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“Notting Hill”: The Movie Analysis Essay

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Updated: Feb 4th, 2022

The purpose of the movie “Notting Hill ” was to show the life of two people and how it is sometimes limited by the social regulations and norms. It illustrates the relationship of two people from completely different backgrounds but who still manage to develop a rewarding and happy union. It reminds people to feel confidence in not being afraid to go after dreams, no matter what obstacles are on the way. The message is to show and teach that it does not matter where someone comes from, the liking principles are universal. One of the major themes is the development and the growth of each person. The understanding and realizations that both main characters go through, demonstrate how often people are not in touch with their inner self. William is comfortable with his simple life and does not have any major goals. He is somewhat happy in his ignorance, letting the world pass him by. He has been hurt in love and so, he has closed himself off from any relationships. This is a way of protection for him because he does not want to get hurt again.

Anna is famous and it is a heavy burden that she must carry. She wants to lead a simple life where people see her as herself and not as an actress. The theme of being trapped for Anna and their relationship is seen throughout the movie. There is a major comparison between the freedoms of William and Anna. He is free to do whatever he wants without others observing him every minute but he is closed off emotionally. Anna is not free physically because she must go to movie premiers, film shootings and other celebrity shows and she is bordered up mentally since she wants to lead a normal life. The target audience is adults who have experienced a relationship or are about to. This is for them to learn from the experience that love can overcome all hardships and social separations. There are many people in the world who need the approval of their actions and this movie gives a chance to compare their own life to the life of characters in the movie. The language is heartfelt at moments when William and Anna are together. When William talks and thinks about himself, in the beginning, it is obvious how he is not pleased with himself and how low he thinks of his character. The way the tone was used transferred a romantic theme but at the same time shoed how hard it is for people to be understood and hardships of expressing oneself. In the introduction lives are shown as separate. The world is chaotic, without balance and love. This is a setting of how lonely and sad some people are. The conclusion is quite the opposite where two people unite and make one. All the pieces that were being pulled apart during the movie are put together in the end and the viewer is left with a finished and positive story. The movie is very effective because it is kind and detailed. It shows the seemingly unimportant details that play a great role in the understanding and appreciation of the movie. The advice and example that the movie passes on is very touching and kind and so, it is very effective for those who are having doubts about their current personal affairs.

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