middle guarantees that all individuals will read it. At the same time, the shape of letters contributes to the creation of a mysterious atmosphere and interacts with other objects in the picture (the heart and the arm). There is also the date of the first night made in the same color and font. It is placed at the bottom of the poster for viewers to see it after all other objects are investigated. One of the probable goals for this design is to ensure that individuals will remember this date and come to the cinema excited by the efficient advertising campaign.


The advertising campaign utilizes the slogan: “Run to keep your heart beating.” The given catchphrase is written in smaller white font under the title of the movie; however, it still plays an important role in promoting the film and sparking interest among viewers. The fact is that it bears particular information that can be interpreted in different ways. One should understand that the main characters find themselves in an extremely problematic situation, and their lives are threatened. Additionally, they might be helpless as running is the only option for them to save their lives. At the same time, these speculations are not necessarily correct, and the plot might be completely different. In such a way, the introduction of the given slogan has a beneficial impact on the overall success of the campaign as it cultivates curiosity in the target audience and triggers individuals desire to watch the movie and check if their guesses are right. It is a potent tool to contribute to the financial success of every project and popularize it.


The effect created by the poster is amplified by the mentioning of actors who play the central characters. Charlize Theron and Samuel L. Jackson are famous performers who have their fans all over the world. For this reason, the campaign cannot disregard this fact. Their names are typed in white font in the left and right upper corners of the poster. They are not as big as the title; however, they are big enough for viewers to read them and acquire information about the cast. Nevertheless, the selection of the smaller size letters is explained by the fact that designers do not want to deflect viewers attention from the movie itself. Another likely goal to place actors names in corners is to associate them with the central objects of the poster. Therons name is close to the females hand, while Jacksons one is typed in the corner close to the heart. In this regard, the parallel between the actors and their roles in the movie can be drawn.


The promoted movie is often notable for two rewards it managed to win at international festivals. The primary cause of adding these rewards indicators to the poster is the desire to prove the quality of the suggested content and ensure potential viewers that critiques and other individuals who have already seen the movie find it fascinating. For this reason, the poster contains two recognizable seals with branches of the laurel surrounding them. These images are recognized by all viewers globally, which means that their mention in the advertising campaign regarding the movie is a potent tool to attract public attention and ensure that people will have a positive attitude to the promoted film. At the same time, they are not too big to overload the image and deflect attention from other critical information regarding the movie, its central themes, mood, and plot.


Altogether, the poster created to promote the movie The Heart encompasses several powerful tools to impact the audience and ensure a high level of interest in the film. First, their prevalence of dark and red colors, along with the overall shift to all shapes of gray and dark gamma, contributes to the creation of a depressing and morose atmosphere that might be attractive to admirers of dramas, horrors, or thrillers. Additionally, the heart placed in the middle of the poster triggers associations with blood and makes people think about the possible problematic issues depicted in the movie. The use of fond helps to understand the title better. Moreover, the poster reveals the names of the actors playing the main characters, which is critical for the overall success of the movie. In this regard, the poster can be considered an important part of the campaign aimed at the popularization of The Heart, and it effectively utilizes all imaginary shapes, colors, fondness, size, and other objects to create the needed impact and make viewers watch the movie.

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