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The Truman Show movie Analytical Essay

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Updated: May 1st, 2019

Directed by Peter Weir, ‘The Truman Show Movie’ is a captivating film produced in 1998. It is set in the city of New York. The film explores the life of a man who is not aware that the world is getting his every action through a television broadcast, whether eating or sleeping, since his childhood.

Employing the elements of literature, Weir uses characters like Truman Burbank, the major character, Silvia, Truman first love, Christof, the creator, among others. Truman has been enclosed for 30 years in a dome with a set ‘sea haven’ that captures everything that happens.

His life is under a strict control of his creator, Christof who ensures that he never suspects anything related to the show which only targets him. This overview tackles the writer’s purpose, the life of Truman in relation to that of Jesus Christ as well as that of Christof in relation to that of God.

Weir’s purpose in this film was to develop some crucial themes evident in the current world. He has clarified the theme of ‘the big picture’ referred to as a world in a world. “Since Truman lives in a television studio and doesn’t know the outside world exists, he is not able to see the big picture” (MacGaffin, 2007).

This relates to the people who believe in life after death, implying their imagination of another world different from their current one. Weir is showing the big picture people do not see. The theme of fear stands out clear in the film.

Truman is in deep fear of water and to arrest this situation he needs to seize it. The writer emphasizes on the various barriers that people encounter in life and that if they are in want of a better life, they ought to develop the courage of finding out this life by fighting all the hindering obstacles.

The theme of determination has also been developed. Truman has realized that he ought to cross the sea, though immeasurable, in order to get in touch with this other life he imagines of as being better than his current one. This is meant to induce the willpower of those who yearn for success showing them how it is possible for them to achieve their imaginings.

The film makes it clear that there exist similarities and differences between Truman and Jesus Christ. For instance, Truman is known everywhere just like Jesus Christ.

Basing on the birth and childhood life of Jesus Christ, it is evident that neither His ‘being conceived’ nor his ‘being born’ is liked by people of His time. This follows from the fact that His poor mother cannot get any, to offer her a place conducive for child bearing. He is born in a manger.

Truman on the other hand is an adopted kid selected from five redundant pregnancies showing how his birth is not welcomed. Also Jesus has lived on Earth where everything is not as He wishes it be. All is weird but he manages to conquer all temptations that can deprive Him is divine powers. So is Truman.

He realizes that his present environment is not what it ought to be for him and therefore manages to overcome any barrier that prevents him from attaining the one that suits him.

Contrary to Jesus, Truman is unaware of what is happening around him. Jesus knows everything even before it happens. Jesus is in love with the church as one body while Truman has two, Sylvia and Meryl, and behaves in some unpredictable manners unlike Jesus Christ.

Christof is likened to God, though there appears to be some striking differences between them. For instance, Christof being the author of Truman’s world relates to God who is the chief designer of humankind.

In addition, God is depicted as being in control of everything just like Christof is in control of Truman’s life. He prevents him from getting in touch with his real self. God is depicted as one who will speak from heaven, in a loud voice to the people, telling them the nature of His son and the day and hour of His coming to save people.

It also stands out that following Truman’s escape, Christof gets the opportunity to speak of Truman’s nature using loudspeakers. A major contrast between them is that God is omnipotent and able to overcome all powers but Christof powers are seen to be overcome by Truman when he manages to escape from the dome.

In conclusion, Weir has managed to clearly show how people are barred from reaching the top of their dreams. He has given a clear illustration of how barriers can be overcome and the kind of life expected as a result. His story is quite relevant even today for people who have been forced by circumstances to live a life dominated by stress and hardships. Weir has offered a working solution and that, determination knows no barrier.

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